The Contemporary Professional Stylista


Who is the Contemporary, Professional Stylista?

The U Blush Woman is vibrant, multi-faceted, and dynamic! She is best summed as the Contemporary, Professional, Stylista. Otherwise noted, CPS! But who is this woman we speak of? In the the modern world, women are busy and wear multiple hats. We have to juggle our professional life, getting higher education, and pursuing our careers. But that’s not all. We are woman, meaning we are human and we value our womanhood. We break up to make up, travel and eat, and enjoy being entertained. We value our health and wellness, enjoy fashion and looking good.

The CPS represents the balance between one’s professional life and personal interests. At U Blush we recognize the need to have a  platform and community for a well rounded reader. Should the contemporary woman feel fragmented? Should she go to one site for fashion, another for love, and another to be in the know about popular culture and entertainment? No!  The contemporary woman is not broken up into little pieces rather all of her multiple parts come together to make up who she is and that is execatly how her news and information should be – all in one place! The CPS is a full woman, and all her wants, needs, and interests are right at her finger tips at U Blush Magazine.

Yen Ki Me

Appreciating the Full Woman 

So when we say the Contemporary, Professional, Woman we pay homage the the multi-dimensional woman of today’s world who can rock heels to a board meeting which she heads, strut to happy hour with her her girls, only to come home to her man who takes them off. Or she may dance the night away with a new beau she meets at the hottest lounge, and come home to tell her girls all about it. Either way she is comfortable in her own skin, diverse in her interests and abilities, and valuable to her self and all those around her. She demands respect not so much through her words but through the self respect and humilty that she carries with her daily.

The contemporary professional woman knows how to weather the storms of life. She understand that life has its ups and downs and she has had her fair share of roller coaster rides. She maintains her dignity and respect by keeping faith and continuing to live as the best version of herself. Committed to growth and development she explores the world through travel, dining, and cultural experiences as well as reading and sharing intellectual and regular home girl conversations with old and new friends. The CPS is as strong as she is “weak”, able to put on her big girl shoes to rise to any challenge when the time calls but sheds tears and leans on a friends when its needed.

Yen Me Ki

The Contemporary Professional Woman is best described as

Bold in her appreciation of Love and the cycles of relationships from embracing her singledom, to enjoying the dating life, entering into relationships, and trusting the time for breakups. Her relationships romantically, with family and friends, and with herself are equally important.

Luxurious in her appreciation of Lifestyle through travel, exploration, fine dinning, and unique experiences. She may be born in the USA but this travelista has a passport and travels the world internationally! Even when she doesn’t she dreams of getting off American shores, researches distant lands, and plans to eventually make her international debut, just when the time is right!

Unique in her appreciation for entertainment. She knows how to relax, enjoy art, maybe even tap into her own creative sides. From watching the latest films, television shows, and listening to the latest music to an appreciation for independent art, this woman can escape the reality of life and appreciate arts imitation of it.

Sophisticated in her appreciation for maintaining her health and wellness. Recognizing that self care is important she seeks to live well through taking care of her mind, body, and soul  – nutritious eating, exercise, and inspirational writing can maintain her need for wellness.

Haute in her appreciation for fashion and make up. Yes this woman likes to look good and see’s her wardrobe and face as a means of sharing her beauty with the world. Her sense of style is a picture of what’s inside, it reveals inner parts of her because who she is shines bright in what she presents to the world.

Cheers to the U Blush Woman in You!

4 Signs It’s Time To Breakup


Breaking up is not always easy.  We may get an inkling that it’s time to part ways but there’s something that keeps us from saying goodbye. The back and fourth can hinder our ability to move forward from a long overdue break up. Perhaps we are scared of becoming that broken hearted girl, in love, or just want to avoid a loss, so much so that we ignore the tall tell signs that it’s time to go. Once we finally break up we look back and see all the red flags. Hind sight is twenty twenty, yet how do you know when it’s time to let go before this? Here are 4 signs that we may need to close the curtains on a relationship.


