How to Rock: The Bright Coat

The holidays are over and you’ve made it through the holiday season, all the office parties, and family shindigs. What to do now? Wait out the dull, winter days in anticipation of spring? If you’re trying to wait out winter, honey, you’ve got a couple of months to go. Why not try and make the cold, blustery days a bit more interesting with a fabulous, bright winter coat?


It’s easy to wear black, brown, or navy during the winter months, and that’s fine, but before you decide to don the same old black sweater and black jeans, consider spicing up your outfit with a brightly colored coat! A bright coat is the perfect accessory to what may be a rather standard winter uniform. Winter fashion for 2014 dictates that outerwear must be as fabulous and head-turning as what’s inside the coat. And while we haven’t met a bright coat look we didn’t like, we’ve chosen the top 5 bright winter coat looks that are sure to help you beat the winter blues while you wait for spring to arrive.

Bright Coat+ Oversized Sweatshirt + Black Leggings

olivia p

Running around on your day off? Step out of the house looking casually cute in a mid-length bright coat, a sweatshirt, and black leggings. This is the perfect outfit for a quick trip to the grocery store or a simple short errand trip around town. Try it, you’ll like it.

Bright Coat + Little Black Dress


I don’t know about you, but I like to make an entrance wherever I go. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the little black dress (ladies, it’s a classic), you can revive it and give it a little oomph with an eye popping cover that’s sure to shield you shield you from the cold and have you looking magnificent at the same time.

Bright Coat + Dress + Booties


Yes, this article is about the bright coat, but what’s better than one winter trend? Two! Some may consider this dress “simple,” but style it with this coat and leather booties and you’ve got yourself a hot little number that you can wear to happy hour, dinner, or wherever your heart desires. Try this look with a sweater dress if it a bit chill outside!

Bright Coat + Flirty Top + Skinny Jeans


This ensemble is perfect for brunch with the girls or some Sunday afternoon window shopping. Not only is this look cute, but it’s comfortable and perfect for a weekend brunch with the girls or some Sunday afternoon window shopping. If your workplace has casual Fridays, be ready to pack an extra pair of heels in your workbag and head off to the weekend when the work week is through!

Bright Coat + Work Wear


One of many mottos: when you look good, you feel good. Why limit the motto to only dressing for non-work occasions? Regardless of your work environment, you can definitely rock a bright coat over your work attire. Walk into the office feeling like a million bucks and get that promotion!

Lindsey Bynum  is a born and bred California girl with a passion for fashion. With prior experience in social media and pr, she has returned to her first love: Writing! She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where she writes, teaches, styles, and lusts after pretty things.

Makeup Trends from Fall 2013

Winter. It’s that time of year when the temperature drops and instead of rocking sundresses and sandals, we contemporary professional stylistas find ourselves bundling up in fierce coats, luxurious sweaters, and bodacious booties.  And while our winter wardrobe is good to go, what about the make-up? There’s no way we can walk around with summery orange and turquoise nails when we’re rocking burgundy knit dresses and cute, leather black skirts; that’s a fashion no-no! If you’re up to speed on the current Fall and Winter looks, you’ll know that some of the hottest make-up trends for Fall/Winter 2013 include berry-stained lips, a well groomed brow, smoky eyes, and seductive red nails. Curious? Scroll down for more info on how to match your new make-up look to your favorite winter outfit.

Berry-Stained Lips

LS Final

Some of this season’s hottest fashion shows, including Lanvin, Christian Dior, and Vera Wang, all featured models wearing a berry, or wine-stained lip. Like all things in life, the key to wearing a berry-stained lip is to find the shade that works for you. Plan on wearing a berry lip to the office? You might want to stay away from anything too dark or gothic looking. Are you headed out for a night on the town with your best girlfriends or that cutie from Accounting? You’ve got my permission to try a lip that’s a little more sultry, sexy, and alluring like the one featured above. Just remember: dark berry tones work best with a nude eye, so if you’re working a dramatic lip, be sure to tone down your other make-up choices.

Bold Brows

bold brows

Bold brows never go out of style. This winter, it’s all about a brow that does not need to be penciled in, thinned out, or altered in any way. You can rock a well-brow with minimal make-up or with a little something extra and still look amazing. If you’re hesitant about your brows or feel like they’re thick, honey, they’re not. Just be sure to use a brow brush (we like the  in the morning and you’re on your way.

