Making What you Love Bankable

                                   tyra banks

Tyra Banks wrote an open letter in support of vogue’s decision to no longer use models that appear frail and unhealthy. She recounted her own time as a model when her body began to develop larger than the accepted size four frame. She had curves but when she was faced with the decision to either turn to unhealthy ways to manage her weight or loose work as a model she decided to opt for neither. Instead she took what she had, curves and all, and made it her own. This decision likely catapulted her into super model status and paved the way for her as a savvy business woman who used her modeling experience to produce American’s next top model, The Tyra Banks show, write a book and much more.  Sometimes you have to stand apart from the crowd in order to be accepted. A lesson to be learned.

But how does the average American relate? Huffington Post reported, “of those under 25 years old and with bachelor degrees, more than half remained underemployed or out of work last year, the largest proportion in over a decade.” Yes, that means you and me are facing a tough job market where more and more 20–something’s are graduating college and getting advanced degrees only to have difficulty finding a qualified job.

What can we do about it? Think back to Tyra. When she was facing unemployment as a model, she took action and created her own employment opportunities. The days when a person works in one job position for the same company until retirement are over. Although economically times are hard, this time is the best time to do what it is you love. If you are unemployed or underemployed now is the prefect time for you to think about what it is you love to do, and make it make money for you. If you can’t get the job you want, or perhaps you’re like me, and no job title for what you love to do exists, do what the movers and shakers in industry do. When your dream job doesn’t exist, Create it!

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