5 Exercises to Naturally Cinch Your Waistline!


Did You Know The Muscles of Your Midsection Work as a Natural Corset? Try These 5 Exercises to Naturally Cinch Your Waistline!

The inner muscle layer reaching from the front, side and back parts of the midsection need to be targeted in order to achieve a smaller waist. According to professor of exercise at Auburn University, Michele Olson, Ph.D., “Most women don’t know they need to work the entire perimeter of their midsection—especially the inner layer—to get a smaller waist.” This muscle that forms the inner layer of the waistline is called the transverse abdominis, which literally works as a built-in corset when targeted, naturally pulling and cinching in your waistline like a drawstring. Practice each exercise below to target and work the transverse abdominis, cinching your waistline naturally from the inside out. While doing each of these exercises always remember to focus on the core and pull your navel to the spine. For full video demonstrations of the exercises, please visit BlogilatesTv on YouTube.

Combination Plank 1 Combination Plank 2 Combination Plank 3

Combination Plank 4  Combination Plank 5

1. Combination Plank. First, get into ‘plank’ position. Place the arm on the side in which you’ll be working, slightly in front of the other arm, as demonstrated in the picture above. Butt pike all the way up and then, as you are coming back down into plank, twist dip the hip to the side. Make sure the hip barely touches the ground as you twist dip and that you revert back into plank before each rep. Do 10-20 times then switch sides and repeat.

Candle Stick Dip 1 Candle-Stick-Dip-2

2. Candle Stick Dip. Position yourself upright on your knees and put one leg out to the side as the other is kneeling. With your arms extended straight above your head and aligned with your ears, dip to the same side of the bent knee. As you are dipping to the side, move your arms in an upward reaching motion for a few seconds, then come up by pressing through the waistline. As you do this exercise, you should be feeling your obliques working on the same side as the bent knee. Switch to the other side. Suggestion: try 10-20 reps on each side per set.

Hip Touches1  Hip Touches 2

3. Hip Touches. Get into plank position using the elbows this time, with legs fully extended. Leading with each hip, dip to either side, slightly touching hip to floor on each rep.

 Advanced Plank 1 Advanced Plank 2 Advanced Plank3 

4. Advanced Plank. Get into ‘plank’ position, focusing on and holding in your core, slowly lift your right arm and left leg, holding for five seconds, then repeat on the other side, lifting your left arm and right leg. Make sure hips are square to the mat and to hold your navel into the spine.

Windmill 1 Windmill 2

Windmill 3 Windmill 4

5.    Windmill. Press your shoulder blades into the mat and extend your arms to each side. Keeping the knees bent together, lift your legs up and drop the knees side to side. Repeat as many times you would like, going side to side. You should feel the obliques working.

Incorporating these 5 exercises into your weekly routine will shrink and define your waistline to make your tummy bikini yummy! Get your mat and let’s go!


Written By Chelsea Clishem: From San Diego, California to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this bicoastal girl loves all things travel, beauty, nutrition, fitness, fashion and entertainment. Chelsea graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she began her journey to be an entertainment journalist. Chelsea drops the word ‘fabulous’ on the regular and believes it’s ‘okay’ to freak out with good music and fashion!

Atomic Allure

atomic allure

Fitness got fun again! Atomic Allure opened its doors to the downtown Oakland community just last year and has attracted contemporary, professional stylistas from all over the Bay Area! With several years of dance experience under their belt, the instructors lead dynamic classes that will get your body right and tight, all while having a good time! This after-work fitness group is flirty just how you like it lovelies.


A nervous excitement filled my body as I walked into the dance studio. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but dancing let alone pole dancing was way out of my league. I’ve secretly wanted to try it for quite some time now but have always been afraid of busting my bum, a fear that is actually grounded in reality. But, I joined a group of ladies for Go Go Girl dance and was subsequently talked into staying for the intermediate level pole tricks class. “Here we go,” I thought.