Seductive Red Nails


This season, there’s a return to glamour, luxuriousness, and a sort of classic refinement which seems to have gone ignored in past seasons. As we’ve witnessed with the spring and summer nail trends, Fall/Winter 2013 is still all about color; the only difference is that there’s a shift away from pastels and youthful colors like lilac and turquoise to a more grown woman color like oxblood or siren red. Just about every nail brand on the market has their version of what I like to call vixen red. If you’re feeling particularly daring, I recommend checking out OPI’s.

Smoky Eyes


Really, does a smoky eye ever go out of style? While I do not recommend the smoky eye for the workplace, I can promise that you will get all kinds of attention should you decide to rock this look at your next happy hour or First Friday. Beware, though: the smoky eye can be tricky. Too much smudged eyeliner will raise questions and make you look like you’re in dire need of extra sleep. If you’re struggling with perfecting the look, Bare Escentuals has a “Smoky V Eye Tutorial” that will help you perfect the look in no time!

Finished Skin

FResh Face2

If you care to venture back to Fall 2013 runway shows, in between drooling and sighing over the looks of Valentino, Christian Dior, and Chanel, you might have noticed that many of the models that appeared on the runway did so with finished skin. But wait, shouldn’t skin always be “finished?” Isn’t that what finishing powder is for? Yes. The tried and true finished skin look is more about your skin appearing flawless and velvety than it is about a perfect or completed look. And who doesn’t want the appearance of flawless skin?

Lindsey Bynum  is a born and bred California girl with a passion for fashion. With prior experience in social media and pr, she has returned to her first love: Writing! She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where she writes, teaches, styles, and lusts after pretty things.

Makeup Tools

You love makeup and can easily spend an hour browsing the aisles in Sephora and a lifetime experimenting with different MAC lip glosses. And while it’s every UBlush woman’s dream to look her best all the time, let’s face it, as smart as you are, there are still some things about makeup which confuse and perplex you. Don’t worry, we’re confused, too! Here’s our Top 5 list of the most confusing make-up tools and suggestions on how to use them and where to purchase.

Pro Performance Sponge

Pro Performance Sponge

Sometimes known as the Beauty Blender, this sponge is pretty and mysterious at the same time. According to MAC, this pointy and circular sponge is crucial for a flawless make-up application and is best used in hard to reach areas on the face such as the jaw, upper forehead, and the nose.

Eyelash Applicator


What is this?!? At first glance it looks like some weird contraption, but the eyelash applicator is the tool you need in order to apply those glamorous eyelash extensions. I recently purchased one and I’m still trying to figure out how to use. I think I’ll check out my copy of Iman’s The Color of Beauty and Alex Amethea’s Eyelash Applicator tutorial.

Beauty Brushes

Beauty Brushes

I don’t even know where to begin. There are so many brushes: foundation brushes, blush brushes, lip brushes; it’s enough to make the most contemporary stylista confused! If you’re confused about which brush does what or how to grow your make-up brush collection, I highly recommend making a trip to your local department store cosmetic counter. Don’t leave before you’ve purchased the basic brushes: a concealer, foundation, brush, eye shadow, and powder. You can find basic brush sets at Sephora, MAC, Make Up For Ever carry versions of this set.

Cosmetic Wedges

Cosmetic Wedges

Let’s face it, you’re a woman on the go and sometimes you need to do your make-up quick, fast, and in a hurry. Cosmetic wedges are the answer. Cosmetic wedges are a good substitute for using your fingers to apply concealer and foundation because fingers carry natural oils which will affect your make­up application. You can purchase latex-free cosmetic wedges at your local drugstore or favorite cosmetics counter.

Lash Comb/Brow Brush

Lash:Comb Brow Brush

You might be wondering why you need to brush your eyebrows or comb your eyelashes. If you’re following the current fall trend of rocking thick, groomed eyebrows, a groomed eyebrow needs to be taken care of and properly maintained. And if you’re serious about your mascara and the desire to have clump-free lashes, you’ll definitely want to use the other end of this handy tool and comb out those lashes! There are plenty of options for purchasing an Eyelash/Eyebrow Comb Brush. My first one came from Target, but after it broke I decided to invest in one that was more sturdy and reliable: the MAC Duo Lash Comb/Brow Brush works wonders and always does exactly what it’s supposed to! My eyebrows and eyelashes have never been more perfectly groomed and maintained.

Lindsey Bynum  is a born and bred California girl with a passion for fashion. With prior experience in social media and pr, she has returned to her first love: Writing! She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where she writes, teaches, styles, and lusts after pretty things.