1. Distrust: Trust is one of the most important features of a relationship. If you get to the point where you are going through your partner’s phone and personal belongings, that is a sign of distrust. This may be an internal issue for you to work out within yourself or it may be  gut response elicited from your partner’s action. None-the-less, these behaviors can become addictive and be problematic for both parties.  If your partner eventually finds out he or she may feel violated and may question their ability to trust you as well – a recipe for disaster. If you get the inkling to dig, start by asking yourself why. Invading your partner’s privacy may sooth your anxiety in the moment but the saying goes, “if you look for something you will find it.” And then what?


2. Unhappiness: Happiness is a process, a way of being, not an end state. In general your partner should bring you joy. Of course there will be times where you are angered or even saddened by your partner, that’s a part of relationships. However, if you constantly feel unhappy in a relationship that is telling. Your experience, despite difficult times, should be pleasant and if it’s more displeasure it may not be worth it. Your beau should make you better, not worse.


3. Arguing: Disagreements will occur in any relationship. But if you’re constantly fighting and arguing with a partner that may be a sign that some needs aren’t getting met and communication between the two of you is broken. Relationships are not easy, but they also shouldn’t be that hard. There will undoubtedly be difficult times but if the bad outweighs the good you may want to rethink it.


4. Time: Spending time together is the mainstay of a partnership. It takes time to build and maintain a strong bond. It’s natural to have moments during your relationship where you spend less time together. Plus, life happens. You have other responsibilities like work, hobbies, and spending times with friends that may keep you from spending all of your time with your beau, and that’s okay. In balance, it’s actually quite healthy. However, If you find that you like spending more time away from your partner than together, you continually choose other people or activities over your partner, and you make excuses as to why you can’t be with him or her, you should listen to that. What is this lack of time telling you?

The Happenings: 8/8/13 – 8/18/2013


What: Rooftop Food Club

When: August 16th– September 13th 8pm

Where: Caulfield’s Bar & Dining Room 129360 Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills, CA 902

Cost: $25 presale/ $30 Door

Description: Cold beer with the best food overlooking Beverly Hills from our exclusive rooftop at Thompson Beverly Hills 9360 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills. 7/26 features “LOST ABBEY” featured beers include: Lost & Found, Devotion, Red Poppy, and Deliverance. Beer lineup coordinated by FoodGPS Tickets $25 in advance.  $30 at door.  Tickets include 3 menu items or beer.

What: The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design

When: August 1st– August 31st 10am to 5pm

Where: FIDM Museum & Galleries, 919 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Cost: Free

Description: See over 120 costumes from award-winning TV shows such as: Scandal, SMASH, Game of Thrones and more. Exhibit will be open until October 19, 2013. Tuesdays – Saturdays10AM – 5PM.


What: 5th Annual San Francisco Street Food Festival

When: August 17th 11am to 7pm

Where:  La Cocina Community Kitchen 2948 Folsom St San Francisco, CA 94110

Cost: Free

Description: The 5th Annual San Francisco Street Food Festival has been scheduled for Saturday, August 17th, 2013. This popular Mission district event will be jam-packed with the most tasty street food from around the Bay Area. The festival is composed of seven blocked streets — Folsom street between 20th and 26th streets (includes Cesar Chavez Elementary School), will be lined with food vendor booths or food trucks, each with a short menu of delectable foods specially crafted for this event.  While the cross street sections: on 21st to 25th streets between Treat and Shotwell streets (includes Garfield Square park), will provide refuge from the large crowds, resting spaces, porta potties, bike parking, stroller parking, some drinks, dining space, first aid, and recycling.

