Smell the Roses

If you’re not careful this day can make you ruminate on all the things you don’t have in life but only if you let it. Focus on all the great things you have.


The roses: all the people placed in your life to show you enduring love.

If you think of is this way, how could this day ever make you sad? It could only remind you that one day is not good enough to encompass all the love you get from those who care about you each day of the year

I don’t want to let go, but I think I have to…

Life happens as it is supposed to. We just have to trust it.

Sometimes we love someone so much that despite the signs that tell us otherwise, we do everything we can to hold on to that relationship. Often at the expense of our hearts because our failure to let go places us in situations where we suffer undue pain. Letting go can be one of the scariest things we have to do but sometimes we must let go of the one we love the most in order for each of us to grow individually. There may be lessons we need to learn and experiences we need to have that can only happen if we are apart.

But, life happens as it should, and if you let something go and it comes back, you know it’s yours. If it doesn’t, you have opened yourself up to receive the desires of your heart, just when the time is right.

Trust your gut. As hard as that is, trust that fate will lead you to where you are supposed to be.

Dating a Divorcee


Couples who marry between the ages of 20-24 have the highest divorce of any other age bracket. For those of us that are dating, there is a good chance we will meet someone who in their late 20’s or early 30’s has previously been married. I personally have “talked” to three men who have had a pervious marriage (all of which lasted less than 3 years).

I have found some positives and negatives that have come with being involved with a divorcee.  A positive is they are sure of what they want and who they want to be in a relationship with. Of course there are elements of their personality that need to still be developed and can only grow with time, but they know what they are willing to tolerate. If they are still seeking your attention it is because you have passed their “test” and they are willing to focus on a more serious courtship.

The biggest negative that I have faced is how guarded a divorcee can be.  Which is understandable. After putting being in a situation where they thought they were going to spend the rest of their life with one person and it didn’t work it can be quite tough to cope with. If you like this person, you are going to have to deal with the baggage of their pervious relationship.

My advice to those going through this situation is to be patient. Don’t pry and allow your mate to open up to you. Lastly, don’t comprise on want you want, make sure they know that you have expectations just as they do.

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