Dating a Divorcee


Couples who marry between the ages of 20-24 have the highest divorce of any other age bracket. For those of us that are dating, there is a good chance we will meet someone who in their late 20’s or early 30’s has previously been married. I personally have “talked” to three men who have had a pervious marriage (all of which lasted less than 3 years).

I have found some positives and negatives that have come with being involved with a divorcee.  A positive is they are sure of what they want and who they want to be in a relationship with. Of course there are elements of their personality that need to still be developed and can only grow with time, but they know what they are willing to tolerate. If they are still seeking your attention it is because you have passed their “test” and they are willing to focus on a more serious courtship.

The biggest negative that I have faced is how guarded a divorcee can be.  Which is understandable. After putting being in a situation where they thought they were going to spend the rest of their life with one person and it didn’t work it can be quite tough to cope with. If you like this person, you are going to have to deal with the baggage of their pervious relationship.

My advice to those going through this situation is to be patient. Don’t pry and allow your mate to open up to you. Lastly, don’t comprise on want you want, make sure they know that you have expectations just as they do.

How to keep your New Year’s Resolution!


65% of Americans pledge to lose weight/get healthy in the New Year.  What many of us fail to realize is that this resolution has to occupy patience. A healthy lifestyle is not something that can be achieved overnight, thus because of the slow results we tend to give up on this goal too quickly. So, let’s start slow! Listed below are ways to work towards achieving this objective in 2012.

1. Eat Breakfast- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not only will it motivated you to stop hitting the snooze button (ahh food!) but it gives you the energy need for your workouts.

2. Take The Stairs- Start doing little things to get your body working and blood pumping. Park far away to walk to your destination, take the stairs as opposed to the elevator, or for my fashion-addicts go shopping!

3. Find a Buddy- Search for a friend with the same goal as you. They will provide the competitive spirit, motivation, and peer pressure to continue to work towards success.

Happy Healthy UBLifestyle!

Jessie J. “Who You Are”

Although the song is not new, the concept of being “true to who you are” is a 2012 MUST. In a day where how you look and what you “own” is often presented as most important, (think media, billboards about the latest shoes, commercials about the must have car, magazine ads about the must have bag of the season, and TV shows glorifying plastic surgery), the promotion of self love is important to highlight.  

Songs like Jessie J’s Who You Are remind us that trying to “fit the mold” can often leave us feeling empty and void. Behind the hair, make up, cars, and clothes, who are you? Not that these things are all bad, but when they are the main focus they detract us from important things in life, like the relationships we have with loved ones, and the love we have for ourselves. Sometimes we use material possessions to cover up a sadness that we feel, but at the end of the night, we are still left with the feelings we have tried to cover up. Hair, clothes, make-up, cars, and whatever else we own, are like cherries on top. They make the ice cream sundae look nice but they are not the main ingredients. Our ice cream Sundae will be just as delicious, with or without them.

2012 Challenge: Who are you? What are the essential ingredients of your sundae? What makes the person that you spend every single day with…you?

How did you bring in your New Year?

A lot can happen in one night. That’s the idea of the New Year’s Eve movie. Much like Valentines Day (2010), with an ensemble cast, several subplot lines are interconnected as the film takes us all around New Year City on New Years Eve. The grand finale, celebrating the New Year with loved ones against the backdrop of the ball dropping in Time Square. (Even though the real ball drop at Time Square is likely more chaotic and cold, there must be an extraordinary feeling.) Although at times predictable and cliché, the movie offers a feel good way to bring in the New Years for romantics.

“It’s OK to listen to your heart.  I know it’s risky.  Go ahead and take that leap.  There are so many things you can’t control:  earthquakes, war, famine.  It’s important to remember the things we can control, things like love and forgiveness… Love in every one of its forms.  Love gives us hope.  Hope for the New Year.”

Love is clearly in the air.


I am a true lover of Awards season and even though the Critics’ Choice Awards started the season off with a BANG, there’s nothing like dining with the stars from your living room. So without further ado the Winners for Best Dressed are:

Dianna Argon looks stunning in this Giles Deacon red laser cut swan number, kindly sprinkled with a touch of Fred Leighton jewelry…

Kate Beckinsale always looks beautiful, wearing a strapless creme Cavalli gown paired with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry…

Evan Rachel Woods all grown up and flawlessly wearing a feathered Gucci Premiere….

Charlize Theron is amazing in Dior Couture, paired with Givenchy pumps! (especially for someone with laryngitis)…

Lea Michelle, drop dead GORGEOUS in this metallic silver Marchesa gown…and those earrings O.M.G. what a perfect match!

Oh and of course, Adam Levine, quite sharp in Tom Ford, if I do say so myself…