What: Divisadero Art Walk

When: August 15th 5 to 11pm

Where: Big Umbrella Studios 906 1/2 Divisadero St San Francisco, CA 94115

Cost: Free

Description: On Thursday, August 15th 2013, the Divisadero Summer Art Walk is back from Haight to Geary on Divisadero with art shows, designers, food, drinks, culture, music and plenty to keep you busy from 5 pm until late at night.

What: 1st annual Mezcal & Tequila Festival

When: August 18th 3 to7pm

Where: Tamarindo Antojeria 468 8th St Oakland, CA 94607

Cost: $65

Description:  Tamarindo is proud to launch its 1st annual Mezcal & Tequila festival, celebrating the amazing spirits of Mexico.  The afternoon will feature demonstrations and samplings from master distillers, industry experts, mixologists, and ambassadors from world-renowned and new-to-market brands. The festival will dedicate one section of the restaurant to Mezcal, and the other to Tequila. Guests will learn about the history and culture of each spirit from invited industry experts like Jake Lustig, the owner of the Don Amado Mezcal label.


What: Sizzling Hot Summer Party

When: August 17th 8pm to 3am

Where: Havana Club 3112 Piedmont Rd Atlanta, GA 30305

Cost: $10-20

Description: Are you in a midweek slump? Well, the never-ending energy of the Atlanta nightlife can change all that. Kick midway of August with a sizzling hot Summer Party at Havana Club. Let the exclusive drink specials, bikini models, the electrifying DJs, and our music selection beat the heat! On August, soak up the summer sun with beats from The stars like Dj Ros & Baby Drew. Time to suit down and show some skin with Summer Sessions at Havana Club. It’s the best way to splash into your summer of the year!

What: Atlanta Ballet’s Wabi Sabi- Dance in the Garden

When: August 15th 6pm

Where: Atlanta Botanical Garden 1345 Piedmont Avenue Northeast Atlanta, GA 30309

Cost: Free

Description: Wabi Sabi, Atlanta Ballet’s dancer-driven contemporary troupe, to perform seven works throughout the intimate confines of the Atlanta Botanical Garden during its weekly cocktails event, Cocktails in the Garden. Performances are free with admission to Atlanta Botanical Garden.


What: Meditation in the Galleries

When: August 18th 8:30-10am

Where: Asia Society Texas Center 1370 Southmore Blvd Houston, TX 77004

Cost: Free

Description: Series of meditation sessions led by teachers from the Houston Zen Center and inspired by Universe Is Flux: The Art of Tawara Yusaku. Each session begins with an introduction, followed by walking and sitting meditation in the Louisa Stude Sarofim Gallery, and ends with an informal discussion on Zen Buddhism and the power of mediation to promote a sense of well-being. As Tawara Yusaku explored the impermanence of the universe through his artwork, these sessions will also examine the energy of flux and quest for meaning in a rapidly changing world.

No previous mediation experience required. Limited number of meditation cushions available on a first come, first served basis.

What: 10th Annual Women of Wardrobe Soiree

When: August 14th  6:30 to 8:30pm

Where: Tootsies 2601 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77098

Cost: $45

Description: Join Tootsies and Women of Wardrobe for the 10th annual Sizzling Summer Soiree, an evening of haute fashions and cool entertainment. Iconic American designer Nicole Miller will personally debut her Fall 2013 collection at the event along with jewelry designer Claudia Lobão. Guests will mix and mingle their way through contemporary fall styles while enjoying entertainment by DJ Rob G and light bites and cocktails by Armando’s, Eddie V’s and Slim Rita’s. A percentage of the evening’s sales will benefit lower income women through Dress for Success Houston.Tickets are $45 for non-members and entry is FREE for WOW members.


