Jessie J. “Who You Are”

Although the song is not new, the concept of being “true to who you are” is a 2012 MUST. In a day where how you look and what you “own” is often presented as most important, (think media, billboards about the latest shoes, commercials about the must have car, magazine ads about the must have bag of the season, and TV shows glorifying plastic surgery), the promotion of self love is important to highlight.  

Songs like Jessie J’s Who You Are remind us that trying to “fit the mold” can often leave us feeling empty and void. Behind the hair, make up, cars, and clothes, who are you? Not that these things are all bad, but when they are the main focus they detract us from important things in life, like the relationships we have with loved ones, and the love we have for ourselves. Sometimes we use material possessions to cover up a sadness that we feel, but at the end of the night, we are still left with the feelings we have tried to cover up. Hair, clothes, make-up, cars, and whatever else we own, are like cherries on top. They make the ice cream sundae look nice but they are not the main ingredients. Our ice cream Sundae will be just as delicious, with or without them.

2012 Challenge: Who are you? What are the essential ingredients of your sundae? What makes the person that you spend every single day with…you?

How did you bring in your New Year?

A lot can happen in one night. That’s the idea of the New Year’s Eve movie. Much like Valentines Day (2010), with an ensemble cast, several subplot lines are interconnected as the film takes us all around New Year City on New Years Eve. The grand finale, celebrating the New Year with loved ones against the backdrop of the ball dropping in Time Square. (Even though the real ball drop at Time Square is likely more chaotic and cold, there must be an extraordinary feeling.) Although at times predictable and cliché, the movie offers a feel good way to bring in the New Years for romantics.

“It’s OK to listen to your heart.  I know it’s risky.  Go ahead and take that leap.  There are so many things you can’t control:  earthquakes, war, famine.  It’s important to remember the things we can control, things like love and forgiveness… Love in every one of its forms.  Love gives us hope.  Hope for the New Year.”

Love is clearly in the air.

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