Why He Hates Your Vibrator


There are men who are thrilled to incorporate sex toys into their relationships, while others scowl at the sight of BOB (your Battery Operated Boyfriend.) It’s the latter that stumps us. You thought he’d be happy that you were frisky enough to bring home a vibrator? But, the plan backfired. Now, what’s a girl to do?

Answer: Know why he hates BOB and encourage a newfound friendship. Below are reasons our male counterparts despise our plastic friends and ways to remedy the situation so both of you are pleased.



Problem 1: He’s Feeling Replaced

You haven’t “replaced” your love-muffin with your plastic friend, but it can feel that way to him. Most people enjoy using toys during foreplay, but not as objects to use in place of him. Making sure you aren’t spending more time solo with BOB than with your beau is vital if you want everyone to get along.

Side Note: If unfullfilment is the case, then there’s other ways to go about that. Here’s a tip: tell him what you want, guide him in bed, and if he’s simply resistant about pleasuring you, then honey, you’re in the wrong bed.

Problem 2: He’s Feeling Like He Doesn’t Satisfy You

You may not even be unsatisfied but it can sure come off like that. Restricting your sexual activity to your vibrator can give the impression that you aren’t satisfied with his sex, or that the vibrator is better. For many of us, there’s not a toy on this planet we’d choose over our guys, so make sure he knows that!



Use Your Mouth

To talk to him! Better yet, actions speak louder than words. He may need a reminder that he’s your ultimate pleasure source. Make sure he knows that he is number one and your toys are your way of throwing in a unique adventure for both of you. If he knows you’re satisfied, then there’s a better chance of him joining in on the fun instead of stuffing your vibrator in the garbage disposal (Crunch Crunch). Remember, in the case of vibrator meets lover, if you want them to play well together, reassurance is everything.



You Didn’t Introduce Them Properly

Did introduction between lover and vibrator occur thanks to him following the sound of the buzzing? Did you introduce them right in the middle of a hot session together? For some men, all of the above is acceptable, but for others, it’s freaky and intimidating. Suddenly he’s filled with these thoughts such as,  “I haven’t been pleasing her well enough” or “I’m not big enough!” Panic mode sets in, and he now resents the objects that brings you pleasure.




Reintroduce your partner and Bob on better terms and encourage them to partner. Instead of going solo, if you want to decrease your chances of giving the impression that he isn’t fulfilling to you, try introducing toys as part of foreplay, or in some way that includes him. Plus, if he’s having fun too, then he’s more likely to begin a friendship with Bob.

Tip:  It’s hard to hate something that feels good to you too! Some men enjoy vibrations, hence the reason male vibrating rings exist. Any vibrator will do.  Try using it on his sensitive parts. Even better, try using a couple’s vibrator so he doesn’t feel like he’s sharing you with a vibrator. 

Written by: Kendra Richards is a writer, pet lover, aloe vera-eater and a woman of many talents. If she isn’t passionately typing away, she’s more than likely spending time with her family, pets, boyfriend or attempting to sew something. It’s also possible that she’s buried deep in some type of activism work. Writing anything and everything from beauty, health, fashion product reviews to informational articles, she loves variety when it comes to reading and  writing. A people and animal lover, she believes cats are super heroes in disguise.





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