Mistresses Returns for Second Season


After watching the Mistresses season finale last summer, we were all left wondering what will happen next. Last season, the character development was so intense, leaving audiences frustrated with the numerous cliffhangers. Elizabeth was trying to kill Karen, but Sam, Elizabeth’s son, attempts to save her. A shot was fired and we were left wondering, who took the bullet? Also, Savi was involved in a life threatening car accident, landing her in the hospital. Dominic turns out to be the father of her unborn child. At the end of the finale, Savi loses consciousness and fans have waited months for the next episode.

Here is a look at the characters, all leading up to the season two premiere.


Savi Davis

Savi (Alyssa Milano) wanted to have a baby with her husband Harry, (Brett Tucker) but after trying for a long time, they gave up. Savi then had an affair with Dominic, (Jason George) her colleague, found out she was pregnant and had know idea who the father was. Savi had a paternity test done and gave the results to her sister, Joss, to hold onto until she was ready to open them. After driving to a Palm Springs resort, Savi’s car was struck by another car, and the baby’s health was in compromised. Dominic was the father of her unborn child, and the finale ended as Savi lost consciousness.

After the season two premiere, Savi survives the accident. Eight months later, she completed her physical therapy, but she lost the baby. Savi is still dating Dominic, while Harry has a girlfriend. They seem to be moving on with their lives. Savi decides to go back to work part-time as a lawyer, and she meets her new “roommate,” the woman who she will be sharing an office with. Now the question is will Dominic become interested in another woman?


Karen Kim

Karen (Yunjin Kim) was in love with Thomas Grey. He was married to another woman, but he got to know Karen through her job, as a psychiatrist. Thomas fell ill and died, and his wife, Elizabeth, found out about the affair. Karen then meets Thomas’s son, Sam Grey, (Erik Stocklin) and they too become romantically involved.

The season two premiere reveals that Sam was shot and killed, and Karen is dealing with her grief by seeing a therapist. Karen now works in the ER and helps a woman who has self-harming tendencies. Karen wants to start a private practice so she can be a doctor and help the woman cope with her personal problems. Karen finds out that the woman is an escort, and becomes fascinated with the idea. Will Karen become an escort just to meet someone?


Joss Carver

Joss (Jes Macallan), a real estate agent, became friends with a lesbian couple after helping them find a house. When Joss learned that Alex broke up with her girlfriend, Joss wantes to help her out. They became quick friends and ended up hooking up. Joss then slept with her boss, and like any high school cliche Alex sees her hickey. Furious and Joss was left wondering what she should do to fix her problems.

Joss leaves the real estate business and becomes a party planner. She is still living in Savi’s old house, trying to decide what path to take in life. As a party planner, Joss wants to have a team behind her, and Harry, having hit hard times with his restaurant is now interested in being the catering Joss’s parties. Will Joss and Harry be able to put their family drama behind them to create a successful business?


April Malloy

April (Rochelle Aytes) had been receiving prank phone calls; she thought they were from her dead husband Paul. April found out that her husband had been involved with another woman, Miranda, who turns out to be the prank caller. Miranda also has a son with Paul. April was angry when she found out about Miranda, and she was even more confused when Paul showed up at her door. Before finding out that Paul was alive, April was just beginning to date Richard, who was a parent at her daughter’s school. Paul wanted to pick up where he left off many years ago, but April wasn’t sure if she should let him into her life.

Months later, April begins seeing other people. Her shop is booming and she is ready to step up her “mojo.” April has always had a passion for art, and when her friends go to an art show, she meets Daniel. Daniel invites her to see his artwork and they immediately hit it off. Will April continue to see Daniel?

What will happen next? Make sure to tune in TONIGHT, Monday, June 9th, 10/9c on ABC to watch the drama unfold.

Written by Marie Cash: As a recent college graduate, Marie has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Northern Colorado. She enjoys reading, writing and baking new recipes for her food blog. She is an entertainment fanatic, in which she watches various television shows and loves to discover new music. Marie has a Spanish minor and enjoys learning about Spanish culture. She has a twin sister and wants to own a corgi someday.



