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gold layout

Make a statement this season while sticking with the classics. Simple gold jewelry and make-up are the perfect accents for any occasion. Whether you are going out with the girls, having dinner with your special someone, or attending the office holiday party these products are your BFF.

nars peachear ring

1. “Orgasm blush, lipstick Cinderella” if you are still not sure what Drake is talking about, NARS orgasm blush is the answer. This line of blush is a great way to give your cheeks a pop of color with a gold undertone. Really bring out the subtle sparkle while paring it with an ear cuff.  Ear cuffs might be intimidating at first but once you find one you love they are hard to part with, and are extremely trendy right now. Don’t go over the top, pair your cuff with a simple studded earing on the opposite ear and turn heads anywhere you go.


2. Don’t let your nails miss out on the fun, Zoya 18K gold nail polish is not only better chemically for your nails but also gives you the perfect amount of shine. Add this topcoat to another golden polish for a bold nail or add it over a neutral color for just the right amount of glitter. Top off this look with a set of gold rings. I am currently obsessing over rings that fit around the middle part of your fingers. This small amount of gold makes adding some pizazz to your work wardrobe simple and office ready.

gold eyelinerbracelet

3. If you are looking for a night out and really want t catch someone’s eye (they are the window to the soul, right?), a way to add a little flair to your smoky shadow is by adding gold liquid liner to the inner corner of the eyes and accents to the outer corners. A little bit of Lancôme’s Artliner lets you turn your eyes into a masterpiece. Complete this look with arm party. Adding a golden sparkle bangle and a delicate ring to wrist chain bracelet really lets you shine.


4.  Ben-Amun jewelry has graced the pages of many fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. His work is exquisite and this elegant necklace is what every woman should desire as a staple to her wardrobe.  The chain links mixed with knot-like details adds just the right amount of 70’s glam. Although, this piece is a little pricy there is no doubt this necklace can take any look from boring to stunning. Adding gold shimmer to your chest will really allow for this piece to pop without overdoing it.


5.  Every woman has her make-up go to. It’s quick its simple and it makes you feel confident and ready to walk out the door.  This is why I love Urban Decays Naked eye-shadow palate, every color I could ever need for my morning ritual. With the central colors being gold tones these shadows work for every skin stone by going up or down a shade.

bobbia3gold flakes

6. Last but not least, it’s time to pucker up show off your lips. I was hesitant at first when I thought of the idea of gold lip-gloss but have no fear Bobbi Brown knows how much shimmer one girls lips can take. Both of these ‘Old Hollywood High Shimmer colors pair well with pink and neutral toned lipsticks. Get flirty by adding a floral headband on top and letting your natural waves flow free and you are ready to get drinks and dinner with your sweetie.

Tip: Pair your gold accents with emerald green or burgundy and if you are looking to show off your feminine side pale pink is also flattering with gold tones.

Keep it classy ladies but don’t shy away from making a bold statement this season. It’s all in the details! No matter where you are going you can always find a way to shine. Share your gold inspired outfits, make-up, and jewelry with us!

Written By Sydney Cologie: My dream “job” is doing PR for a fashion magazine or retail company. I enjoy reading my horoscope and am often spilling hot coffee on myself. I am inspired by city life, swing sets, and oversized sweaters. Making up new words & watching cartoons are just a few of my favorite past-times along with buying unnecessary calendars and dreaming of owning a kitten.