What: First Annual Chain NYC Film Festival

When: August 6th –August 18th 2 to 11pm

Where: The Chain Theatre 21-28 45th Rd Long Island City, NY 11101

Cost:  $10

Description: Picked from hundreds of submissions from all over the world, The Chain NYC Film Festival will be presenting over 70 films this August. From short documentaries to full length narratives, encompassing work from filmmakers in Europe and Australia as well as our own Long Island City, an innovative and diverse set of topics is being curated by VTG in this groundbreaking festival. Films feature Academy Award Winner Jeremy Irons (Sahaya… Going Beyond), Academy Award nominees Cathy Moriarity  (Tammy) and Sally Kirkland (Posey) and TONY nominated actor and star of Smash, Will Chase stars with Marin Hinkle of Two and a Half Men in Butterflies of Bill Baker. Awards will be given out in a number of categories including an NY Filmmaker award, dedicated to filmmakers living in one of the five boroughs. Films will be presented on a rotating schedule from August 6 through August 18.

What: Dream Up Festival 2013

When: August 18th– September 8th 2-8pm

Where: Theater for the New City’s all-premiere summer festival 155 1St Avenue New York, NY 10003

Cost: $12-18

Description: Theater for the New City will present a lineup of wide-ranging and original theatrical visions embracing drama, poetry, music, and dance. Dream Up Festival will consist of performing artists representing theater and performance companies in our theater complex in downtown New York.

Jamiese Price, Television News Reporter, Blogger


Childhood dreams become reality. Jamiese Price, television news reporter, is a one-stop shop in journalism. From securing interviews, to filming, and editing her own pieces, this Jane of all trades is a forced to be reckoned with. Her journalism career started with a mock news cast in the fourth grade. At 9, she wasn’t a polished newscaster but she didn’t let failure stop her.  “I was horrible, but I wanted to be great so bad.” The following year Jamiese had the opportunity to “redeem” herself and from then on she knew she had found her calling. Attending college on a full ride scholarship to Tuskegee University in her home state of Alabama, Jamiese was an English major who sought out opportunities to hone her journalism skills. Her junior year she secured an internship in Detroit where she met a young newscaster who rocked the news station. Jamiese described her admiration for this young woman. “I want that” she told herself and quickly decided that she needed to pursue graduate training at Syracuse University.


July 2006, Jamiese and her mother made the 18-hour trek from Alabama to Syracuse, which marked the beginning of her bourgeoning reporting career. She described the move as “emotional” with accompanying feelings of self-doubt. “What am I doing? Am I making a mistake?” she asked herself. Jamiese used her fear, anxiety, and excitement to push her to courageously face her dreams. Though Syracuse was a very intense and demanding yearlong program, Jamiese learned the essentials of the profession. Using this journalism boot camp to force her into reporting shape, she bested taking criticism and using it to enhance her skills. The long hours she spent in class and on the job, coming home to a few hours of sleep in the brutal upstate New York cold, all while being away from her family prepared her for a grueling career as a reporter.  During these testing times Jamiese turned to a group a classmates who became her family and helped each other get through the process. She also had the support of her family and friends back home that constantly motivated her to succeed.


In August 2007 Jamiese’s hard work paid off when she graduated from her program and six months later secured her first job with a station in Huntsville Alabama! Though her first job differed from what she learned in school, Syracuse provided Jamiese a solid foundation for her employment. This “one man band” was able to successfully shoot and edit her own video, set up her own interviews and write her own stories. As a general assignment reporter she covered an array of stories including tornadoes, crime, and everyday feel good pieces.  After a year and a half, Jamiese decided to take a break from reporting by teaching at a community college and working as a policy coordinator for the American Lung Association.



During an almost 2 year hiatus from broadcast journalism, Jamiese felt a burning desire to stay abreast of the happenings in media, fashion, and popular culture. In August 2010 she decided to add blogging to her resume. Jamiese started Ooh La La blog where, “fashion never looked so sweet.” On this platform she lets her personality come out discussing the hottest fashion, celebrity trends, and affordable pieces for the frugalista in all of us. Ooh La La is where sexy meets excitement! The blog invigorated Jamiese but there was still one thing missing. She began to miss the television industry and decided to continue her pursuits to become a premiere journalist. Securing another position with a local Alabama news station, Jamiese is mastering the mix of both her passions in blogging and reporting. A long but fulfilling workday, starts with blogging at 6AM, several hours reporting, and ends with blogging. She might spend her day reporting on a gun trial and come home and blog about Solange’s estillo. Her ability to switch between the two is predicated on her being her authentic self and remembering who her audience is – the perfect combination.


