How Men Categorize Women


“You train a man how to treat you.”

One of the pluses of my dating life is getting the 411 into a man’s psyche. My conversations with men have revealed that within the first few minutes of interactions with a lady, a guy can tell “what kind of woman” she is.  First impressions are lasting– from then on he generally puts her into a category, and for better or worse she will probably stay there.  Most, if not all, depends on the vibes a woman gives. To simplify it, there are two basic types of women: The Fun Girl and The Smart Girl!


The Fun Girl- This woman is good for the night- maybe even a few, but let’s face it ladies there is really one thing he is looking for from you. If you are “lucky,” your time together may be lots of fun, weekend trips, dinner dates, maybe even gifts. Partying, bottle popping, you name it– your wish is his command. There are some fun girls that a man realizes don’t need the works, so he keeps it straight business with her– late night texts and middle of the night house runs. One thing is for sure, you can’t turn a fun girl into a house wife– once the fun is up, the next “fun girl” comes a long and takes your place.

Note, if you were a real fun girl you would move on to the next date, but if it bothers you perhaps what you were looking for was more than just fun. In that case you may want to re-evaluate what messages you are sending.


The Smart Girl – This girl will take her time. She knows her worth and a man knows it too. Some men may just want a fun night or two– those men will quickly recognize this girl and steer clear.  Ever met a cute guy, had a great time and the next day you wait for a call that never comes? Perhaps he knew what kind of woman you were and was doing you a favor by “not” pursuing you. In the beginning this woman may loose a lot  of men, but really that’s just the weeding-out process. It is probably safe to say that the man who does put the time and energy to woo her wants way more than just sex– he may be attracted to her intelligence, grace, and respectability.


There is nothing necessarily wrong with either of these gals– it all depends on what you want out of dating. The most important thing is to know how you are being perceived and whether out not you are comfortable with it. Sometimes “girls just want to have fun” and that’s okay, just don’t be surprised when a man is gone after all the fun has subsided. If you want something lasting you may want to shift gears. Smart girls have fun too, they’re just “smart” about it!

The Checklist!

long checklist

Every woman has one, even men, it is called, “The Checklist!”


The checklist is something like a grocery list. What’s on it depends on what you are trying to make or in this case, what type of relationship you are looking for. A fling is something like top-ramen– it gets old after a while. A “cuddle” buddy is like a TV dinner– it is not the most refreshing meal but gets the job done. A boyfriend is more like spaghetti, potentially long-lasting, but if you are looking for a husband, you’ll probably find yourself in the deli, looking for a lean piece of meat.


We all have different checklists. On a personal level there are a few questions we must answer before writing our own. Where are you in life? Do you have a career or are you still in school? Do you live at home with your parents or are you self-sufficient? Are you looking for something long term or a temporary distraction? Most importantly where do you see yourself in the next five years– married with children or traveling the world? These questions should be used as a guideline to map out the kind of relationship that best suits you.


I cannot take credit for this list, as it is not my own but after reading through these recommendations from a friend, who just so happens to be a heterosexual male, I was more than inclined to share. Now before we go any further, lets be clear my contemporary professional stylista’s, you should ALSO meet the following criteria, and if you do not you should make some adjustments to your own list. For example, if you live in New York City your future beau will most likely not have a car, which is completely understandable.

  1. Must a Career. Oh and health benefits too.
  2. Must have a Car.
  3. Must have his Own Place. No more then one roommate preferably.
  4. Must go into Every Date/Interaction Expecting to Pay. He should be pleasantly surprised when you offer to take care of the bill.
  5. Must make you Laugh. Sometimes when things are not looking so great a good laugh can turn that frown upside down!
  6. Must have a Sweet side. This should be evident 80% of the time.
  7. Must be Good Looking. At some point looks matter but as you can see that comes after criteria 1-
  8. Must be Intelligent. I’m not saying he should be a brainy act but he should know the presidents first and last name as well as be aware of Proposition 8.
  9. Must have a Five-year plan. A man, or woman for that matter, without a plan is just roaming.
  10. Must be an Honest person. Now I know this should be first on the list but in my experience people do not really show their true colors until after the first 6 months.


From birth we are taught to reach for the stars, great advice I say, but when it comes to what we look for in a man or in a woman we have to use some logic. Reach for the stars in the categories of love and passion, but understanding and the willingness to grow together is equally important. While many women wish for a wealthy man to swoop them off their feet, what about the hard working man who gets up every morning for work at 3am returning home at 7pm? And fellas, we understand the laws of attraction drive your initial interest, but as one of my favorite Temptation songs says, “Beauty is only skin deep,” (that goes for us too ladies).

Finding Time to Date


The life of the contemporary professional stylista can be pretty busy. How does a lady (and gent) find time to be successful and traverse the dating scene?  Here are 6 tips to have a successful dating life and career:


1. Prioritize your time and dates: Being organized and planning out your time has probably helped you achieve success in your career. The same can be true for dating! Just as you have done with your career, write out your goals for dating. Do you want a relationship or are you just having fun? This may sound harsh but rank your dates? Is he a guy you’re interested in becoming serious with or just a good time? This will help you determine who gets your time and how much time you should give.


