Spring Cleaning Playlist

Ah, April. The magical time of year where we discover just how much dust can pile up in 5 short months, and just how much we don’t want to clean any of it. You know what I’m talking about.


Required housework is enough to ruin any season, but no worries! A good playlist is guaranteed to banish even the most infectious domestic blues. So to assist you in conquering yours, we’ve helpfully provided a comprehensive must-have of songs for your Spring Cleaning playlists.


SUMMERTIME SADNESS (Cedric Gervais Remix), Lana Del Ray ft Cedric Gervais:

Can’t we just skip Spring, with it’s allergies and bipolar temperatures? This ominously emotional remix is the perfect song to use as the first step towards overcoming the dread of spring cleaning. *the combination of languid yearning in Del Ray’s voice with the electric desperation in Gervais’ beats will make you eager to hurry up and finish cleaning; the sooner we finish with spring, the sooner we get to summer.

Stars (Hold On)

STARS (HOLD ON), Youngblood Hawke:

Currently on rotation via Netflix commercial, the song seems lit by the breezy sunshine of April, inspiring the feeling of cool grass on bare feet and warm light on bare shoulders. There is a certain element in the hip-hop percussion that makes the song reminisce of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”, an allusion furthered by the hint of strings artfully woven into the background of synthesized melody. The song will make you feel like you’re standing on top of a hill, triumphant, untouchable, and ready to spring-clean every house on the block.


TEAM, Lorde

With its hypnotizing robotic percussion and Lorde’s focus-demanding voice softened to a breathy lilt, this haunting alternative rock song might not be the first song you think of to get you pumped. It ribbon dances around the periphery of hopeless dystopia, but it’s the most inspiring background noise you could ask for. You may not have a team to help you dust off your window sills and wall décor, but you sure know how to run things.


BRAVE, Sarah Bareilles

Bareilles’ take on Katy Perry’s “Roar” is more spring appropriate than it’s heavier counterpart. The piano is soft, but strong, a backbone that holds up the motivating message in the song. Maybe it seems melodramatic to say bravery is a necessity for overcoming a winter slump and a whole lot of detritus, but after ten minutes of where the heck did all this stuff even come from?!, it’s going to take every ounce of courage you have to not cry. Only the brave will survive when it comes to standing up to the hoarders-grade stacks of clutter and climbing over the piles of dusty trash to reach the treasure beyond. ($20 in your coat pocket! Guess who’s ordering out for lunch!)

Sight Of The Sun


A laid-back refrain is the most notable part of this song. There is nothing particularly dramatic about it, which is a welcome break from the winter and a great start to spring. The intro tangles piano and guitar in a way that makes all your muscles relax and your eyes slip shut. Behind your eyelids, you can picture thesidewalks split by weeds and graffiti-stained stone walls painted by a deliberate urban beat. So lean back on the couch cushions and enjoy the imagery for a few minutes. You’ve been working hard, and you totally deserve it.


SUPER BASS, Nicki Minaj

Nothing gets you as amped as pretending you’ve got the skillz to be a rapper and the speed-of-mouth to keep up with Nicki. This is the perfect song for changing out your winter wardrobe with your summer ones, as tank tops probably won’t judge when you have to Google the lyrics you’re totally butchering (who the heck is “the guy with the thing on his eye”?). Added bonus: wear strappy heels when you try on your bathing suit, and pretend you’re in the music video.


HAPPILY, One Direction

From the first hoppy pluck of guitar, this song inspires carefree movement and lighthearted adventure! Use the chorus’s August-y twang to banish wintery thoughts of shovels and rock salt into the deepest corners of your garage. Retire your snow boots with the help of sunny cowbell. The song is bubbly, upbeat, and just downright cheerful. It talks about a love that brings no shame, no guilt, just happiness…like that warm weather snaking it’s rays in through your open windows. Caution: May cause uncontrollable urge to learn square dancing.


BELIEVER, American Authors

We might have to change the title of the playlist to “A Little Twang Never Killed Nobody”, but you wouldn’t dream of leaving this song off. You might be familiar with this indie band’s mainstream breakthrough hit “Best Day Of My Life”, one of the lead singles off their album Oh, What A Life, which was released earlier this month. Although that song is memorably shrouded in good vibes, this song seems to be pulsing with them.  Zac Barnett’s voice still sounds like it’s on the verge of tearing, the lyrics still sound saccharinely chipper, but this song comes out on top. Whether due to the quicker beat or the less lethargic mixing, Believer is a more effective steroid to getting ish done than its brother (“Ish” meaning “wipe off ceiling cobwebs”).

