How Men Categorize Women


“You train a man how to treat you.”

One of the pluses of my dating life is getting the 411 into a man’s psyche. My conversations with men have revealed that within the first few minutes of interactions with a lady, a guy can tell “what kind of woman” she is.  First impressions are lasting– from then on he generally puts her into a category, and for better or worse she will probably stay there.  Most, if not all, depends on the vibes a woman gives. To simplify it, there are two basic types of women: The Fun Girl and The Smart Girl!


The Fun Girl- This woman is good for the night- maybe even a few, but let’s face it ladies there is really one thing he is looking for from you. If you are “lucky,” your time together may be lots of fun, weekend trips, dinner dates, maybe even gifts. Partying, bottle popping, you name it– your wish is his command. There are some fun girls that a man realizes don’t need the works, so he keeps it straight business with her– late night texts and middle of the night house runs. One thing is for sure, you can’t turn a fun girl into a house wife– once the fun is up, the next “fun girl” comes a long and takes your place.

Note, if you were a real fun girl you would move on to the next date, but if it bothers you perhaps what you were looking for was more than just fun. In that case you may want to re-evaluate what messages you are sending.


The Smart Girl – This girl will take her time. She knows her worth and a man knows it too. Some men may just want a fun night or two– those men will quickly recognize this girl and steer clear.  Ever met a cute guy, had a great time and the next day you wait for a call that never comes? Perhaps he knew what kind of woman you were and was doing you a favor by “not” pursuing you. In the beginning this woman may loose a lot  of men, but really that’s just the weeding-out process. It is probably safe to say that the man who does put the time and energy to woo her wants way more than just sex– he may be attracted to her intelligence, grace, and respectability.


There is nothing necessarily wrong with either of these gals– it all depends on what you want out of dating. The most important thing is to know how you are being perceived and whether out not you are comfortable with it. Sometimes “girls just want to have fun” and that’s okay, just don’t be surprised when a man is gone after all the fun has subsided. If you want something lasting you may want to shift gears. Smart girls have fun too, they’re just “smart” about it!

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