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Dating in Winter Wonderland

Don’t let the change of weather keep your relationship from blossoming. Here’s our list of date ideas to keep you both from freezing over in the winter months.

For The Artist In You:


1. My Favorite – Gallery Hop

Many major cities have a night or weekend they dedicate to opening their galleries to the pubic while offering snacks and drinks. This includes boutiques, salons, and street performers. This activity allows you both to take a step into the art world for an evening.

2. Painting classes. You don’t have to be a pro to get messy and mix some colors. At the end you will have a great first picture to hang over the fireplace.

3. Theater performances, there are plenty of options ranging from dances, plays, musicals, and spoken word.

4. Poetry readings at local coffee shops. Chill out, find a cozy spot, and listen to the readings. Maybe next time you and your significant other can share a poem you wrote together.

5. DIY crafts next to the fireplace, Pinterest has many ideas and what better way to spend an evening inside with your honey.

For The Lovers Of Snow:


1. My Favorite – Ski Trip:

Pack your bags and your favorite pair of snow boots for a trip to hit the slopes. Whether you are pro or beginner, this date idea is great for a good laugh and bringing you both together while learning new ticks. After, enjoy some hot cocoa by the fire and snuggle up in the lodge.

2. Ice-skating, although, this may be cliché, holding hands and skating around a Christmas tree never gets old.

3. Sled riding. Channel your inner child and search for the largest hill in town. This entertaining activity will have you laughing all afternoon.

4. Build a snowman. Working together with your sweetie to build a snowman is easy and you will have a reminder of the time you spent together all winter (or at least until he melts).

5. Horse drawn carriage ride in the park. Swoon, how romantic, this is a perfect way to get close to your significant other while taking in the sights.

For The Music Gurus:


1. My Favorite – Concert:

Do you both have a favorite artist or band? Attending a concert together is an exciting way to get out of the house, let your hair down, and sing some tunes.

2. Go out dancing. Put on that new dress and show of your moves, this lets you and your honey to get close while exploring a new scene.

3. Ballroom/Salsa dance classes. Having to work together while learning a skill is a great way to sync together your minds and bodies.

4. Enjoy a local musician, whether you prefer rock music or folk there is a place where you can find it.

5. Karaoke, you don’t have to have the most beautiful voice to belt you’re the lyrics to you and your lovers “song”

For The Inner Chef:


1. My Favorite – Cooking Classes:

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?  Enjoy an evening of making a delicious meal together. Local restaurants and culinary schools offer a variety of classes ranging from one-on-one lesson to a Mexican fiesta. After, enjoy the leftovers and show off your new talents to friends and family.

2. Make marshmallows over the fire. Too cold to make a campfire so why not bring it indoors where you can enjoy a sweet snack.

3. Wine/Beer tasting. Let loose and enjoy your local wine and beer. You might just find a new favorite.

4. Try new restaurant. There are constantly new places opening right around the corner that you keep saying you are going to try. Make plans for an evening and indulge in your neighborhoods newest addition.

5.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen. There are plenty of ways to offer a helping hand this season and this allows for you to spend the afternoon getting to know your significant other a little better.

For The Cuddlers:


1. My Favorite – Stargaze: Make sure to grab a sleeping bag and a few extra layers before lying under the night sky. This is a romantic way for you both to bundle up and get close while excluding the rest of the world.

2. Build a pillow pile. Bring all the pillows and blankets into the living room and enjoy making an adult fort for the both of you to relax after a long day.

3. Shopping for new blankets and sweaters, get ready for all those holiday parties and prepare your living room for winter with new fuzzy blankets.

4. Movie and wine night. Get cozy on the couch while watching your favorite classic or newly released movie and don’t forget the wine glasses.

5.  Play with puppies at your local shelter or pet store. This always brings a smile to my face and is a fun way to spend time with your significant other. Who knows you might end up with a new addition to the apartment.

Whether you enjoy the brisk outdoors or mixing up something new in the kitchen I hope this list inspires you to keep your relationship exciting when the winter months approach.  Try something different from each category every week and go beyond your usual date night activities!

