Pool Party Style!

There is something about the summertime that gets us contemporary professional stylista’s to leave behind our slacks and blazers, and instead show some skin with a sexy classy vibe! Whether you are in LA, SF, NYC, Hotlanta, H-town or Vegas, we have the look for U!

Vegas Pool Party

Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer 50mm Sunglasses

Brooks Brothers Rose Stud Earrings

Otte Diem Tie Front

Dorothy Perkins Navy floral bow balconette bikini top

Levi L.A. Distressed High-waisted Vintage Cutoffs

See by Chloe Suede/Leather Annette Clutch in Sand

Galisfly 4 Above Knuckle Rings

 Casadei 150mm Patent Glossy Sandals

Yay or Nay, Lovelies?

Allow us to reintroduce ourself (Jay Z voice)


Last year my friends and I went to Vegas to celebrate our friend’s birthday. As we enjoyed the Strip, the parties, shopped, and sat poolside, we discussed our lives and the transition we all were in. We came to a consensus. We felt stuck. We had done what we were taught, to get an education. We had countless letters behind our names to prove it but what they didn’t teach us in school was how to use what we learned to live our dreams. All the education in the world is futile if you’re not living purposeful. We had seen so many people in our lives go through this machine only to be in jobs that they really didn’t like. Was this our fate? Something was missing from our lives. We wanted more, but what?

It’s easy to loose sight of who you are if you are working so hard to be who others want you to be. In our case, like many others, we knew what it meant to be a good student, even to be a good worker, but what did it mean to be truly who we were meant to be? I am a firm believer that everyone on this earth has natural talents, abilities, and innate passions that when met with skills and education push us into living a purposed life. Unfortunately for many of us we aren’t taught this. It’s something we just have to figure out.  

For me and my besties, under all the flashing Vegas lights we decided we were going to follow our hearts. We were going to engage in activities that were true to who we are. So we decided to mesh our passions with our skills and our experience. We birthed U BLUSH…




U Blush Magazine is the platform for the young, professional, sytlista who is exploring the world, learning new things, and incorporating her experiences into defining who she is.

She is BOLD in her quest for love and relationships. LUXURIOUS in her enjoyment of fine dinning, getaways, and all other luxuries of life. UNIQUE in her appreciation of and connection to the arts and entertainment. SOPHISTICATED in her commitment to bettering herself through self-care and being a lifetime learner. HAUTE with her beauty and stylish abodes.

The U BLUSH woman is empowered to live a purposed life as she pursues her passion and new experiences- fierce all the while doing it.

If you are like us, figuring out who you are and what you are going to do in life is not easy. It’s a life long process of trying new things and learning from each experience. We invite you to join us in this process. Join a community of women who are dedicated to being true to ourselves by living our passion and purpose, and connecting with others who are doing the same. “Lifting as we climb” is our mantra here at U BLUSH. Pursuing your dreams can be difficult but we hope that you will choose to lift and climb with us. We believe you will find that it’s easier to use your passion to produce your purpose when you have other women around who can support, encourage, and identify with your pursuits.   

Cheers to the U Blush Woman in You