Top 3 Cupcake Shops in Houston

Crave cupcakes1


When you have a craving for sweets, this classic boutique bakery will surely hit the spot. With your sweet tooth’s desires laid neatly before your eyes, choose from one of their many delicious offerings. Our favorite – dark chocolate on dark chocolate because of the rich taste of cocoa and the moist cake. Feeling a little out of the box, try unique flavors such as peanut butter or banana. Flavors change by the day so come in and try something new each day of the week. For vegans with a sweet tooth they also offer classic flavors including vanilla and red velvet. If you’re watching your figure or diet, but still want a savory treat try the sugar free or mini cupcake options!


Everything Bundt Cake

This shop is a bundt cake lover’s haven. True to it’s name is serves a variety of bundt cake options – making it a unique presence in the land of gourmet cupcake shops. Reminiscent of grandma’s house this shop breeds happy thoughts – mostly because of the delightful bundt cakes they offer. With personal size bundt cakes, you can grab-and-go a piece of homely cake heaven. Our favorite – red velvet cake with icing on the top – once you bite into them you can enjoy chocolate chip treats!


Sugar Rush 

Everything sparkles at Sugar Rush – including the cake! These delicious pastries prove that everything that glitters in this bakery is gold. With dozens of unique flavors and equally unique designs, presentation in Queen in this land but so is taste. With flavors such as Oreo cookie you can have a two-for-one of your favorite desserts – a larger than normal cupcake with butter cream frosting, a few chocolate chips nestled inside the chocolate cake, and an Oreo cookie to top it off . Not only do these cupcakes look desirable but once you bite into them you feel like you’ve hit the gold rush.

Top 3 Cupcakes Shops in NYC


If you’re like me you love a great cupcake, or two! New York City is the land of everything, and it has the reputation of being a “concrete jungle,” two characteristics that may make it sometimes that difficult to navigate. There’s a sweeter side to the Big Apple and U Blush is your guide! The top three bakeries serving some of the best cupcakes The City has to offer.



This classic American bakery offers cupcakes that pack a punch! Topped with rich frosting, moist cake, and delicious sprinkles or candy atop, these delights are a just what you need after a long day in Manhattan. Classic flavors such as vanilla or chocolate  are better than ever, plus additional tastes including German Chocolate, Banana, and Devil’s Food. Perfect for a family outing, this quaint bakery reminds you of vacations at your grandma’s house – tasty treats with milk, in a cozy atmosphere. With a flagship store on the Upper West Side, shops in major U.S. cities and the world, everyone can try this great American tradition – and now online orders mean these cupcakes are really just a click away.



A nod to the modern age – nothing is average about this New York bakery. With signature cupcakes you won’t find anywhere else, you get a unique blend of fine taste with flavors you don’t typically find in cake form. Try such blends as Girl Scout Thin Mints, Ultimate S’mores, and Milkshake. Even traditional cupcakes flavors such as Red Velvet and Vanilla/Chocolate Sprinkles, are remixed! Special flavors make it a must go for every season. For October, try Halloween’s Candy Corn or Jack O’Lantern and Breast Cancer Awareness month’s cupcake of choice,  Pink Ribbon. From its first store opening on the Upper West Side to its dozens of franchises across Manhattan and  nationwide, every cupcake is a treat! After a trip to this shop, the only thing left will be crumbs.


Sweet Revenge

The West Village is sweeter than ever thanks to this bakery!  This shop offers the best of cupcakes with a twist!  With a slogan of Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, you can enjoy your favorite cupcakes and wine – a combination that will lift the spirit of any contemporary, professional stylista. Restaurant suggested cupcake/wine pairings such as Dirty & Sweet Smaak Rose Moscato, Pure & Principato Pinot Noir, or Crimson and Cream & Raspberry Bellini are sure to satiate your sweet tooth. If you’re a renegade make your own from a host of Artisan cake flavors including Dulce de Leche, Mayan Chocolate, and Pumpkin Spice and beer, wine, cocktail, and non alcoholic drinks of your preference! With special menus ranging from breakfast to happy hour, come at anytime of the day! Escaping the limitations of corporate America, the success of this shop, really is a Sweet Revenge.