2. Schedule it: You schedule everything else, allow yourself time to go out and date. If your weeks are long and busy, perhaps Friday nights or Saturdays are best? Maybe you are willing to catch a short happy hour on a weekday. Maybe Mondays are less busy at work and you actually get to enjoy a lunch break? Make a mental note of when you are most available to go on dates and communicate that with your romantic interests.


3. Sometimes you have to say no:  To work and to dates. Sometimes you will trade-in late nights at the office for hanging out with a love interest and that’s okay! It won’t take you off track to your journey to  becoming CEO as long as you don’t neglect your work duties all the time. However, if you do want to be the CEO you probably can’t say yes to every free meal and good company. It might save you a few dollars now, but you may miss out on big a promotion if you spend all you spare time dating. Balance is key.


4. Dinner, lunch, Breakfast: Efficiency is key lovelies! You have to eat, so restaurants are a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone! And be sure to try places you have never been! This is a great way to expand your repertoire.


5. Happy Hour: One of the greatest inventions for career women. An organized time to drink! After a long work day or week, meeting a date for drinks is a good way to relax with good company.


6. Bucket List: I’m sure there are plenty of fun activities that you can’t do on a regular basis. Dates offer the perfect opportunity for your to try new things, go new places, or enjoy activities that you don’t always get to partake in. The movies are nice, especially if it’s a new one you’d like to see but that’s so cliche. Mix it up a little! How about horseback riding, sailing, sporting events, boxing, traveling? You’ve been working hard all week, your dates should offer so form of excitement! Let down your hair and live a little!

What Kind of Man are you Attracted to?


Jason Momoa

The Bad Boy: Why do good girls like bad guys? You may be a good girl but there’s something about the thrill of being involved with a guy who you know you aren’t supposed to be with. Let’s face it, you may be a professional woman used to playing by the rules but you are attracted to a man with edge. It makes it all the more fun and exciting!


Mario Lopez

Rico Suave: This man makes your heart melt with his touch. He is charming, sweet, sensitive, and sexy. Every time he is around he knows how to make you feel good.  He knows all the right things to do and say, to get you in a little blissful trouble.


Justin Timberlake

Straight and Narrow: He has his head on his shoulders, does the right thing, and plays by the rules. He is a sure bet to take care of you and treat you right. For some women he may seem boring or even like a square, but he likes to have fun, he just knows his limits. He may loose women to the bad boy or a guy with a little more edge, but once he finds the right woman he treats her like the queen that she is.


Ryan Gosling

SYT (Sexy Young Thing): Cougar anyone? He is young, vibrant, and attractive – what every woman wants. The women his age love him but his maturity makes him viable for the women just a tad bit older too. He brings out the fun and excitement in an older woman, making her feel youthful and haute!


T.J. Holmes

Mr. President: Sure he’s handsome but his intelligence makes him even more sexy. Every time he speaks your heart melts, you just can’t get enough of hearing his opinion on politics, business, education, you name it – and he knows. Not only is he the top in his field running things but he makes you feel like the first lady.


Idris Elba

Mr. Too Good to Be True: Perfection. This man has all the qualities you want, sexy, sensitive, and has an edge to him that adds to his versatility. He is all of of these men wrapped up into one. He knows how to treat you like a lady, but is fun, exciting, and still takes command like a macho man. You feel comfortable, safe, loved, and wanted- sometimes making you question is this too good to be true?

Okay lovelies so what guy/s do you usually fall for? And what do you think about the haute celeb guys we chose for each type? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Female Lies


Okay we exposed Male Lies, so naturally it’s the ladies turn to liven up the week with a little innocent fun. I’m sure we’ve all told a few white lies. But don’t worry, we didn’t expose all the game, the top lies are still our little secret.

“Yea she’s cute, I guess”

Translation: She’s gorgeous, I have to step my game up!

“We can go dutch”

Translation: And if we do, there may not be a next time

“I have guys lined up trying to be with me”

Translation: But have you seen what they look like? No bueno.

“No baby, I’m the lucky one”

Translation: Please you should be thankful I even gave you my number

“My feet don’t hurt”

Translation: My feet are killing me, but I’m trying to pull a man tonight

“I got booty in this dress”

Translation: If I just turn to the side and stick it out like this it looks like Beyonce

“I’m not sucking it in”

Translation: If I suck my stomach in one more moment I’m going to faint

“I like you for who you are, not you’re money

Translation: But your money sure does make you easier to put up with

“This is my real hair”

Translation: Underneath the tracks it’s real

“I’m full”

Translation: I’m just ready to go, this date is way past over

“I dont believe in marriage”

Translation: I really want to be married I’m just afraid to admit it plus I’m not interested in marriage with you

“This is real prada”

Translation: That’s what the tag says

“We just cuddled”

Translation: That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

“I don’t mess with anybody else”

Translation: Today I didn’t

“I didnt give him my number, my friend did”

Translation: I told her to

We had quite the laughs compiling this list. This is purely for comedic relief but what did you think lovelies? Are you guilty of some of these?

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