Your Guide to Makeup

Imagine it’s Friday, you just got paid and your weekend plans involve heading out to the newest hotspot with a couple of friends. This is the perfect time to try out a new makeup look. As you stroll the cosmetics counter at your favorite department store, you come across a blush and a lipstick that not only sings to you, but tenderly whispers that they’re yours for the taking. So many thoughts flash through your mind: “I can’t. I don’t know anything about blush or if these colors even go together, let alone with anything in my closest. I don’t even know how to apply blush!” Snap out of it! Before you beat yourself up for being “cosmetics challenged,” remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way. There’s no reason for any woman to feel intimidated by a cosmetic concept, color, or tool. There are some many resource available to assist you in making the leap from a “cosmetics challenged” diva to a contemporary professional stylista, makeup extraordinaire!  

Iman: The Color of Beauty


This is a classic for those who aspire to be makeup aficionados. I’ll admit, I did not start wearing makeup until my mid-20’s, and when I did, I realized I had a lot to catch up on. Luckily, The Color of Beauty has saved me from many “makeup no no’s.” In this visually stunning (not to mention helpful) bookshelf must-have, former supermodel and cosmetics executive Iman takes the reader through the different types of brushes and make-up tools necessary for whatever look you want to achieve. In addition to helpful tips and hints, Iman interviews some of the most beautiful women of color in Hollywood on their experience with beauty, self-image, and oh yes, makeup! The Color of Beauty will not disappoint.

Online Tutorials


If you’re in a hurry, or just want to see how it’s done, look no further than the internet! While you can (and will) find any and everything on Blogs, YouTube or Tumblr, some of the more popular tutorials about make-up application will guide you step-by-step through the make-up process! Don’t forget that some of your favorite cosmetics brands also post tutorials and updates about the latest trends in makeup. Two of our personal favorites: Shayla Jamerson, check her out on Instagram and Miss. Jackie O of Make Game On Point via Youtube.



While you may not want to appear as though you don’t have it together, realize that no one does anything on their own. If online tutorials are not working for you and you’ve lost your copy of The Color of Beauty,  the next time you’re browsing the cosmetics counter or your favorite cosmetics store, take a minute and ask the salesperson about the latest techniques or just the classic ones if need be. We promise, no one will look at you sideways for not knowing how to do a smoky eye or false lashes. The makeup mavens are there to help, so use them and us! You can always send us a tweet, message or email with any questions.

Lindsey Bynum  is a born and bred California girl with a passion for fashion. With prior experience in social media and pr, she has returned to her first love: Writing! She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where she writes, teaches, styles, and lusts after pretty things.

Woman On The Go


If there’s one thing we all crave, its simplicity. How many times have you looked at your calendar and wondered how you were going to fit all of your commitments, dates, and meetings into one day? Or week?

The modern woman is always on the go. From the boardroom, to the office, to happy hour with the girls, there is no space in her schedule for breaks or wardrobe changes. So when a busy day is on the horizon, how does the contemporary, professional stylista go about making sure that her look is fun, flawless, professional, and most importantly, professional? Transition clothing is the name of the game.

The key is not to try too hard; you must appear effortless and composed. You’ve got enough to worry about besides figuring out what to wear. Scroll down for a list of some our favorites.

Cutout Tops/Dresses with a Modern Blazer

Rachel Roy Cutout Blazer


Cutouts are all the rage right now. You might be thinking that a cutout is too revealing for the workplace. Not so. Depending on how you wear the cutout, no one but you need know that you’re wearing it. It’s the perfect combination!

Fitted Knit Skirt with Blouson Top

Ponte Knit Skirt and Fitted Top


Don’t call it a comeback. Knits epitomize comfort and simplicity. There are plenty of knit options to choose from— a simple black knit blazer, paired with a fitted tee and a leather skirt will keep you looking fashionable and professional, all day long.

Printed Wrap Dress and Leather Jacket/Blazer



The wrap dress never goes out of style. Paired with a blazer, jacket, or dressy cardigan, the wrap dress can and will take you everywhere you need to be.

Tuxedo pants with lacy shirt/blouse

Tuxedo Lace Shirt


Call it feminine menswear- yes, there is such a thing. Tuxedo pants are not just for men anymore. Comfortable, professional, and powerful, the tuxedo pant goes well with a feminine, lacy blouse and a fitted, leather moto jacket.

Written By: Lindsey Bynum

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