He’s Just Not Into You

In this golden age of technology and the growing popularity of social networks – both take a great deal away from face-to-face interaction, so much so that it’s easy to get lost in translation; at least in terms of being courted and doing the courting. Several dating websites promote themselves as  offering a convenient method of meeting a potential beau with preferance-sorting features for the best match. However, even if you find a great date – or two – there remains a tricky part: social interaction.
I once went on a blind date with a young woman who was completely out of the range of my standards. At first sight of her, I knew, but I figured I’d give it a chance since I had requested the date. When she spoke I realized the gaps in our conversational patterns were almost inexcusable. Long story short, she concluded the “date” by offering to, “pop her [beep] for a real [beep]”. I had to decline. All of this could have been avoided had we both done a little research and she payed attention to conversational ques and subjects that expressed my lack of interest.
From a guy’s perspective, when rejection is on the winds, we can be annoyingly smug and casual; especially if we feel as though we have the upperhand or something to gain from keeping the target around. In this situation, she may typically get blunt and brief declining responses such as, “I’m busy”, “I was out with the guys”, or “I didn’t have time”. If they’re polite, they may even concoct flowery excuses around such situations. About 78% of the time, these excuses are fraudulent. The tell-tale sign of one of these leading to rejection is the lack of follow-up. An interested guy who uses one of these excuses legitimately, would eventually make time.
In my experience, I have encountered similar tactics from the ladies. Traditionally, I apply a one-strike policy. On a few occasions, however, my interest got the best of me, I wanted to see how they would avoid the interaction, or I thought that there was still hope beyond their evasive manuevers. In my younger days, I saw the need for my one-strike policy when I was ensnared in the infamous “Friend Zone” (Twilight theme plays). Because of its efficiency, I highly recommend it for both sexes.It’s a tough world out there people. With terms like “thirsty” being passed around to describe affectionate and interested gentlemen and egos blinding everyone, it’s immensely difficult to play the courting game fairly. Do not dismay, though. In my experience, miracles have been born from the most unlikeliest of circumstances. Keep your heads up readers and don’t be afraid to get in the game.
Written by Greg Jones