55 years ago, Walt Disney released the animated feature Sleeping Beauty. Based on the fairy tales The Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault and Little Briar Rose by The Brothers Grimm, the film told the story of Princess Aurora, who was cursed with a deep sleep that could only be awoken by “True Love’s Kiss”. Maleficent, the flamboyant and fiery villain who placed the curse on Aurora, became Disney’s most iconic baddie—horns, black robe, staff, bright makeup, and all. She’s become so infamous that she now has her own live-action film.  212 239 6210 873


The film Maleficent is an origin story very similar to the basic outline of the Broadway musical Wicked (without the singing), showcasing the perspective of a villain from popular media. Angelina Jolie is a vision as the title character, marking her first major film role since 2010’s The Tourist. In this new film directed by visual effects artist Robert Stromberg, Maleficent is introduced as a powerful fairy in a magical realm known as The Moors, which borders on a kingdom populated by humans. Early in life, she falls in love with a low-class boy named Stefan, who betrays her to become king (Sharlto Copley). She also becomes a bit resentful of the humans who disrupt her side of the land. As an act of revenge, Maleficent places that curse on Stefan’s daughter Aurora. But as Maleficent watches Aurora (Elle Fanning) blossom into her teen years, she realizes she may be the one to unify both human and the enchanted. Perhaps her heart is not as cold as we were taught to believe?


Maleficent is not just a clever origin story, but it’s a unique twist to the beloved fairy tale we’re all familiar with. While the dark retellings of fairy tales from recent cinema have been mediocre, the turns in the story and the high-powered action will keep one on the edge of their seat. Some of Jolie’s one-liners and supporting characters like Maleficent’s shape-shifting servant Diaval (Sam Riley) and the bickering pixies (Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple, and Lesley Manville) assigned to look after Aurora, deliver short-lived but welcomed comedy. The infant portraying baby Aurora and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt (yes, one of Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughters) occasionally steals the show with entertaining and immensely lovable cute factor.


Visually, it truly feels like you’ve walked into Maleficent’s magical forest. The elusive scenery is dreamy, regal, and mysterious. The costuming is divine. Maleficent is bound to be recognized for what it accomplishes in its aesthetics, but it doesn’t overpower the fascinating story that’s behind it, and that’s not the only things that will excite an audience.

While there seemed to be some areas that could’ve been touched on plot-wise, Maleficent is a well-rounded fantasy/adventure film. It embodies a little bit of Disney nostalgia, however, it’s a real winner in adding to the new age of female-centric film genres – where happily ever after may mean something else. Then again, Maleficent isn’t exactly the princess—but her version of Sleeping Beauty is still definitely one worth knowing.

Written By Karen Datangel: A San Francisco girl through and through. She has called the City by the Bay (and its suburbs) home for all of her 20+ years and counting, earned her B.A. in Journalism from San Francisco State University, and proudly wears the colors of the Giants and 49ers. When this budding freelance entertainment/lifestyle journalist and blogger isn’t writing or working at her day job, she’s obsessing over film, pop music, baseball, and cats and impressing loved ones and strangers with her contemporary pop culture knowledge. She also enjoys exploring new hot spots and frequenting familiar places in and around her city as well as others.

Bright Lips!

April showers bring May flowers!  As Mother Nature blooms with bright pinks, purples, oranges and reds, it’s time for us to start integrating these fun colors into our makeup routine.  One of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to your look is to wear a bright lipstick.  I love bright lipstick because it looks great on everyone, and you can achieve this look on a budget.


Find Your Color

I have some lip color suggestions listed below based on skin color; however, if you find a color that you love – rock it!  Bright lips are all about having fun, and adding a flirty pop of color to your look.  There is no wrong color, just find a shade that you love and wear it with confidence.

Finding your undertone:  If you have pink, red or bluish undertones you are “cool”.  If you have yellow or golden undertones you are “warm”.  If you have a mix of warm and cool undertones with some green you are “olive”.  And, if you are an even mix of warm and cool undertones you are “neutral”.

Dark Cool

Dark with Cool Undertones: Pick colors with cool (pink/blue) undertones, such as deep berry, rich purple or blue based reds.  For the best brightening effect, pick colors that don’t have much white in them.

  • Lipstick Pick: Fashion Fair Lipstick in Sangria
  • Where to Buy: Fashion Fair, Macys
  • Price: $16.00

Medium Cool

Medium with Cool Undertones:  Colors with slight blue undertones, such as pure red and brick red, work well with medium cool skin.

  • Lipstick Pick: Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in Matte Bright Red
  • Where to Buy: Sephora
  • Price: $20.00 

Light Coool

Light Skin with Cool Undertones:  Bright colors with blue undertones, such as neon pink, compliment light cool skintones.

  • Lipstick Pick:  MAC Cosmetics Girl About Town
  • Where to Buy: MAC Cosmetics
  • Price: $16.00

Dark Warm

Dark with Warm Undertones:  Any bright color works well with warm dark skin, so, take this opportunity to play with your lip color!  Try fuchsia or red candy apple.

