A Tour of San Francisco

Sometimes we plan a short weekend trip to an amazing city like San Francisco but have no idea where to go, what to do, or where to eat? It’s honestly quite difficult to hit all the diamonds in the ruff over 2 days but you can certainly make your trip worth while.

Here are our Top 5 Travel Stops for any San Francisco tourist or adventurer!

Giordano's Bros.jpg

1. In my travel experience it is rare that I arrive to any specific destination in time for breakfast. Usually even if my flight lands at 10am, I’m not settled into my hotel until 12pm, lunchtime! So what’s a good, affordable and unique place to eat? Head over to Giordano Bros in the Little Italy of San Francisco and enjoy an enormous sandwich of your choosing laced in fries, literally! Oh and be sure to have a cold brusque while you’re at it, they have a fun and tasty beer selection!


2. Now that you have stuffed your face and perhaps a little inenbritated, hop on the trolley and head to Chinatown for a vibe like no other! Historic by nature, Chinatown provides an ethnic experience, tiny shops filled with hundred of various green tea, souvenir stores, clothing sold at an inexpensive rate and of the food! I personally love to go pick up a bag of dry shrimp and munch on them for a afternoon snack. For those who have a sweet tooth try freshly baked fortune cookies! In all, Chinatown is a piece of Bay Area history, unique in its architecture and ambiance there is no place like it!


3. Whenever special events take place in the City, that’s what natives like myself call San Francisco, whether there is a firework show, a water sports event or the blue angels come out to play, Ghirardelli Square is the place to go! Enjoy a scoop or two of some delicious freshly made ice cream or a cup of hot cocoa, at Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Shop & Caffe – and watch the sky light up or just enjoy the company of others. Ghirardelli Square is located in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf, so if you find you’ve worked up an appetite you’re in luck because just a a few blocks down the street you’ll find carts serving delicious street food, from fried shrimp and calamari to a bread bowl filled with hot and fresh clam chowder – there is nothing better than San Francisco Clam Chowder!


4. A tour of San Francisco is not complete without a visit to the eccentric Pier 39. A great place for families, couples and groups of friends, you will always find some interesting character giving a sidewalk performance. The main attractions at the Pier are a once in a lifetime site for those who rarely visit – especially on the waterside where you find the most amazing creatures laid out, sleeping! Yes sleeping, a few will waddle around moan and groan but the seal of the SF Harbor love to sunbath and it is quite a site!

Last but not least!


5. A consistent debate in any bay area household, “it’s orange,” “no it’s red,” “no it’s a pink-red,”  – the color of the Golden Gate Bridge remains an open discussion. But never-mind it’s color, how about you get some exercise and take a walk right over to Marin County! Now I know some of us may not be too fond of the word (exercise), but the view you will witness for the price of burning a few extra calories is more than worth the effort!

San Francisco may not be known as the city where dreams come true but it is certainly a city of unique character and pause. While we have only chipped the iceberg of “things to do” in the City, be sure to check out “The Happenings,” where you will find weekly events in a city near, or in this case San Francisco!

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