Fitness Classes that Fit your Personality


A significant part of fitness success is selecting workouts that you love. It’s widely known that when you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll be more likely to stick to it. The workout routines that better suit you are not only based on the results you desire, but your own personality.


Self-Motivated: Love to schedule your day? Constantly making lists and striving to accomplish new goals? Goal-orientated personalities need to feel a sense of progress. An exercise program without new levels of goals will never entice. If this is you, you enjoy workouts that allow you to track your progress whether through measuring time and distance or improved endurance. For this purpose, try cardio workouts like spin class, weight training and swimming.

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Habit Lovers: Routine lovers are known to be very disciplined, less interested in logging their progress, and more concerned with maintaining a regiment. With consistency being the key to success, you prefer familiar activities that will fit into your daily schedule with ease to enable everyday workouts. Regular fitness classes such as yoga, cardio kickboxing and bootcamp are known to cater to hectic work schedules while maintaining a toned body.


Conscious Contemplators: Conscientious people usually enjoy regular workout routines but often prefer solo ones. Activities that don’t including coordinating plans with others or the cooperation of the weather, that allows you to meditate and reflect while relishing solitary workouts. Long distance running, hiking, biking, yoga, and Pilates are great for enabling that solo time while enhancing your physique.


Plays Well with Others: While some thrive on the idea of great workout, social butterflies get an extra boost from workouts that allow them to interact with others. For you, working out is also your social time, where the comfort of camaraderie enhances the appeal of getting off the couch. Group classes and team sports are your best avenues to remain entertained while burning calories.


Compulsive Competitors: The gratification of winning is a strong motivator. For you, being enticed to push yourself further in the midst of healthy competition is the best form of a mental and physical workout. Tennis, rugby, lacrosse, basketball, swimming, and marathons will feed into your competitive nature while keeping you in shape.


Spontaneous Challenger: A strategic exercise program isn’t enough to hold your attention. Constantly craving new activities to keep you interested, you enjoy mixing things up so you never get bored. Needing a variety to help stick to a routine leads to numerous new activities that provide an additional sense of thrill. From sprinting to surfing, rock climbing to bungee jumping, as long as you maintain your love of trying new things, you’ll never have a stagnant workout routine. A workout regiment that can cater to your personality, whether structured or spontaneous, is a sure-fired way of being one step closer to your fitness success.

Written By Janurie Ulett: Hailing from quaint suburbia, Long Island meets the fabulousness of NYC. With a Bachelors degree in journalism from Brooklyn College, Janurie’s passion for writing comes naturally, fueling her career as a health and fitness freelance journalist. Her signature flair can be described as 19th-century English meets modern day Dear Abby as she faithfully satisfies her readers’ appetites, one word at a time.

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