The Wonders of Eyeliner


Now Lovelies, when all else fails – and you forget your mascara, lipstick, or blush –  as long as you have eyeliner handy all is well!

There are various fashions of drawing on your eyeliner. Personally, how I’m feeling and where I’m going is the deciding factor as to which style I choose. For the bottom eyeliner, I have fallen hopelessly in love with Feline, MAC’s Kohl Power eyeliner pencil– it’s as black as night and as smooth as baby oil.


Cat-Eye… Aka Stella McCartney is a style that works for everyone. Preferably suited for a night out on the town, after hours drinks with the girls, or a date – the Cat-Eye adds a much wanted sexy appeal to every gal’s look.

color eyeliner

Colored eyeliner aka Jill Sander, is a funky and fun way to express your creativity. While there are eyeliner colors that accent for your eye color, you should also step outside the box and rock a color that is eye catching! Neons and other bright colors are great  for a provocative and attractive look. I also like to pair deep purples and blues to bring my mysterious party animal personality to life! Growl!

 Thin Line]
The Thin Line, aka Louis Vuitton, is my absolute favorite liner style! It works for any occasion and with the right amount of mascara, it exudes the right amount of sexy! For the contemporary professional stylista, time is money and looks are important. The “Thin Line” is an easy art, it does not take much energy or focus to accomplish. I’m not saying you are going to get it right on the first try – a steady hand is still needed, but with a little practice you’ll be a pro in no time!

horoscope eyeliner

Eyeliner can be fun for so many different reasons. Take your time and explore different styles– especially colors. Find looks that you are comfortable with and then explore looks that would normally be out of the ordinary for you. Remember makeup is art in the making, so relax and take it for a test drive!

Jackie Aina of Makeup Game On Point


When you hear about Miss Jackie O., creator of Make Up Game On Point— you might think of pink, green, and all the pretty things in between. Since this queen of beauty and makeup has taken YouTube by storm, thousands of viewers frequent her site daily as she spreads fun, fresh, and fabulous tips on makeup for the perfect face! A Los Angeles native, born Jacquelyn Lonje Olayiwola Oyeshola Bolayemi Aina – Jackie, is more than what meets the eye.

While she may be well versed in making women look gorgeous, this makeup expert wasn’t always on track to being a beauty and fashion vlogger. The daughter of strict Nigerian parents, Jackie was always encouraged to pursue traditional occupations in the field of medicine or law. Though she had the smarts to boast a professional degree, there was something deep inside of Jackie that knew artistry was her calling.


As an elementary school student Jackie was always interested in makeup and beauty. She even told classmates she was going to be a cosmetologist when she grew up — a passion of hers that would not manifest itself until adulthood. Fear kept Jackie from dabbling in makeup as a child, because “I didn’t want to look crazy.” But as a young adult her creativity could no longer be quailed.

Frustrated with the lack of options for women with a darker complexion, this brown skin beauty decided to take matters into her own hands. “I got tired of being told what I was limited to as a woman of color: black women can’t wear silver eye shadow, black women can’t wear nude lips, the list goes on. I got tired of being told what I could and couldn’t do, so I started learning ways of doing things myself!” With a love for colors and unique looks, Jackie practiced on herself and daring but supportive family and friends until she earned a job as a certified MAC Makeup Artist. Known for its dramatic cosmetic line, MAC was the perfect breeding ground for Jackie’s imagination to run free.


Passion fuels purpose which attracts huge followings — this is true of Jackie’s rise to success. While living in Hawaii Jackie’s best friends “BEGGED” her to share makeup and beauty tricks with the world, and so Jackie decided to start her own YouTube channel. It wasn’t long before her well-articulated videos drew a huge following of makeup newbies who flocked to Jackie for her expertise and guidance. This was the beginning of her business venture, “Make Up Game On Point.” Jackie’s website and YouTube channel keep her incredibly busy while her work as a freelance artist keeps her creative juices flowing. This fuels her ability to continue to provide makeup tips through various social media avenues. Having done makeup for talent and celebrities, publications, and television shows, her growing list of clientele has solidified Jackie as a makeup artist and business extraordinaire. Jackie’s favorite beauty secret is using milk of magnesia to help control oily skin. She thinks its “pretty darn genius!”


That’s not all! There’s a saying beauty is only skin deep — the words beautiful and talented are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing Miss Jackie. For her the key to running a successful social media channel lies in being genuine and relatable. She loves doing makeup and helping people find inner and outer beauty. Importantly she finds meaning in dispelling stereotypes about black women and beauty by using herself as an example. Jackie finds purpose in her work, “I am happy in the life I am living and the brand I am creating.”


Jackie often runs into viewers who feel connected to her because of the tips she shares with the public. While it is endearing, Jackie maintains parts of herself for private.  Viewers might see her as “beautiful” and “talented,” but those close to her might also describe her as “crazy and approachable.” She finds peace in prayer, family, and doing what she loves — makeup. It is this balance that keeps Jackie motivated and self-sustaining. Though Jackie has reached an incredible amount of success, humility still defines her. She recognizes that she has not reached these heights alone and cites her mother as the person she most looks up to. “My mother, she is the most humble and grounded person I know.” Artistically Jackie loves Jennifer James, Uzmee Krakovski, and Chen Man. “Chen Man is a GENIUS!!!”


For Jackie, being a U Blush Woman – Bold, Luxurious, Unique, Sophisticated, and Haute- means representing the “epitome of being self-made.” Coming from humble beginnings she knows the importance of had work, “I started from the bottom and worked my way up.” Having established herself as a successful businesswoman the qualities that lead to her achievements include her tenacious spirit. “I do not give up regardless of how much I have been through.” Jackie stresses the importance of being empowered, which for her means,  “overcoming any obstacle thrown at you.”

Jackie reminds other contemporary professional stylistas to spread their wings and fly in the face of adversity, always “looking past the negative and making something positive!” Drawing from her own life theme she encourages women to believe in themselves. “Don’t be discouraged by what others want you to do with your life. If you want something in life, make no excuses, go out there and GET IT!!!” She asserts that “travel” provides exposure that can help build the courage and strength you need to break barriers. Jackie believes you can achieve inner peace and success by “being able to smile when you don’t have many reasons to” – a principle that has ultimately lead her to a successful career as a make up artist and beauty vlogger.

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