The Other Side

THE OTHER SIDE, Jason Derulo

Another song with a fantastic beat, because nothing takes the dullness out of sweeping quite like using the broom as your dance partner. The song itself sounds like it’s glowing with the promise of a new beginning (Friendzone-turned-romance, spring cleaning…practically the same thing), and effects that sound straight from a sci-fi adventure flick let you escape your kitchen and pretend you’re worlds away from all the dirt piles…if only until you open your eyes again.

Sail Into The Sun

SAIL INTO THE SUN, Gentlemen Hall

If you’ve ever wondered what it felt like to win a Golden Ticket, this song should give you a pretty good idea. Inspired by what must have been the Williest of Wonkas, this literal bells-and-whistles song gives the world a Rose Colored Glasses effect without a visit to the optical shop. The Boston-based Indie Quintet encapsulates the whole of springtime in the chiffon-like vocals and lofty instrumentals. It’ll make you dreamily imagine you’re sailing across the sky in a floating boat, and not slipping across the hallway in a puddle of mop water.

Hey Ya

HEY YA, Outkast:

Come on, how can anyone resist this classic? Arguably, the ultimate must-have of ANY get-pumped tune is its karaoke factor- AKA how much does it make you want to sing along out of tune as loudly as possible? Every playlist needs a song that reminds you of your youth, of simpler years when it totally would have taken you less than two hours to spring clean the whole house. Catchy harmonies and easy lyrics make for a song that guarantees a good time no matter what you’re doing.

One Woman Army 

ONE WOMAN ARMY, Porcelain Black

You haven’t even heard it yet, and already the title has you amped for a feminized take-over! The song is steered by an obstinate march that will thrum through your chest and get your blood pumping in double time. Combined with a guitar that doesn’t mess around and gritty lyrics that take no prisoners, Porcelain’s scuffed-up voice is just tenacious enough to be shiver-inducing, and exudes enough determination to win that you could probably snag some… and she wouldn’t even mind. Use that determination to wake your inner warrior princess. And if you’re a guy, you can borrow some of that girl-power we’re famous for.

Young Volcanoes 


“When Rome’s in ruins…” Did they mean your front closet? Clap along to this minimalist anthem about breaking free and starting afresh! In the geological world, young volcanoes erupt, coating everything with lava and destruction…before cooling into islands with exotic vegetation and unique beauty. Centuries later, Hawaii is a hot vacation spot. So don’t think of the clutter accrued over the extended sun hiatus as an obstacle: think of it as an opportunity! You have to move furniture to get underneath and behind anyway, so why not rearrange it all? Take a hint from those young volcanoes. With a little patience and a lot of time, you can turn your mess into paradise.

So grab the playlist, take on the work, and come out on top! Whether you’re cleaning a friend’s place, or cleaning your own, these songs are perfect to break the monotony and actually make the cleaning – dare we say? – enjoyable. Instant jam sesh: just add Windex.” 

Got some songs you can’t believe we forgot? Add them in the comments, and let us know what you’re rocking out to this spring!

Written by: Saxmei Milano is a twenteen-year-old creative writer who likes tenors, popcorn, and bright lights. She currently lives just outside of NYC with her grandparents and a giant dog. When she is not out talking to strangers, she is usually watching Law and Order: SVU marathons. She loves to smile and make rhymes. Her favorite people are those with accents (ANY kind).

Cesar Chavez

OR_Cesar Chavez 2014 movie Wallpaper 1280x800

It is quintessential, for the sake of humanity to inform ourselves of the history of our fellow man. Though the world and it’s development has ensued the lives of many, in the recent years we can somewhat rely on the film industry to share the messages of past heroes and heroines.

Cesar Chavez became an migrant farm worker just after completing 8th grade. Having learned very little english as a child you could imagine the level of difficult he experienced in what they considered the Anglo mans world. In 1948 Chavez enlisted in the U.S. Navy, two years later marrying Helen Fabela. They soon after gave birth to eight children, the oldest being Fernando.


Fast-forward 17 years and Diego Luna’s tribe to the life and works of Chavez (Michael Pena) begins. Relocating his wife (America Ferrara) and children to Delano, California, the uprising of farm workers seeking the simplicities of life, fair wages and safe working environments, marked the start of a peaceful revolution.