The latest dance music was blaring from the speakers to set the mood and get us pumped for our workout. Lined up throughout the studio facing mirrors and standing near our poles, we began to stretch. After the warm up, the instructor led us through a series of dance steps 1-2 -3 -4-5-6-7-8 as each song played. It was quite fun as we swayed our hips to the beat. When the song stopped we moved onto another step or took a quick water break as the next song kept our spirits up. Don’t worry Lovelies, if you’re like me and rhythm challenged the point is to keep moving your body and having a good time – no judgment. This class had a few minutes of sauntering around the pole to the rhythmic music but the following class took it to the next level!

pole move

The next hour was all about the pole! We started off learning the climb – just making it to the top was enough for me! Throughout the course each trick built on the other – sitting sexy, the twirl, and much more! By the end we learned enough tricks to “freestyle” and this is where you let your sensual side come out. The mirror’s in front of you and your girls to your left and right making you feel pumped, ready to put on a one-woman show! Did I mention the gritty music – giving you an adrenaline rush that helps you perform. It also thwarts some of the pain you have in your arms, legs, and thighs – yes it’s not all pretty Lovelies but it’s worth it.


Sounds like fun? Atomic Allure offers multiple classes such as Belly Dancing, Pole Tease, and Core Strength. New to this form of fitness or perhaps you’re experienced?  There are varying levels of classes to fit each ladies needs. If you stay committed, these fresh, fun, and flirty workouts sculpt your body to perfection.


Pole Parties are perfect for birthday and bachelorette celebrations! Even more excited is Femme Fatale the performance group, where women really learn the art of seduction. By the end of the class you perform in a public setting – the ultimate rush. Gentleman you may want to give your ladies this fitness present – and if you treat her right she just might give you a little gift too 😉

Top 3 Reasons to Exercise!


The contemporary, professional stylista is busy  with a sometimes stressful and energy consuming life! For some of us exercising can be found at the bottom of our “to-do-list,” but what if I told you that the key to a happier, stress-free, energized life could be found in a brisk walk around your neighborhood, a sprint on the track field, or a steady trot on the treadmill?

Check out of Top 3 reasons to exercise:


1. Energy: Everything we do, from running errands to studying for finals, playing with children or simply doing your job requires energy. Often times late night and early mornings leave us exhausted – overworked or partied-out!  While more sleep would get the job done and restore what was lost, exercising is a great option! Published in the Psychological Bulletin researchers preformed a study where they analyzed 70 studies on exercise and fatigue. “More than 90% of the studies showed the same thing: “Sedentary people who completed a regular exercise program reported improved fatigue compared to groups that did not exercise.”


2. Reduces Stress: For the average woman life is busy, even complicated. There is never enough time in a day and there is always more to be done. Now that we know exercising can give us a little extra pep in our step, here are two ways how exercise can reduce stress courtesy of the Mayo Clinic:

  • Exercise can increase the production of endorphins, these are your brains “fell-good” neurotransmitters.
  • Exercise can lead to “meditation in motion.” The high level of concentration applied to your bodies movement during a game of basketball or laps around the pool lead to energy and optimism which can help you remain clear and calm in everything you do.


3. Happiness: Overall exercise has a positive affect on wellbeing – reducing anxiety and depression, improving mobility, promoting high self-esteem and more!

So why not exercise, right! You don’t want to mess up your hair? You don’t have time? Forget all of your excuses and think about your health and peace of mind. Exercising is the way to go #Lovelies!

Fun Fitness


Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Remember when you were a child and you played outside ALL day. Back then you did not have to worry much about staying in shape because play was fun and kept you fit! Fast forward some years and many of us contemporary professional stylistas have a gym membership to maintain our health and figure. What if we infused some of our childhood play into our current exercise routine– what fun that would be!

Check out our top 5 childhood play that can now be fun fitness routines!


Bike Riding: We may have started out with training wheels but eventually we mastered the trick of riding on only two wheels– the joys of cruising around our neighborhood with our hair blowing in the wind. Recreate that by purchasing or renting an adult bike to take a ride around the neighborhood, on a local bike trail, or at the park. Not only can it be fun and fit, but it is also a great way to see neat sites! If you really want to kill two birds in one stone attach a basket to it and run small errands to your local pharmacy or bank.


