The Professional Stylista

Top: Pearl Collar Blouse via Top Shop

Bottom: Gold Metallic Brocade Shirt via Rochas

Shoes: Clara Patent-Leather Pumps via YSL

Bag: Geometric Trim Clutch via Matthew Williamson 

Earrings: Crystal Pave Round Ball Studs via Jou Jou

IT Girl! Freida Pinto…

This Bombay native can turn heads just the just the glimpse of a smile. Freida Pinto explores all avenues of fashion, providing a pleasurable reminder that fashion is what you make it. She maintains a fun, classic look, frequently paired with bow-topped flats. One thing we love about Pinto, aside from her talent as an actress, is the variation of hairstyles she rocks. From up-do’s, to pony’s, to long and luscious tresses, she is a great example of the contemporary, professional, stylista.

Check out her new film Trishna, in theaters today!

IT Girl! Emma Stone…

With green eyes and rosy lips Emma Stone has developed into somewhat of a fashionista. With quirky unconventional style, starring in The Amazing Spiderman, release date July 3rd, Stone has traveled the world to press junkets, red carpet events and more dressed at her best. At the youthful age of 23, we are excited to see where fashion will take the girl we often catch in jeans, a blazer and flats.

It all started when I realized I needed a break from work, school, and my busy schedule. There’s nothing like a beach vacation to remind you how good life is, how beautiful Earth is, and that we should all do our part in taking care of it. Go green! But there is also no better stress relief. Step one of the preparation process: What to pack? Most important is the shoes. Comfy, cute, versatile and high heel, are the words that come to mind. Here are a few of my top choices: Nude high heel sandal that give the perfect impression of beach attire. A sexy color-block pump that you can pair with a number of colors. As a tiny favor to my feet I certainly throw in a cute pair of sandals, just to give them a break ever so often. Typically I would have packed 10 to 15 pair of shoes but this time I wanted to pack light and smart, one of the key components to stress-free traveling.

Rings and Things

I think of accessories like cupcakes, just enough to get you by but sometimes they’re the icing on the cake. The unsung heros of style.

Often times we lie in bed thinking about what to put on, well at least I do. Some days we might have a new pair of shoes we want to break in or maybe we feel like putting on our favorite t-shirt with an added twist.

I’m not the type who buys something and wears it the next day. I like to marinate on each item, to make sure it gets a proper introduction into the world, into my world, to make sure that it’s looks its best for its first appearance.

But rings are a little different.

They are so small and cute, great on any occasion, heck even after walking out the store I might rip the tag off and slip one on. If you’re wearing a white v-neck, with a huge copper knit sweater-vest, a pair of dark blue Paige skinny jean and some copper-red colored penny loafers, a bronze leaflet ring can make all the difference.

People often say and forget, it’s the little things that matter most.

Even a heavy men’s watch will do the trick, a great trick at that, when worn with a fitted chic blazer, straight leg pants and some killer pumps.

Just remember be yourself, and jazz things up with a hand full of rings or maybe just your favorite one.