Cajun food with a Texan Twist!

Houston definitely has some of the most interesting cuisine! For a taste of New Orleans head to BB’s café serving Cajun food with a Texan twist! Their signature OVERSTUFFED NEW ORLEANS STYLE PO’ BOY is a must eat! Don’t worry they have over 15 different types of sandwiches to fit the taste buds of any patron.

For a classic Po-boy, try “Bedtime in the Bayou” stuffed with delicious fried shrimp and toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes and their special sauce. My personal favorite! 🙂

For a few other selections try:

“Surf and Turf” filled with Roast Beef and a marinade of toppings that include melted Swiss cheese, homemade gravy, tomatoes and fried shrimp!

“The Skinny Man’s Diet” which includes “chicken friend chicken with melted cheese, sauteed mushrooms, tomato, avocado, and Bacon Ranch sauce.”

No matter your palate you are sure to find a Po’Boy just for you! But, that’s not all. Every sandwich comes with a choice of side. In the spirit of New Orleans you must try their Tex—Cajun Virgin fries, Gumbo, or Jambalaya! 

Did we mention, this is totally affordable? Sandwiches come in full or half sizes (which is totally enough for me). Depending on what you order, you can easily indulge in a Po Boy and side for $10. With three locations in Houston, you can find a BB’s nearest to you. What are you waiting for, go try it! 

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