Male Lies


We thought we’d liven it up this week. Ladies we’ve probably all been lied to at one time or another. Here are the top lies Males tell. Sorry gentlemen, we are exposing you this post. It’s purely for comedic purposes, but what do you think, have we got something here?

“I only have eyes for you”

Translation: That woman over there looks good!

“It’s not you it’s me”

Translation: I just don’t want to be with you, but I’m trying to be nice about it.

“I have a lot of things to pay this check”

Translation: I need you to pay for this meal. I’d rather spend my money on shoes.

“I don’t believe in commitment, whatever happens, will happen”

Translation: I enjoy dating multiple women, I don’t want to be tied down in case I see another woman I like.

“You’re crazy, thats how she talks to everybody”

Translation: That was a close call, I almost got caught.

“See, I was going to buy it for you but you’re such an independent woman”

Translation: I’m broke

“I didn’t see your text”

Translation: I saw your text I just didn’t want to talk to you

“My phone died”

Translation: I turned it off so you could not blow me up

“It only happened once”

Translation: You only caught me once

“It’s just a boys night”

Translation: And all the pretty girls we meet.

“She’s just a friend”

Translation: With benefits

Don’t worry gents, we have female lies coming soon. Ladies… don’t worry we won’t expose all the game.


  1. Alton Sanders says:

    I would never say any thing like that.

    Translation: We’ve been caught red handed. LOL

    • Nice Alton! We polled ladies and gents and this is what we came up with–glad you agree! Are there any others you could think of?

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