Searching high and low, scowling multiple department stores and countless makeup counters, I finally waltzed into the faithful department store, Macy’s – looking for a snappy tab wallet, when I stumbled upon L’ETE PAPILLON DE CHANEL!


When is comes to makeup I am a lover of two thing – great mascara and flawless eyeliner. In the midst of Spring it only seems right that I have a little fun and add some interesting colors to my collection! I have personally tested out every color except for Aqua Blue. I played with the colors a bit to see which combinations work best. Zest, yellow to the natural eye, is a great accent color – using just a little goes a long way. Lime Light, a sort of turquoise color, works great for complete coverage on the bottom lashes. My favorite color is Blue Note, also known as royal blue, if you are feeling bold I say cover your top and bottom lashes completely, and a little Zest to the tips for some added flare!

Using four out of the five colors, I came up with a look perfect for the contemporary professional stylista headed to happy hour:

1.Cover your bottom and top lashes with Lime Light, go over your top lashes with Noir to give them an icy yet natural look.

2. Apply Blue Note to the tips of your top lashes and only 3/4’s of your bottom lashes.

3. Lastly, “for added funk,” dress the tips of you bottom lashes, those closest to your tear duck, with Zest!

Butterfly Effect commenced!


I love three things about these eyeshadows, they are potent with color, go on as smooth as shea butter and do not require brushes for application!

CHANEL’s Steps to Electric Eyes and Brilliant Nails:

1. To structure and accentuate your eyes, apply STYLO EYESHADOW in Jade Shore to your entire lid, including the upper lashline. Blend with fingertips or Large Eyeshadow Brush.

2.Add intensity along your lower lashline with a touch of STYLO EYESHADOW in Pink Lagoon.

3. Illuminate the inner corners of your eyes with STYLO EYESHADOW in Moon River.

4. Define your upper and lower lashes with INIMITABLE WATERPROOF mascara in Lime Light on your lower lashes.

5. Finish with an illuminating touch of INIMITABLE WATERPROOF mascara in Lime Light on your lower lashes.

Now for the nails…

6. Complete the vibrant look down to your fingertips, with LE VERNIS nail colour in Azure!


For more from Chanel’s Summer 2013 Collection, check out three different LEVRES SCINTILLANTES lip glosses, two ROUGE COCO SHINE lipsticks and two  and two additional LE VERNIS nail colour’s in Bel-Argus and Lilus!

Coco Chanel said ““A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous,” and this collection is just that!

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