  • Lipstick Pick: Too Faced La Crème Lipstick in Fuchsia Pink
  • Whre to Buy: Sephora
  • Price: $22.00

Medium Warm

Medium with Warm Undertones:  Bright yellow based colors, such as bright coral, really pop on medium warm skin.

  • Lipstick Pick: NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Timanfaya
  • Where to Buy: Sephora, NARS
  • Price: $25.00

Light Warm

Light Skin with Warm Undertones:  Orange based red or dark coral colors look beautiful with light warm skin.

  • Lipstick Pick:  Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture SPF15 – Pure Colour Satiny Radiance in Le Orange
  • Where to Buy: Sephora
  • Price: $35.00 at Sephora.com


Olive (Medium with Yellow Green Undertones): To compliment olive skin, stick with warm colors with a golden hue such as orangey red or tangerine.

  • Lipstick Pick: Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Mandarin
  • Where to Buy: Ulta
  • Price: $20.00 at Ulta.com

Best Bang for Your Buck

I’m always searching for great products at friendly prices.  Luckily, finding a bright lipstick doesn’t have to take a big toll on your wallet.  Below are a few of my favorite lipsticks for under $10.

Lipstick Picks:

  • NYX Matte Lipstick – With its creamy texture, strong pigments and matte finish, this lipstick is a great deal ($6.00 at ulta.com).
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick – Creamy texture mixed with strong pigments make this very accessible lipstick a go-to ($4.19 at ulta.com).
  • Boots No.7 Moisture Drench Lipstick – Moisturizing and long lasing, this lipstick is a steal ($9.99 at target.com).

Written by: Lynn Yee is a freelance makeup artist who resides in San Francisco, California and services the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Honolulu.  With 10 years of makeup artistry experience, Lynn has worked as a makeup artist for weddings, special events, television, fashion, and photography.  Lynn graduated from the University of Southern California and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.  Her business acumen combined with her love for makeup artistry uniquely position her to identify the best beauty products at the right prices and to share effective beauty tips and tricks.

Going Out In Style: Perfect Graduation Looks


Graduation marks a huge milestone in our lives. We’re growing up, moving on and discovering ourselves, and our makeup choices should resemble how amazing we feel.

From graduation ceremony to post-grad festivities to a celebratory night out with the girls, the perfect makeup has the ability to reflect how amazing we feel. These stunning makeup trends have a perfect mix of personality and class. Graduation ceremony is often long, hot and boring, but the right makeup can liven up the day. With hundreds of photos being taken form start to finish, it’s important to focus on your natural beaut. A timeless look makes for not only great photographs but for people to focus on you and not just your makeup.


Naya Rivera shows us the perfect look for graduation ceremony. With a simple eye and simple lip, these girls are able to turn heads with their natural beauty. But going simple doesn’t mean ditching the color.

To achieve this look, make sure to have a great base and good mascara. From there, choose a light pink or tan eye shadow that complements your skin. To make your natural beauty really stand out, make sure to add a hint of blush to liven up the cheeks and a slightly pink nude lipstick. Try NAR’s nude pink lipstick for the perfect shade to add just enough color to your ceremony look.


Post-graduation ceremony is always filled with family and close friends. The people that know you the best already know how truly amazing you are, so don’t be afraid to add some color. Focusing on your natural beauty with a twist, an addition of color will lead to showcasing your true personality.

Rihanna has a knack for staying true to herself while looking chic at the same time. Her bold use of color is perfect for a post-graduation party. As usual, make sure to have a great base, but this time try Urban Decay’s baked bronzer for a subtle shine. Feel free to go for a slightly winged liner and heavy mascara to make the look your own. Then finish off with some show-stopping lip color such as Smashbox’s electric coral for the perfect finish to a standout look.


A celebratory night out with the girls can be anything from grabbing a few drinks to a full-blown party. This is your night to celebrate and your makeup should reflect that, so don’t be afraid to go bold and add some darker colors.

Megan Fox has some of the perfect night-on-the-town makeup looks to replicate for a memorable night. To achieve this look, focus on the deep plum and smoke grey color palette. The easiest way to stick to a great color palette is to invest in an eye set with the colors already matched. Bobbi Brown’s soho chic eye palette makes for the perfect recipe for stunning makeup on your night out. Pair that with the line’s dark red wine lipstick and you’ll have the perfect makeup for a memorable night.

No matter what the graduation occasion it’s important to reflect your true personality and let your natural beauty shine. The right makeup has the ability to make you look and feel your best while your doing your much-deserved celebrating.

