Reduce Stress by Eating Your Best

Stressed out

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Do you ever find yourself feeling so stressed out that you reach for the most convenient snack? I think we can all admit that we’ve done that before! The good news is that there are many healthy foods to turn to, that can help reduce stress. Before you reach for fast food or a bag of chips, consider these nutritious alternatives to reduce stress levels.


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Nuts – According to WebMD, almonds have Vitamin E to help keep your immune system working great and B vitamins to fight stress. If you are feeling stressed out, pack a small bag of almonds to snack on during the day. Another nut that can reduce stress is the pistachio. Pistachios are filled with healthy fats and can fight off stress symptoms.


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Oranges – Oranges are high in Vitamin C, which can restrain stress hormones. In addition, oranges also strengthen your immune system. Before a stressful day, peel an orange for breakfast or make an orange smoothie to set a positive tone. Oranges can also give you an energy boost, so eat one for an afternoon snack.

Black Tea

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Black tea – According to WebMD, one study shows that tea drinkers feel calmer and have lower levels of stress after a stressful situation. Drink a cup of black tea in the morning, and after a few weeks you, will feel more calm and relaxed. It’s also a much healthier alternative to morning coffee.


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Spinach – Although spinach is not always the tastiest vegetable, a handful of it added to your salad can reduce stress. When our bodies do not have enough magnesium, we become fatigued and are prone to headaches, which can make us feel even more stressed out. Spinach contains high levels of magnesium to help combat stress.

dark chocolate

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A little dark chocolate – Do you have a sweet tooth with chocolate cravings? The sugar in dark chocolate can help reduce stress hormones by releasing serotonin, which can boost your mood. Just make sure to watch how much chocolate you are eating. Try choosing a single serving of dark chocolate. Break off a small square of Hershey’s dark chocolate to indulge in after dinner – it serve as a stress reliever and satiate your sweet tooth.

The next time you feel stressed out and overwhelmed, try choosing healthier foods. Not only will these selections help reduce your stress levels but they can also be tasty. Your body will thank you!

Note that in addition to eating healthy, it is important to remain active. Even if you have a busy schedule, take some time out of your day to take a walk and get some fresh air. Spending some time outdoors will help you breathe easier and relax, as you take on the rest of your day. After combining healthier foods and a little exercise, you will feel a lot better and your stress levels will decrease.

Written by: Marie Cash as a current journalism student at the University of Northern Colorado, Marie enjoys reading and writing. She loves to spend her time cooking and baking new recipes for her food blog, and she is an entertainment fanatic, in which she watches various television shows and loves to discover new music. Marie has a Spanish minor and enjoys learning about Spanish culture. She has a twin sister and wants to own a corgi someday.

“Scandal” Explosion!

Scandal Season 3

After watching the latest episodes of this season, things are heating up quickly and there could be some surprises at the end! Will Sally Langston die when the bomb goes off in the church? Will Olivia’s father, Rowan, be rushed to the hospital in time, after Maya, Olivia’s mother, shot him?  Who will go after Maya after she shot Rowan and made plans to bomb the church where the President was going to be? With only one episode left of season three, Scandal has us all wondering what will happen next! After the surprising murder of James Novak a few episodes back, viewers do not know if they should expect another death in the season finale, but it is definitely possible. I could not believe that the Scandal writers killed off James. He had a lot going for him. He had a child, a good job and a husband. But, James kept digging up information about the defiance conspiracy and in the end, he was used to cover up the truth behind the murder of Sally Langston’s husband. James’s murder was passed off to look like a carjacking that went terribly wrong.

During the last episode I was glued to my TV, while I also adamantly checked Twitter to see what others think will happen. Many viewers thought that Mellie’s secret was going to be revealed, but it leaves us thinking that it will be exposed in the season finale. Who is really Jerry’s biological father? The latest episode left us with many cliffhangers and there are several possible outcomes for the finale. What will happen next? As Maya activated the bomb in the last moments of the episode, one or even several characters could die in the finale. Here is a look at some of these characters and potential scenarios.


Sally Langston

Sally is at the church where the bomb is located. Jake informed Cyrus about the location of the bomb, but Cyrus decided not to tell anyone. This makes us all think that during the finale the bomb will go off and Fitz’s competition, Sally, could be killed. Leo Bergen, Sally’s campaign consultant, is also seen standing next to Sally at the church. Will Leo die? We also have to consider all of the people at the church attending the senator’s funeral. If the church is not evacuated, many innocent lives will be lost.


Andrew Nichols

Andrew is also inside the church with Sally Langston. Mellie and Andrew have kept their distance ever since Andrew decided that he would rather be a vice president than Mellie’s lover. What will Mellie do if she finds out that Cyrus knew about the bomb? Will Andrew get out in time, or will Mellie be left alone with no man to love her? If Andrew does get out in time, it is possible that he may reconsider his values and end up rekindling his love for Mellie.


Rowan Pope

After being shot by Olivia’s mother, Rowan is seen gasping for air in the latest episode. In the season finale preview, he is bleeding out and is rushed to the hospital. Will he survive? Viewers were also left wondering what Maya has planned next. Can Olivia Pope use her Gladiator team to find Maya?


Mellie Grant

A few episodes back, Mellie was shown remembering how Fitz’s father took advantage of her. Mellie is not sure who the biological father of her son is. We thought that Mellie was going to break down and tell Olivia about it, but she kept quiet and is waiting until the paternity test results come back. Will Mellie’s secret be revealed? Is Jerry’s biological father Fitz, Andrew or Fitz’s father?


Cyrus Beene

After Cyrus learned about the location of the bomb, he decided not to tell anyone about it. How will Cyrus live with himself knowing that he could have stopped the church from exploding? Is this his personal revenge after James was killed?


Harrison Wright

Harrison found out where Maya planned to execute her bomb plans and he was greeted by Adnan Saliff. Will Harrison be able to talk to Adnan and convince her to stop the explosion? Or, will Adnan kill Harrison?


Huck and Quinn

Huck and Quinn, or should I say #HuckleberryQuinn, had a steamy hook up on the latest episode. Will they continue their steamy romance, or will Charlie find out and punish Quinn? Viewers are wondering if Quinn will ever be a Gladiator again, after she became part of B-613 and works for Charlie. Maybe Huck will bring her back to her Gladiator family.


The Election

In the middle of all this drama, President Fitz is still trying to win the election. If Sally Langston dies, will the election continue? Maybe Fitz will finally be able to win an election without it being rigged. Or, will Olivia’s complications with Maya and Cyrus’s secret ruin Fitz’s chances of winning fair and square? Olivia is very determined she will do just about anything to make sure that Fitz is reelected for a second term.

Fitz and Olivia

Scandal’s season finale airs TONIGHT at 10/9 p.m. cst, on ABC. Make sure to tune in and see this explosive ending, so all (or most) of our questions can be answered!