Jamiese’s future goals include more fully integrating her two passions by becoming an entertainment reporter. Her dream job would be a red carpet correspondent for E news. In this way she can merge both worlds as a multi media journalist – all things pop culture, fashion, entertainment but still using journalism skills. As she pursues her career goals she knows that she must work hard now to play harder later. She often misses being away from her family and friends but uses them as her motivation to succeed. Her mother is her biggest inspiration who taught her the value of hard work and dedication. With a supportive family and solid foundation, Jamiese is empowered to pursue her dreams in order to make them proud and act as a role model to her nieces and nephews. She believes that if they see her achieving they will inevitably know they can too make their dreams a reality. In true U Blush Woman spirit Jamiese encourages others to believe in yourself enough to stand-alone. “Don’t let someone else dictate your dream.” Sometimes people won’t understand your vision because it was given to you. Nonetheless she challenges each person to pursue your passions and eventually success and happiness will ensue.

See Jamiese Price’s electrifying on screen personality!

Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011


Sometimes the best things in life happen when you least expect them. This might best sum up the crowning of Teresa Scanlan who graced the stage as Miss America 2011. At the age of 17 this young woman made history two times over as the youngest  since 1937 and first Nebraskan to be crowned.  Teresa recalls being humbly surprised by the win, “Every night [of the pageant competition] my goal was to make Nebraska proud, to do my very best, and to show that 17 year olds were capable of something.” Competing without an expectation to win reduced stress and pressure, helping her to truly enjoy the experience – a mindset that might very well have allowed Teresa’s true inner beauty to shine through on stage.


Teresa’s rise to Miss America is a testament to the essence of life – often taking us down pathways we never imagined. A self-professed “shy” and “studious” girl, from a young age Teresa had her life mapped out, which included entering pageantry at age 14 in order to win scholarship money for college.  Being home-schooled developed her independence by providing her the flexibility to study at her own pace and take initiative, ultimately allowing her to graduate a year early. Home-school also provided an opportunity to develop a close-knit relationship with her mother and six siblings. The middle child of a large family, there was never a dull moment in the Scanlan household – memories that Teresa will forever cherish. Growing up as the more “serious” of her sibship – she never imagined she would morph into a beauty queen.


When Teresa was just 17 years old she won the local pageant, Miss Southeast, sending her to the state level – Miss Nebraska. At that point, she planned to enter the pageant every year until she aged out at 24.  Little did she know that it would only take her one time to win the title. In June 2010, Teresa won Miss Nebraska just two weeks before her high school graduation.

Teresa described Miss Nebraska as great preparation for Miss America. It was a full-time job for which she deferred college to travel the state making speaking appearances and engaging in community service. Six months into her reign she represented her great state in the Miss America pageant held in January of 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The whirlwind ten days was spent in rehearsals, connecting with fellow pageant contestants, and three nights of preliminary competition. As the youngest contestant, Teresa watched and learned from her experienced pageant sisters. She kept a journal documenting every moment and all the things she felt she could improve on – it was all about preparing for the next year. Teresa enjoyed herself so much that she didn’t even realize how well she was competing. It wasn’t until a she found herself standing backstage with the other top five contestants that it began to settle in, “Okay, it’s going to be one of us.” As each name was announced she grew more and more excited to be a runner up but never thought she would be the final Miss standing. When her name was called as Miss America the feeling was “nothing but pure shock!”


