Our Personal Guide to Style


This Columbian fashionista made her way to celebrity as a judge on Heidi Klum’s Project Runway. Prior to such an adventure, Nina made her way up the ranks in the world of Fashion, sharing her well respected sense of style all while using her uncanny ability to make the world fall in love with her smile.

Earning a Bachelor’s from Boston University and the Fashion Institute of Technology, Nina also attended Ecole Superieure de la Mode in in Paris. In the 1980’s Garcia worked in public relations at Perry Ellis. She moved to work at Mirabella, a women’s magazine published between 1989 and 2000, as Assistant Stlyist and Market Editor. Nina was slowly climbing to the heights she always dreamed of reaching. Soon an opportunity of a lifetime would present itself, Elle magazine was looking for a new Fashion Director, a position Nina acquired in the year of 2000, becoming Editor-at-Large in April 2008.

After spending thirteen years at Elle magazine, Nina made her way to Marie Claire, once again taking on the role of Fashion Director. Nina has since become a worldwide symbol of fashion, style and culture. A mother of two, author of three, and a famed Fashionista, Nina Garcia is a role model for us all.

What’s your love language?

A Love language is a primary way of expressing and interpreting love.  The five love languages are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch

This made me think, what is mine? What were the love languages of the people I have loved? I took the love language test and got my answer! My dominate love language: Quality Time! That comes as no surprise! Maybe this has something to do with my struggles in past relationships: we just were not expressing our affection in the way that the other interpreted as love.

You may have high scores on more than one love language, but generally we have a dominate language. This is often the key to our hearts! Think about a guy or girl you were smitten with? What did they do? Were some of the sparks you experienced associated with them taping into any of these domains? When a person speaks your love language you likely interpret it as “this person understands me and cares for me.”And when they don’t you probably think “this person doesn’t understand me, they don’t care.” This is unfortunate because often it’s not the case!

Knowing your love language and that of your partner provides each of you with an intimate understanding of the way you both like feelings of love and adoration to be communicated. Have you ever dated someone who gave you lots of gifts and they were nice, but what you really wanted was for them to sit down under the moonlight and share your deepest darkest secrets? Sound familiar? Think about cliché movies where the rich husband neglects his wife who has all the material possessions but is ailing for her husband’s time and attention.

Understanding the ways you like for people to communicate their love towards you is so important! And understanding how your loved one likes to be loved is equally important. “Every time you speak another’s (love) language you score emotional points with one another.”

Spa Castle

My friends and I wanted to celebrate my bestie’s 25th birthday with a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of New York City, so we headed over to Spa Castle in Queens. A $45 entrance fee gives you access to the 4 story building with mineral pools, saunas, hot tubs, relaxation rooms, and exercise machines. You can purchase additional services like footbaths and massages while there. A food court and full service bars are available for your delight as well! Except for the pink and orange short set you must wear throughout the building, the castle is fab!


 We enjoyed girl talk in the rooftop bade pool with strong whirlwinds.


Headed to sauna village to sweat in 160-degree sauna rooms only to chill in a 54-degree room.


And laid out under UV rays.


Perhaps the most surprising feature of the spa was the experience in the mineral pool. Strutting in my two-piece bathing suit, I was prompted to look at the sign at the entrance. No clothing in the mineral pools! That’s right, everyone has to go in with their birthday suit, quite fitting for the occasion. Initially coy, by the end of the spa day we decided to brave it. We dropped our bathing suits, rinsed off, and relaxed in the mineral water. It was actually a liberating experience, chatting it up with my girls in the nude! You can’t get much closer than that! But no worries ladies, in this section, no boys allowed!

The Undergarment Billionaire

Sara Blakely is the youngest woman to make forbes list as a self made billionaire. Fed up with not having any comfy under garments, Blake began by cutting out the bottoms of her panty hose. This led to creating spanx, the revolutionary under garmer that hugs your shape and ensures no visible panty lines. Blake founded the company, pattened the idea, and received the word of approval by billionaire power woman Oprah Winfrey, catapulting the company into a huge success.


The Spanx company maximizes costs by having no paid advertsing! When you have a great product, word of mouth can make you a success! Spanx is now expanding into international markets and creating comfortable undergarments for men. Blake’s diligence to her vision moved her from a personal disatisfaction with her undergatments to a billionare business woman. That’s right she had an idea, put the time and effort into putting it in to fruition, and is now a self made Billionaire.  She’s a boss!

5 Tricks… That Will Make You Simply Irresistible

1. Try taking a bath in milk and honey. I know it sounds a little strange but trust me, if you want something, this is how to get it!

2. While cooking dinner in lingere may be a “grade B” good idea, try cooking dinner, make sure it’s his favorite, in nothing but an apron!

3. Referencing the #2, if you don’t know how to cook and he mentions that his mother’s cooking is his favorite, try spending a little QT (quality time) with mom, learn how to make his favorite dish, and surprise him one night at the door in lingere, 5 inch heels, and dinner on the table.

4. Try to look your best! There is nothing like a beautiful woman, whether you’re at home, in the nail salon, shopping or even in the grocery store. Pretty is pretty and not pretty is simply, not. I’m not saying dress in your Sunday’s best or as if you’re about to spend the night out on the town but hey a little mascara, eyeliner and lipstick never hurt anyone.

5. I can’t stress this one enough HIGH HEELS LADIES! Men love them, almost just as much as we do, and believe it or not no one double-takes when you’re walking by in a pair of flip-flops but in a pair of 4 inch delights, the click of those heel will do wonders in drawing the attention of others. Just try it and see!