Rosairo Dawson

As farmers were barely able to feed their families Chavez along with the helpful partnership of Dolores Huerta (Rosario Dawson) opened a Credit Union, rationing out money to those in need. Strikes and protest were quickly deemed unacceptable and protection from authorities was offered in the form of a blind eye. The need to establish something greater was unparalleled and soon sparked the creation of the UFW, United Farm Workers.


Although Chavez’s history as an activist is much bigger then that portrayed in this film, it’s focus was to inform audiences of its beginning. The inclusion of women in this movement was also monumental, while Dolores Huerta was he’s right hand man – we also see Helen Fabela just as involved, although raising the children was her number one priority. There is a notable scene in which she insist on becoming a bigger part of the movement, persisting she be arrested by the authorities, Chavez disapproves almost immediately but Helen pushes back not only by using Chavez’s own words against him but in seeking the support of Dolores. This incident takes place in the presents of friends and family and counters the idealistic status that existed in the Mexican culture between a man and wife.

Centered on the the Delano Grape Strike, including some historical actions of Chavez’s time in leadership, the 1965 walk to Sacramento, the spawning of the word “Huelga” (strike) and his first 26 day fast, the film delivers and step by step outline from the year 1965 to 1970. But what is missing most is a script that truly elects the spirit and persona of Chavez, and how his choices effected his personal life. In any film you are bound to experience at least the tidbits of the latter but in a biopic it is our hope that a few scenes would allow the audience to build an emotional connection with, so to speak, the man behind the mask, or in Chavez’s case the man behind the cause. Looking for a more exclusively defined relationship between he and his wife, there was not a moment that relays how deeply the relationship between Chavez and their son effected her, granted we do see her run out into the street after a few bullying children with a bat but the scene pretty much ends there. While including Chavez’s handwritten letter to Fernando in the film, there is no aftermath that shows whether a reconciliation occurred. Additionally a twist was thrown in the trailer as it gives the impression that Chavez and Huerta at some point have an affair, a concept excluded from the film completely. In the opinion of many the screenplay itself seemed to be lacking, and I would have to agree.

Coming from the background of a person whose only familiarity of Chavez was once getting an extra day off from school, the film is overall informative. I was touched by various moments, and the actors breathed life into the characters as much as the script could handle. Although it was not meant to be epic or a grandiose presentation of Chavez’s life, it was a little step forward for mankind – a way for us connect.


Tokyo Police Club – Forcefield


Tokyo Police Club‘s Forcefield is a blend of pop, post punk, and indie. It’s energetic and youthful, with plenty of hooks, and the obligatory, Interpol-laced bass lines to keep it suitably indie, though it arguably has more pop sensibility than their 2010 release, “Champ.”

I have a theory that the third track is usually the strongest on any album, regardless of genre, and this is certainly true for Forcefield. “Miserable,” track #3, has the ironic lines and pop-tinged catchy guitar hooks reminiscent of the Killers’ “Spaceman.” Which makes sense, as it is clearly an “escape” anthem, advocating either future travel, or moving to the Bahamas (natural transition), to remove oneself from a life of excess, “act nice but my body is falling apart, dress nice but my body is falling apart.”

YouTube Preview Image

“Hot Tonight” is arguably the most radio-friendly track on the album. It’s a touch of OK Go, with just a vague hint of Matchbox 20.

“Feel the Effect” has an interesting crackling static electricity “effect” in the bridge. It is a more mid-tempo, contemplative track, lamenting the perils of a bad breakup, “I know you’ve got the world on your side. What did I expect? I made a lot of bad decisions. I feel the effect.”

“Tunnel Vision” is an Offspring meets Wire mashup, punky and spiky. It is an infectiously catchy rummage through the perils of dancing dangerously close to the knife edge of addiction, “I just want to make it through one more night, tonight.” Kind of says it all.


While it might not be earth-shatteringly innovative, “Forcefield” is an enjoyable listen nevertheless, and certainly one to tune in to when you need a little burst of indie-flavored Pop Rocks.

The Walking Dead, Who will Survive?

