Being Mary Jane


On July 2nd BET premiered the its new original series, Being Mary Jane. Starring Gabrielle Union as Mary Jane – a multi-faceted woman who embodies the contemporary, professional stylista. Like each of us, some parts of MJ’s life are incredible while others she wishes she could change – she remind us that what glitters is not always gold.


From the outside MJ looks like she has it all, success, beauty, and an amazing family. She drives a nice car, lives in an extravagant house, and has a closet any fashionista would die for. This professional woman is also the face of her own talk show where everyone adores her beauty as much as her intelligence.


Though she’s experienced success in her career, she still yearns for a loving partner. Coming home to an empty house proves to be emotional torment – she wants more. She wants a family of her own, so much so that she looks to Mr. Wrong to be that special someone.  How many of us have laid next to Mr. Wrong knowing that he will never be Mr. Right? MJ’s love stories are easily relatable – from dating men who deceive her to men who just temporarily fill the void. Sometimes the inner crazy comes out after these failed relationships – men can just take us there sometimes! After multiple dating woes, MJ, like many of us begins to wonder, is it worth it? You might even ask yourself, “What do I have to show for being the good girl?”


Then of course there’s her family – to whom much is given much is required. Being the bread winner comes with its own set of pressure. How many of us see the potential in our loved ones and just wish they too saw the greatness they possessed? Feeling  a sense of responsibility for her family Mary Jane struggles with caring for the ones she loves without enabling them.


Race and ethnic issues also touch the screen in this show. Mary Jane is fighting to tell the story of dark skin women while her network believes the story is simply old news. She even clashes with a fellow female comrade bringing forth colorism and cross-cultural perspectives into the conversation. Navigating the world as a woman is tough, for MJ being a woman of color adds another layer to it.


And of course where would any businesswoman be without style! Mary Jane is fabulous and you can’t deny it. Her wardrobe is killer, the perfect look for a woman of sophistication with a hint of sex appeal! On the budding edge of trends, this show will definitely provide stylish abodes to every #CPS!

Being Mary Jane is a well scripted portrayal of the contemporary professional stylista who is learning and exploring each day she lives. Needless to say Mary Jane’s story resonates with a piece of each of us. I Am Mary Jane!

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