Female Lies


Okay we exposed Male Lies, so naturally it’s the ladies turn to liven up the week with a little innocent fun. I’m sure we’ve all told a few white lies. But don’t worry, we didn’t expose all the game, the top lies are still our little secret.

“Yea she’s cute, I guess”

Translation: She’s gorgeous, I have to step my game up!

“We can go dutch”

Translation: And if we do, there may not be a next time

“I have guys lined up trying to be with me”

Translation: But have you seen what they look like? No bueno.

“No baby, I’m the lucky one”

Translation: Please you should be thankful I even gave you my number

“My feet don’t hurt”

Translation: My feet are killing me, but I’m trying to pull a man tonight

“I got booty in this dress”

Translation: If I just turn to the side and stick it out like this it looks like Beyonce

“I’m not sucking it in”

Translation: If I suck my stomach in one more moment I’m going to faint

“I like you for who you are, not you’re money

Translation: But your money sure does make you easier to put up with

“This is my real hair”

Translation: Underneath the tracks it’s real

“I’m full”

Translation: I’m just ready to go, this date is way past over

“I dont believe in marriage”

Translation: I really want to be married I’m just afraid to admit it plus I’m not interested in marriage with you

“This is real prada”

Translation: That’s what the tag says

“We just cuddled”

Translation: That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

“I don’t mess with anybody else”

Translation: Today I didn’t

“I didnt give him my number, my friend did”

Translation: I told her to

We had quite the laughs compiling this list. This is purely for comedic relief but what did you think lovelies? Are you guilty of some of these?


  1. Alton Sanders says:

    Thanks for the inside scoop ladies. LOL 🙂 Much love

    • Alton, this was one of our more honest topics! We had tons of fun putting it together too! Thank you for checking it out and please remain engaged.

      We love and appreciate feedback so whenever you want to share something, feel free. Many thanks and welcome!

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