Arguing with my father, my friends, my boyfriend, my grandparents, and my Twitter followers over who’s going to die in The Walking Dead finale has become my favorite hobby in the last two months. The death of avuncular cripple Hershel Greene at the close of the half season was a major shocker to the more than twelve million viewers that tuned in to witness the promised final showdown between Rick and The Governor.  And if you were one of the more than fifteen million that tuned in for the open of the second half of season four, you were callously forced to revisit that shock with the sight of Hershel’s disembodied zombie head snapping at Michonne’s ankles. And just like that, any reconciliation you managed to cultivate over the hiatus vanished into a puff of feels. Welcome back to the Walking Dead.
Since its premiere on Halloween of 2010, the AMC original series has overcome the track record of cultish zombie entertainment, lassoing such a massive and diverse market of fans that a steady average of  4.75 million people stay to watch the follow-up talk show Talking Dead after each week’s episode. Four seasons later, the show is still going strong, with no sign of slowing down. It has often been accused of dragging out action and being shamelessly inconsistent in rate of plot development, but despite viewer frustrations, ratings continue to climb with every season…as does the body count. There was a fan-counted 297 onscreen kills in season 3 alone, more than the kills in seasons 1 and 2 combined. Of these kills, a whopping 13 were major characters. So it would stand to reason that the introduction of four new major characters this season would require some sort of blood sacrifice. The question is: who will survive to season five?

The fans are not short of theories. The structure of these last seven episodes was a bit of a gamble: The Governor’s failed take-over of the prison left it overrun by walkers, and left The Group scattered all over central Georgia. There was significant apprehension from fans  about how the choice to separate “the group” would play out, but the general hindsight consensus is positive. Separating the characters into groups of two and three presented more opportunity for character development, and deeper analysis of familiar favorites. So since the only thing writers like more than character development is using said development to cause the audience even more heartache when the characters are brutally slaughtered, let’s see who’s likely in the most danger next week:



Maggie and Glenn’s cross-country trek to find each other after their separation warmed our hearts. Maybe they were being mildly stupid and selfish, their one-track minds putting their supporting casts(Sasha, Bob, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene) in danger, but Glenn literally chose Maggie over, um, the entire world, and if that isn’t romance at its finest, what is? I’ve come close to crying a lot during this series, but the only time the tears were good tears was the moment they reunited in the tunnel last night.

The good tears lasted right up until Maggie made Glenn burn the only picture of her he had, promising that he would never need a picture again, because from now on, he would have her. And they spend the night quietly reveling in their success at finding each other.

But “I’ll always be with you” isn’t the type of promise you can make at the end of the world, and happiness in the zombie apocalypse is fleeting at best. The logical next step for the cruel minds behind the show would be to kill off Maggie, leaving Glenn with nothing but his memory.



Bob was a character that, up until recently, was a pretty minor one. We were given a lot of insight into who he was as a person when he went to the Vet hospital with Daryl and Co., but he was still just a periphery character. And for the most part, Bob wasn’t the world’s most likeable guy in the first half of season four. He was a selfish alcoholic who put his addiction before responsibility twice, the first time with disastrous results, and the second time risking his own life.  Enter the second half of the season, and Bob is suddenly a friendly optimist, openly flirting with Sasha and sticking up for Maggie’s decision to search for Glenn. Bob is now a good guy who we’re smitten by. Why are the writers so desperate for us to like him now? It’s highly suspicious.



Like Bob, Carl is another person that is trying to be likeable out of nowhere. We’ve happily spent three and a half seasons hoping Carl becomes walker food, but now he’s attempting to win us over. And it’s…kind of working. Even though we wanted to slap the snot out of Carl for being a verbally abusive brat to his comatose father, it was nice to watch him struggle through the episode, slowly understanding that he isn’t as old as he thinks he is, and admitting that he still needs his father because he simply couldn’t handle being on his own.

Michonne goes through a similar bout of realization, deciding after being assaulted by flashbacks of her pre-apocalypse days that the key to her survival was not being alone. After she embraces this, her and Carl become even closer, and we like their Aunt-Nephew relationship. Rick can go on being all serious and leader-like; Michonne and Carl can keep eating junk food and making stupid bets. After learning about the son Michonne lost, we like seeing her have the chance to “raise” Carl. He brings her joy. Too much joy. Carl has to go.



I know what you’re thinking: Abso-freaking-lutely not. Daryl Dixon is immortal. They wouldn’t dare kill him! If Daryl dies, we riot! Unfortunately, Daryl is in the most danger of being killed off. Daryl has had the most change of any other character this season. We loved watching as happy-go-lucky, innocent Beth Greene coped with her father’s death by looking for trouble, and instead softening the notoriously gruff, badass Daryl by convincing him to open up and let go of his past. And though their charged chemistry raised a lot of eyebrows and speculation (Just kiss already, will you!), it’s obvious Daryl genuinely cares about her. She humanizes him in a way that no one else in the series has (not even Carol), and we could practically feel his devastation at losing her during the walker siege on their safe house.

