8 Signs He Just Wants To…Fudge


Let’s face it lovelies, sometimes the dating game isn’t always so pleasant. Finding a man that interests you can be difficult, especially when you have to sift through all the mess. How do you know when a man really is interested in getting to know you, for you, someone that is interested in more than your body. Some men are straight forward and they tell you like it is. Whether ¬†you like it or not you know where he stands and you can choose to act accordinaly. But what about men who aren’t so straight forward, how do you know their intentions? We can’t read minds, but here are 8 signs that he may not be interested in you for the long run, and to keep it frank, he just may want your, let’s call it…fudge. ūüėČ


1.¬†Late night calls:¬†There’s not much you can really do after 11pm is there, especially on a work night?! If we continually calls you after hours, he may only be interested in doing things of the night. Yes lovelies, it may really just be a booty call.

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2. Text only: Yes, we are in the new millennium and texting is a normal means of communication. It serves a function -maintains communication without  much effort and can be a quick way to get an answer you want. But getting to know someone through texts only, can be quite difficult. Sometimes, picking up the phone is actually a sign that he wants to get to know you on a deeper level.


3.¬†Dating – In:¬†A good home cooked meal can be quite tasty, and spending time watching television with your beau can be pretty relaxing and romantic. However, when you’re just getting to know a person, and the only place you see him is inside your home, that may tell you something. Perhaps you both are homebodies and that serves you well. But, it may also mean that he only wants to see you in private and to do private things. Just food for thought.


4.¬†“Let’s kick it”:¬†My pet peeve! What does that mean? Kick a ball? Sure, soccer, tether, I like to play! But really, when a guy uses this phrase to me it reads that he doesn’t take you seriously. Basically I interpret that as “can I come over” or “you can come over” which brings us back to dating-in. Really what can come from that?


5.¬†Texts ain’t about nothing:¬†As you can see, texting is a trend in this post. Texts that “ain’t about nothing” go a little something like this, “hey” “What’s up” “Nothing” “Chillin” “Cool” “okay” “good.” Basically, one line sentences. What’s the point? Try expanding your vocabulary and really tell me what you want.

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6.¬†Goes M.I.A.:¬†How many of you have had men that cycle in and out of your life? One minute he’s hitting you with the “let’s kick it,” or a one-liner, “what’s up” and then you don’t hear from him for two months. But good old faithful always comes back, the thing is, his game often does not change. I guess that only makes you insane for expecting something different, right


7. Does not talk about the future:¬†A men that sees you in his future will talk about it, pretty simple. And we’re not talking about those guys that sale you false dreams. We all know boys like that who say they will give you the world and don’t have a pot to piss in, leave them be. A man who wants you for the short run will use language as such. It doesn’t mean you can’t talk to him or that his feelings might not change, but just beware.


8.¬†Invites you to party, only:¬†We already got an insider perspective on¬†the ways men categorize women, fun and smart, pretty simplistic but it gets the job done. Well one way you know a man has put you into the “I want to just have fun with this girl” category, is if he only invites you to “fun” things. Now I know this may sound weird but hear me out. A man that really likes you and takes you seriously will probably want to share many parts of his life with you, fun things of course, but also serious and sensitive parts. If a guy only invites you to party, date-in, and nothing else, it probably means you’re in the fun space. Bottle popping might be fun, but what happens when the drink fizzles out?

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So Lovelies, here are some tall tell signs that a guy may really only be interested in the physical. It may not be the case all the time, but if this sounds familiar you may want to give it some thought. Now that you know, the ball is in your court. You may like fudge so it may be okay. Yes, sometimes, girls just want to have fun. The choice is up to you!


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