Going the Distance

Sources say the 5 Must Do’s of Long Distance Relationships are:

1. COMMUNICATION: Make time to laugh. Communication is the foundation of any great relationship and in a long distance relationship it’s the only way to feel as though you are actively involved in your partners life. Text messaging is for convenience only, if you’re in a staff meeting and someone makes a joke you want to share or if you’re out busy running errands and see something funny, take a pic and send a text. For times when you’re in the car taking a long drive, out for lunch alone or even cooking dinner, the phone is perfect, there is something about hearing the voice of the one you love. Best of all skype, it’s amazing, you can not only talk to the person but you can see them. After a minor argument or a long day of work in the office catching a glimpse that smile across the computer screen is contagious.

Make a Plan

2.MAKING PLANS: Having a plan in life never hurt anyone and in this case it could be quiet beneficial, especially if you’re a no drama kind of guy or gal. Start by making plans to see each other, while once a month is highly recommended, every other month can be just as good. Go on vacation together, try choosing a place you both have never been so you can explore together. Also, if the relationship is serious it could be a good idea to pay a visit to your hometown to meet the family and show your partner where you grew up. Another part of making plans is making plans for your relationship, this is when the tough questions have to be asked and eventually answered. Who can relocate? And if both, where would you prefer to live? It is important to know when can the relocation occur? These are necessary discussions so it is best not to argue about them but to discuss them when you are ready.

3. BE HONEST: It is often said that honesty is the best policy and I would have to agree. A long distance relationship is hard as it is and no good can come from unfaithfulness, physically or emotionally. Trust is the second key component of this type of relationship and without it things will end much quicker then began. The act of honesty is not only for your partner’s benefit but is also for you, no one wants to feel trapped in a situation they feel they can not get out of, so speaking up about your feelings regarding the distance or whatever concerns you is a good thing. As long as you do not nag about the situation your partner will be glad you feel comfortable enough to be honest and open. Additionally another part of honesty is being honest with where the relationship seems to be going, remember, progression is necessary to maintain interest and excitement.

4. SURPRISES: Surprises in the mail are always nice, even surprises via email are good. Surprise them with something they like, perhaps he told you a story about his favorite action figure growing up and out of the blue you happen to see it one day at a flee market, buy it and send it in the mail in a little brown box. And maybe there was a book she has been meaning to purchase that she hasn’t gotten around to, check out amazon.com and have it shipped directly to her. Sometimes I think people forget that it really is the little things that make a difference, standing in line to see Jay Leno for an hour just because he’s a fan, or going to see the nutcracker once a year because she simply loves it, these are simple acts that will become memories for a lifetime. And note: tangible expressions of love are priceless, a teddy bear that’s bigger then her head or an oversized handmade christmas card, these things are always there to remind you of that special someone and that even though you can’t always touch them, you can always feel them near.

5. INTIMACY: Let me start by saying intimacy is not just sex, sex is simply one form of such. Intimacy can be in the way you talk to each other, the sharing of personal stories or fantasies, hopes and dreams. Intimacy is private, it’s those private moments, conversations, acts of affection all bundled into one. So the next time you see each other spend sometime alone, in private, perhaps in a hotel room for the night, or even day, and just enjoy each others company.

The First Lady

Married to arguably the most powerful man on earth, Michelle Obama is one of the most influential people in the world; and not just because she’s married to the President of the United States.

Michelle received a BA in Sociology and minor in African American Studies from Princeton University. She went on to receive her law degree from Harvard University. She and Barack met while working at a law firm where she was assigned to be his mentor. Before retiring to support her husband’s election, she was the Dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago.

The mother of two, wife, and did we mention the First Lady, Michelle fulfills her duties with style and grace! She is the top fundraiser for her husband’s campaign and since it’s election season she’s been busy raising top dollars. During her husband’s first term, she spearheaded several initiatives like the “Let’s Move Campaign,” aimed at fighting obesity and supporting healthy lifestyles for all families.

Not only is she extremely intelligent, but she is a style icon, often making “Best Dressed” lists and connecting to everyday people with her trendy garbs at reasonable prices. Relatable and down to earth, Michelle has won the heart of the people around the world, especially U Blush!

8 Things Every Relationship Needs


Research has shown that the following 8 actions help to ensure a long lasting, healthy, loving relationship.

1. Take 2 vacations a year, both together. Paris is so romantic ; )

2. Spend 2 long weekends 
together a year, quality time is so important!

3. Say “I love you” 4.5 times a week, yes 4.5 times, perhaps the .5 can occur if you finish each others sentences. 

4. Share 6 lingering kisses a week, Mmmmmuah! 

5. Grab drinks together 2 times a month, Cheers!

6. Hold 2 deep conversations each week, getting personal can bring you closer : )

7. Have 1 argument each week, not big,  just a minor one ; )

8. Perform 3 romantic gestures a month, flowers, cards, tickets to a game, all good ideas.

“L” is for The Way You Look At Me…

There is an old Nat King Cole song that describes the little details of LOVE we love. It’s one of my favorites and funny enough I discovered its existence during the opening scene of “Parent Trap”:
L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore
You can imagine as a pre-teen I had no idea what he was really talking about, but the melody was catchy so I went with it. Dancing around the coffee table, singing at the top of my lungs, these words grew to be a subconscious message of what love maybe should look like, and up until a few months ago I had never experienced such.
Some people would call me a hopeless romantic, but if you knew me well you would consider me somewhat of a cynic when it comes to matters of the heart. Reformed, no, I am not, in love, well yes and as this is  my second time on this roller-coaster ride I have found these lyrics to be true in description as well as soliciting a reaction that is almost indescribable:
L, brings a smile that shines brighter than a future I could have ever imagined
O, creates an atmosphere that consist of only you and me
V, reminds me that while neither of us are perfect we are perfect for each other
E, reflects something like true love, which is the most important part, truth
While this all may seem a bit mushy just remember LOVE a feeling, concept, emotion and sentiment is: “Patient and kind; does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” (1.C.13)
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