Swimming: This was by far my favorite! On a warm day, the pool is the perfect recreational fun– but don’t just sit poolside lovelies, get in the water! Swimming is one of the best means of exercises because it works so many of your muscles– not to mention it’s a lot of fun. I know some of us lovelies worry about our hair— when you’re approaching a hair appointment, that would be the perfect time to take a dip!


Skating: The four wheel skates were fun but you were definitely cool if you could ride on rollerblades. Buy a pare of your own if you dare and roller blade around your neighborhood. If you aren’t that daring head to your local skating ring for an active outing– even better, ice skating!


Jump Rope: Jumping rope was so much fun as a kid, especially double dutch! I can hear the sound of each rope hitting the floor as you rocked back and forth, deciding when you should jump in. If you have kids in your life play take sometime to jump with them! If you’re a big kid like me, when you and your girls are having a girls night in, grab the extension cords and head outside for some childood jump-rope. It will definitely be invigorating!


Running: Nothing can replace a good run– but make it fun. Get out of the gym and head to a local track, field, or trail. If you have interested friends– or better yet, children, cousins, nieces, or nephews, take a run with them! Racing is always fun and motivating. If you have no one to race against you can compete against your self. Time yourself as you run a particular distance and work to beat that time!


An active lifestyle is one of the important ways of living well. Incorporate some of these fun activities into your daily routine or just use them to switch up your workout from time to time. Either way they can all be summed up as “Fun Fitness!”

The Power of the Scale

ugh my weight

Whether the goal is to tone-up, lose weight, or maintain your previous weight-loss, we have all jumped on the scale to measure our progress forgetting that the scale is the enemy!

I, like most people, have a scale in my bathroom. At a point I would weigh myself everyday, almost twice a day. After a hot morning shower I would jump on the scale and then again, after returning home from relaxing yoga session. I can admit it was a bit of an obsession and not a good one. While some studies have shown that “a weigh-in” strategy can be highly effect when your goal is to maintain previous weight-loss, what about those of us who have decided to journey down this road for the first time?


Hopping on the scale once or twice a day can be a dangerous pursuit. While we are dying to see our progress, we often seek validation in the numbers on the screen and often the numbers have not move or have increased by a pound or two. Like anything in life, losing weight is an on going journey, it takes time and consistency.

One of the worse things you can do is set a goal for how many pounds you are going to lose each week. For starters everyones body is different, so while a friend might lose three pounds in a week, you might gain one or two, in turning fat into muscle, a fact that is often overlooked. Yes, fat turns into muscle lovelies, and muscle burns fat. Which leads me to another “no no,” do not base your workout on calories burned. The important thing is getting your heart rate up, you will burn calories regardless. Heck, if you are really concerned with calories, you can burn 15 calories an hour by just chewing gun!

smile weight yourself

Moreover it is worth your while to schedule weekly weigh-ins. Pick a day when you do not have to get up early for work and be sure to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, that is when you are at your true weight.

The scale is the enemy when used excessively. A daily weigh-in, while some may find it effect can simply drive you crazy. Finding a way to monitor your progress without being your own personal “helicopter mom” is a good thing! Eating healthy and working out, both, on a regular basis is a get place to start and many goals can be set thereafter. If your goal is to workout five days a week, then start with three days and work your way up. If you want to eat healthy six days out of the week, start by eating healthy four days out of the week. It is a process my friends and you want to be able to achieve your goals and be satisfied. If your goals seem unrealistic make adjustments, nothing is set in stone. As for weight-loss, I recommend setting an overall goal, not a daily or weekly goal. Make a decision, “I want to lose “x” amount of pounds” and work towards that goal.

life change

Remember you are not dieting or working out to lose weight and then revert back to old habits, this is a lifestyle change and while old habits die hard, new habits live long!