Foxy & Fierce Kickboxing!

Foxy and Fierce, is the name of this little spot hidden away in the
busy streets of Hollywood. The quaint Seido Hollywood Dojo, owned by

what seems to be a closely knit family, is a sanctuary for every
professional woman—NO boys allowed!

It has a dance studio appeal with mirrors aligning the walls, three
large punching bags hanging from the ceiling, and one body opponent
bag just begging you to practice your uppercut. The atmosphere felt
perfect to release aggression and practice technique. But wait, don’t
think that’s all you’re going to do!

From the moment class starts, owner Crystal Greene gets your blood

flowing and mind focused through dance and hip-hop music. We start off
with stretches, (as you should before any workout!), and moved right
into jump-roping. Woo! I’m getting tired just thinking about it! You
will jump-rope in five different styles for roughly five minutes
straight. I can’t really tell you what will happen next, but be
excited because it’s the best part!

Each class is different—you may start out in pairs throwing as many
jabs, hooks and uppercuts as you can in 30-second intervals, or find
yourself doing round-house jump kicks, or maybe even an aerobic
workout. Day to day there is a different focus. One day you are full
body conditioning and the next maybe be targetting your butt and legs.

With different stations set up, everyone is given equal opportunity to
put in 110% effort, providing the best results. My first class had ten
stations, each of which we were supposed to hit four times, and five
of which the workout changed when I arrived at the station, keeping
things challenging and interesting. I loved it!

Needless to say, “Hello my name is… and I am a kickboxing addict.” Not
only does this workout show instant results, improving stamina and

tone, but it’s fun, challenging, and certainly empowering to be
surrounded by a group of women who know the importance of health and

Foxy and Fierce is located on the corner of Sunset Blvd. & N. Detroit
St. It offers classes seven days a week! Your first class is FREE and
there are always specials running if you’d want to come back for
more—which I’m sure you will! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not an
easy workout but just bring some water, your fitness shoes and prepare
to have fun. I’m telling you it’s more than worth it!

Move Your Body


Here are minor changes you can make in your life that can have big effects on your health and fitness.

  1. Take the stairs: My pet peeve=when people get on the elevator to go up and (especially) down a floor. Rule of thumb if it’s 2 flights up WALK, if it’s 3 flights down WALK!
  2.  Park in the back of the lot: how many of you circle the parking lot to find the park nearest to the front? (I admit I have done this a few times) Instead, burn a few extra calories by parking in the back.
  3. Dance!: If you’re like me dancing in the house during the wee hours of the morning with friends excites you! Or get out of the house and go dance on the town (but lay off the alcoholic beverages, water will do)
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