Kaleidoscope Dream

Envisioning myself cruising down PCH with no destination. I’m in the passenger seat—but only if my beau is cool enough to know Ray Ban Wayfarers are a must. If not, I would gladly shoot the breeze alone, windows down, Oh and droptop, a MUST. There’s never a better moment to commit to full relaxation.
Speeding out of Beverly Hills past Santa Monica entering Malibu Beach sunrise, slipping in Miguel’s latest CD was the next best thing. I look to my left as the
love of my life breathes the sensual sounds, “Adorn,” but again,
only if he’s cool enough.

Fast forward. Parked at the tip of the sand, “Kaleidoscope Dream
sends me through a time portal; illusions of first heartbreaks, past
loves, and past lovers. Reminiscing of a time when things not only
seemed so simple, but actually were.

“Time flies when your alive”. As the dust settles following a quick reverse, running
from the future is no longer an option. Playing in the
background, “Where’s the Fun in Forever” provides the pleasant
reminder that the days will come until they don’t, but as long as
they keep rolling by there’s always an opportunity to be, to do, to live,
to enjoy.

With the album title Kaleidoscope Dream, Miguel offers a state of
delusion, not of reality but of thought, allowing the listener to hear
nothing but the beat of his snare as song after song transports you
into a deeper state of autonomy, full relaxation.

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