Written by: Kali Borovic As a student journalist, this fashionista, stargazing enthusiast and fitness aficionado loves to write about anything from health to fashion. With a passion for DIY projects and cooking, this Ohio born writer spends most of her time looking up new crafts or coming up with at-home beauty recipes for her blog, Naturally Beautiful. Kali loves to read about any topic under the sun and knows that life is best spent in lipstick, leggings and an oversized sweater.

Coming Soon… Belle!


What would it be like to have everything that the average citizen could not have—riches, a prestigious education, a majestic home—yet still not be able to eat with those you call family? If we took a time travel machine and went back to 18th century England, Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay may be able to tell us. Dido’s remarkable story is told through Belle, a new lush period piece directed by Amma Asante and written by Misan Sagay (Whose credits include Their Eyes Were Watching God and The Secret Laughter of Women). An official selection of the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, this historical drama has earned raves from critics for outstanding cast performances and an inspiring and socially relevant story.


In 1779, a painting of two aristocratic young women was hung in the Kenwood House in England. What’s particularly striking about this painting is that it depicts a White person and a Black person standing at the same eye level, and such a painting had not been seen before in England. The Black woman is Dido and the White woman is her cousin Elizabeth. Though there is still more to uncover about Dido in the real world, the painting caused as much of a stir as the woman did herself—just for her mixed-race background, lineage, and upbringing. Dido (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) was the illegitimate child of Captain Sir John Lindsay (Matthew Goode) of the Royal Navy and an African woman. Instead of abandoning her, the Captain brings her into the estate of his great-uncle Lord Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson) and his wife (Emily Watson), who raise her alongside Elizabeth (Sarah Gadon). While Dido becomes well-educated and is treated very well in her household, she is excluded from other activities, notably from dining with her family and being present when guests visit the estate. She is considered too high in class to associate with servants, yet too low in class to associate with those in noble social standing. As she continues to experience this unfair treatment at home and in society, she falls in love with the lawyer John Davinier (Sam Reid), who is considered to be in a class beneath her. Their affair shapes Lord Mansfield’s role as Lord Chief Justice, who is working on a revolutionary case that looks to end slavery in their country.


The intersection of class and race is part of what makes the subject of Belle so interesting. While Dido is raised in privilege, she does not have the opportunity to experience it fully like Elizabeth does, and when she falls in love, it is looked down upon because of her status as an aristocrat and not as a mixed-race woman. The context involving slavery will make this drama one to see for history buffs and those interested in social justice. Last month, the United Nations hosted a screening of the film and panel discussion featuring Asante, Mbatha-Raw, and others as part of commemorative events on Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade to much acclaim.


The film also stars Penelope Wilton, Miranda Richardson, James Norton, and Tom Felton. The primarily British cast boasts some of the most well-known talents in the film industry, but Mbatha-Raw (Who starred in the short-lived J.J Abrams-created series Undercovers and appeared in the FOX series Touch alongside Kiefer Sutherland) delivers a stellar performance as the title character. Colin Covert of the Minneapolis Star Tribune describes the actress as “luminous” and praised that she “more than holds her own” in the role. Of casting Mbatha-Raw, Asante said, “It was very important that we got an actress that you would empathize with, whose predicament you would really understand. She’s so heartfelt in her performance that you can’t help but feel for her.”  In addition to spotlighting a woman of color in a unique leading role, Belle is also directed and written by women of color in Asante and Sagay, truly making this film one to already celebrate.


Not only is Belle full of heart and soul, but the film is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. The stunning and atmospheric landscapes of England are captured with elegance by cinematographer Ben Smithard (My Week With Marilyn). The high-end fashions of the Regency era are recreated by costume designer Anushia Nieradzik, and production designer Simon Bowles recreated the magnificent Kenwood House using various immaculate homes throughout London. Isle of Man and Oxford served as additional filming locations.

Belle is a multilayered motion picture with something for every indie film lover to enjoy. Whether it’s a tumultuous love story, a fascinating historical account, a visually pleasing aesthetic piece, or a riveting tale of overcoming adversity, this is a movie to put on your must-see list. Check it out when it opens in select theaters on May 2, and view the trailer below.

YouTube Preview Image

Written By Karen Datangel: A San Francisco girl through and through. She has called the City by the Bay (and its suburbs) home for all of her 20+ years and counting, earned her B.A. in Journalism from San Francisco State University, and proudly wears the colors of the Giants and 49ers. When this budding freelance entertainment/lifestyle journalist and blogger isn’t writing or working at her day job, she’s obsessing over film, pop music, baseball, and cats and impressing loved ones and strangers with her contemporary pop culture knowledge. She also enjoys exploring new hot spots and frequenting familiar places in and around her city as well as others.

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