Written by: Sydney Cologie dream “job” is doing PR for a fashion magazine or retail company. She enjoy reading my horoscope and am often spilling hot coffee on myself. Inspired by city life, swing sets, and over-sized sweaters the world is her oyster. Making up new words & watching cartoons are just a few of her favorite past-times along with buying unnecessary calendars and dreaming of owning a kitten.

Spring Into Romance


After spending the winter getting cozy with your lover and hopefully going on some exciting dates through out the chillier months its finally time to open up the windows and let in the fresh air or make a trip outside!

Here are some exciting dates perfect for night & day – so ditch the blankets and grab your babe for some spring fun.


Get Active

The couple that plays together stays together! It’s time to get outside and make the most of the adventures that are all around you.

  1. Hiking: A great way to exert energy while spending some alone time with your significant other and taking in the scenery. For added romance, take a night hike with just a flashlight as your guide (works best if you have taken the path in the daylight first).
  2. Bike Rides: Most cities have bike paths and parks ready to be explored.
  3. Sporting Events: Surprise your boyfriend with tickets to a baseball game! Get involved in community leagues, or play catch in the back yard. Also, catch a Hockey game before the season comes to a close.
  4. Zip Line: don’t turn away from this seemingly scary activity. Some are designed to be more leisurely and some give you just enough of an adrenaline rush!

SpruseUpThe Home

Spruce Up The Home

After the long winter months, most of us can probably agree that its time to bring a little brightness into our homes.

  1. Spring Cleaning: A classic way to spend quality time together is cleaning. No, I don’t mean let’s do the laundry and dishes together, rather let’s make our home an enjoyable place for the both of us by adding new wall art or storing the extra blankets.
  2. The Earth Laughs In Flowers (and plants): There are plenty of flowers and plants that are great to have around the house. Or maybe, now is the time for you to start you garden together or improve the landscaping!
  3. DIT – Do It Together: Pick out a new paint color and give your furniture, front door, or living room wall a make over. If you are feeling crafty introduce your BF to Pinterest and find something you can make together.



With the change of weather we are all getting excited to incorporated fruity flavors and try new recipes that pair perfectly with cocktails on the porch.

  1. Picnic in the Park: Pack a basket full of your favorite foods and drinks, and enjoy an afternoon under a shade tree.
  2. Fruit Farms: Go organic and visit your local apple orchard or strawberry farms. This is a healthy and fun daytime activity! Try incorporating your yummy fruits into a new recipe such as salads and desserts.
  3. Mixed Drinks: Everyone enjoys a refreshing drink, alcoholic or not, while enjoying the sun. Try making a new drink, (that you both enjoy) every Saturday and invite friends over for your own happy hour.


Go Outside

It’s finally warm so what better way to spend the afternoon than enjoying the sun.

  1. Garden Gurus: There are plenty of types of gardens you and your sweetie can explore together. Find tranquility walking through a botanical, butterfly, or peace garden. If you are up for more of a challenge hedge mazes are lots of fun!
  2. Drive in Movies: With the weather getting warmer its time to take your movie-nights-in, outdoors. Pack up the car with blankets, pillows and snacks – just the right ingredients for snuggling with your significant other.
  3. Animal Loving: The zoo is never a dull place! Between the penguins, elephants and adorable animal t-shirts you are sure to have an adventure. Also, many zoos have special events such as behind the scene tours that give you a chance to interact with the animals.

Don’t forget to show off your new skills, experiences and clean home to your friends by inviting them over for a couple’s night or meet at the local park! Spring is a perfect time to make fresh foods and create memories in the warm air while spending time with your love.

Written by: Sydney Cologie dream “job” is doing PR for a fashion magazine or retail company. She enjoy reading my horoscope and am often spilling hot coffee on myself. Inspired by city life, swing sets, and oversized sweaters the world is her oyster. Making up new words & watching cartoons are just a few of her favorite pastimes along with buying unnecessary calendars and dreaming of owning a kitten.

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