Celebrate Valentines Day as a Single Woman


Thought you had to skip celebrating the day of love simply because you’re single? Oh, darling we’re happy to tell you that you’re so wrong. Single is no excuse not to celebrate and give to the person you’ve loved longer than anyone else in your lifetime — yourself! We present you with 3 incredible ways to celebrate loving you (and actually enjoy yourself) this Valentine’s day, despite being alone.


1. Sexy Shopping Spree

Why bother when you have no lover to slip into new lingerie for, you ask? Because it isn’t about a significant other. When we get dressed for a typical day, we choose clothing that makes us feel good. Why should lingerie be any different? Dressing up is something many of us have enjoyed since childhood. Remember all the fun and excitement that came with it? That’s exactly the kind of fun you experience when you drop your inhibitions and take a day to dress up in something sexy that makes you feel great. Dressing up in lingerie is just the adult version of a childhood pastime.


2. Get Intimate… with yourself

Who said you needed a lover for that special V-day orgasm we all long for? Grab ol’ trusty and show yourself some love, or better yet…spend your Valentine’s day scoping out adult stores. Pick up a new, awesome-looking vibrator for a Valentine’s night thrill. Go all out and combine your new toy adventure with number one on our list (the lingerie shopping spree!) for an even bigger V-day bang.


3. Set a Goal and Begin Right Away

Lastly, end your thrill-filled night by setting a goal, and making a step towards it. Just stepping outside of your normal routine and doing something out of the ordinary — even if it is late and you have work the next day — is a whole new excitement in itself. Nothing is more fulfilling than making strides towards a goal no matter how small. Best of all, you’ll have something to look forward to at the end of the V-day night, even if it is just a painting your wall.

Written by: Kendra Richards is a writer, pet lover, aloe vera-eater and a woman of many talents. If she isn’t passionately typing away, she’s more than likely spending time with her family, pets, boyfriend or attempting to sew something. It’s also possible that she’s buried deep in some type of activism work. Writing anything and everything from beauty, health, fashion product reviews to informational articles, she loves variety when it comes to reading and  writing. A people and animal lover, she believes cats are super heroes in disguise.

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