B-Side Barbecue


B-Side – adding flavor to the East Bay. The name is quite fitting as the second restaurant of renowned owners Tanya Holland and Phil Sirkus. Located on San Pablo Avenue in West Oakland, Ca – this street is known for historically housing some of the tastiest mom and pop BBQ joints in the Bay Area.


The wooden interior decor of this quaint dinning area invokes a sense of the Wild Wild West! The bar, lined with shelves of premium liquor gives it the feel of a Western saloon. Its walls are adorned with the works of local artist – April Banks, paying homage to African American cowboys. B-Side is the best of the American frontier infused with Oakland’s gritty and rich culture.


Needless to say the barbecue is delicious – tender and juicy. Smoked meats include the Brown Sugar Rubbed Brisket and BBQ Chicken, my favorites. If you like pork, try the Pulled Pork Sandwich, Jerk Spiced Baby Backs, Dark & Stormy St. Louis Ribs, or Hot Links. For our pescatarians the BBQ Glazed Salmon is a must! The key to any barbecue is the sauce, and B-Side definitely has its own unique flavor. For sides, try the macaroni & cheese and baked beans. Presentation is everything. Served lunch tray style – the proportions are just enough for a lunchtime meal. Are you salivating yet?

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