And now he’s with a ragtag gang of ne’er-do-wells who are seeking revenge on Rick. Beth jinxed him by saying he would be the last man standing, and the image of him lying in the coffin whilst Beth played piano back at the funeral home felt eerily like foreshadowing.


Something fishy is going on in #Terminus. No one is questioning that. Maybe it’s cannibals, maybe it’s a cult, maybe it’s something worse, but one thing’s for sure: it’s not what the characters think it is. No safe harbor that welcomes everyone would be left unlocked and unguarded. And so frighteningly empty. The characters aren’t safe in Terminus, and they’re not safe on the road. Everyone is in danger.

The Walking Dead season finales are famous for death and disaster. We all know next week is going to be a violent bloodbath…and we’re all looking forward to every minute of it.

Written by Saxmei Milano: is a twenteen-year-old creative writer who likes tenors, popcorn, and bright lights. She currently lives just outside of NYC with her grandparents and a giant dog. When she is not out talking to strangers, she is usually watching Law and Order: SVU marathons. She loves to smile and make rhymes. Her favorite people are ones with accents (of ANY kind).”

A Day in Greenwich

Going Back to Vintage.

A Day in Greenwich


Source: Clarissa Mesquita 

Greenwich is a beautiful neighborhood of London just next to the Thames River. Despite not known as a part of London itself, Greenwich has its own attractions for a day long excursion from London Town! It’s unique atmosphere makes you feel lost somewhere between past and present – all because of its classical buildings and vintage decorations.

Meridian of Greenwich, Royal Observatory, University Cutty Stark, Naval Museum, Museum of the fans, Open and Public artistic presentations, a walk at the park – there are so many attractions to keep you busy! What to do and where to go first is the question?! Here’s the must know for a magical experience in Greenwich.

How to get there? You can get to Greenwich through London’s four options: a short cruise, bus, train, or even on foot via internal bridges bridges. London public transport is probably the most cost effective, but if you want to spend some money for wonderful view of theThames River pick up a city cruise!

What to do? Choose from our list of interesting attractions, you won’t be disappointed!

1. The Cutty Stark is one of the most famous ships in the world! This ship was used for tea transportation at a time when she was the fastest and greatest. After a restoration, this ship became a tourist attraction and your waterway into the old world.


Cutty Stark

Source: Clarissa Mesquita

2. The Queen’s House showcases a world collection of paintings for the artist lovers. For the scientists the Royal Observatory of Greenwich, the only Conservatorium in London and the largest refracting telescope in United Kingdom. You might also fancy the National Maritime Museum because it is probably the only place where you can find true stories about sea, love, and pirates.


In the NMM. These statues were at edge of many prows

Source: Clarissa Mesquita

3. When you get hungry and don’t mind a crowd, Greenwich Market  serves delicious cupcakes, fish and fries. Any why not shop for authentic vintage clothes while you’re at it!


The Greenwich Market is full of surprises!

Source: Clarissa Mesquita

4. If you need to rest there is no better place than Greenwich University, one of the best for teaching excellence. There you can join a music festival, visit the University itself and/or lie on the grass and enjoy this beautiful day!


Inside the Greenwich University

Source: Clarissa Mesquita)

5. It is impossible to talk about Greenwich and not mention the Fan Museum – history, charm and beauty all wrapped in one. It is also well known for its traditional British Tea with cakes and candies to satiate the sweet tooth! Note: you can buy a ticket and go to the museum in any opening hours, but to taste the tea you will need a previous reservation.



Finish the day in a classy stile In the Fan Museum

Source: Clarissa Mesquita

Before you go back home remember to sit next to the Thames and enjoy the view!  Greenwich is full of open festivals in gastronomic, music or art, so prepare a tour guide and don’t forget to include this charm neighborhood in you activities list!

Written By Clarissa Mesquita, from Paraíba, Brazil. This lovely lady is addicted to TV shows and movies, and enjoys fitness, fun and photography. She also loves pets and participates in an NGO to save homeless animals. Clarissa graduated with a degree in Social Communication from the Federal University of Paraíba, Brazil, and is amazed with her new yellow brick road!






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