With her family in the audience and fellow Nebraskans cheering, Miss America 2011 was crowned – Teresa Scanlan. In one night Teresa’s life changed forever. On Saturday she won the title and on Sunday she was in New York City for national media and signing contracts. She spent the entire year traveling over 200,000 miles to 40 states and 4 other countries – her favorite place is Nebraska and Croatia, her ancestry. She participated in numerous speaking engagements, worked with nonprofit organizations, met military families, participated in parades and special events like the Indy 500. Lucky for her, public speaking has never made her nervous – her reign was wonderful training by which she was able to deliver multiple speeches ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours! In fact, Teresa stated, “performing a piano piece is the only thing on stage that makes me nervous.” This might come as a surprise since she began playing piano at age seven and the modern contemporary piece, “White Water Chopped Sticks,” was the talent she showcased for the Miss America 2011 pageant. Teresa even had the opportunity to prepare the piece with the song’s composer Calvin Jones. Later, she was able to collaborate on an album, “Dueling Piano” which was released in January 2012.

Teresa’s platform issue as Miss America was Eating Disorder Awareness – she wanted to serve as a voice for those who struggle and who have survived these types of disorders. Inspired by a childhood friend and her father who is a psychiatrist, Teresa began researching this issues at a young age. These childhood experiences came full circle as she was able to visit Children’s Hospital Miracle Network, meet with young people who have struggled with food issues, and participated in candlelight vigils. Teresa’s success in pageantry is in honor of healthy living. “I wanted to prove that you could be successful in this competition without ever hurting yourself to do well and to encourage others that they can do the same.”


Just a few years post Miss America Teresa’s ambitious spirit has motivated her pursuit as a college student and businesswoman. Completing her first year at Patrick Henry College in Virgina, Teresa has resumed her plans that she made as a 7-year-old girl, which include obtaining her degree in Government. Afterwards she plans to attend law school and return to Nebraska to be with her family where she will start her career as a criminal prosecution attorney, before transitioning into politics. She eventually wants to run for state representative and longer term goals include becoming a Senator or Governor. Ultimately she hopes to become a Supreme Court Judge.  Teresa’s reign as Miss America has taught her how to multitask and provided preparation for balancing her college career with entrepreneurship. She started Teresa Scanlan LLC, participating in public speaking opportunities for nonprofits, corporations & advocacy groups, and pageant consulting to help young girls compete. Teresa has also teamed up with Body by Vi 90 Day challenge, which helps people engage in healthy living to meet nutrition and fitness goals.


In just 20 years Teresa is living a dream. She cites her faith and her mother as her biggest inspirations and the source of her motivation and success. “My faith is completely who I am and affects everything in my life. I wouldn’t be here today without God.” She describer her mother’s self-sacrificing love that, “blows me away.” Teresa hopes that she can one day be to her own children what her mother has been to her – with her own twist of course.

Teresa admits that like others, she too has insecurities, believing that “any insecurity stems from our desire to be loved. It makes us worry about what others think of us.” She overcomes these insecurities through the understanding that “[God] loves me no matter what,“ a realization that has ultimately led her to achieve well beyond her wildest dreams. Despite her accomplishments Teresa believes that success is defined not by any title, crown or, position, rather “by investing in other people.” Teresa desires for her legacy to be more than her crown – she wants people to remember her for the way she loved others.

When Teresa looks back on her life she would tell the young girl inside of her to be grateful and appreciative with each step. “Embrace and enjoy the here and now,” a principle that is often forgotten. She encourages others to live their purpose and mission in life, asserting that we are all here to serve and love others. Teresa’s ambition, empowerment of others, and pursuits to be true to herself makes her the epitome of the U Blush Woman.  She recalls, “Growing up I always thought it was a problem because I was interested in so many different things. I was always disappointed I couldn’t find just one thing I could focus on” – a feeling we at U Blush know all too well.  Teresa’s ability to be true to all the facets of herself by engaging in multiple passions is a recipe you can use in “becoming the best version of yourself.”