Which Celebrity Couple Are You?


Barack and Michelle O: You came up together. Before either of you made it you were rocking with each other, from hooptie cars, top ramon noodle meals, and tiny apartments. You know what it means for love to keep you warm at night. Despite the hardships you stuck with it, believed in each other, and now you’re running the show. There’s nothing like sharing success with the man or woman who loved and supported you as you moved from the bottom to the top.


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: America’s sweethearts! You two just match. Youthful, vibrant, and exciting the two of you are magnetic and you understand your roles in the relationship. Your love is fresh and lively. It just feels good!


Jay and Bey:  Let me upgrade you. You both were hot but being with the other person made you even better. You two just fit, like a hand in glove and success follows everything you touch. You look good together, work well together, and make things happen, together. You hold each other down and look great while doing it.


Kate Middleton and Prince William: A cinderella story. He was the man when you met. He had everything at his fingertips but that didn’t intimidate you. You’re intelligent, beautiful, and stylish. You know your worth and stand your ground with dignity and grace. You got your fairytale ending and proved you don’t have to be born into royalty to be made for it. 


Khloe and Lamar: It came as a complete surprise. You knew Singledom all too well but met the perfect match that swept you off your feet. It was a whirlwind romance that only took you moments to realize you were made for each other. You both sacrifice to support each and put all you have into making your love work. By making each other top priority you have been able to sustain a relationship that others love and adore.


Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith: You prove good love lasts and withstands hardship. Young and fresh when you first fell in love, your relationship has withstood the test of time, success, and family. Despite life’s stress you make your relationship last on your own terms. People may not understand how you make it work but it makes no difference to you. You love each other and your love looks so good it heartens everyone around you.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: It may have started off shaky, but you two are going strong. The world just seems to be better now that you are together, and you look good while making things happen.


Vince and Tamar: A little crazy, nagging, and chaotic but madly in love. Sound familiar? If your’re like Tay Tay you may have a smart mouth but your boo knows how to handle it. He may sit quitely while you listen to yourself talk, engage in a little bickering, perhaps leave the room, and when necessary he will shut all your talking down. The key to this relationship is reading the other person and knowing when to just be quiet. At the end of the day you love each other and after every squabble you ultimately make up.


Nick and Mariah: Everyone did not understand it at first. People did not think you should be together and couldn’t understand the match. Yes, you had some haters in the beginning but so what. Opposites attract and you could not resist each other. You made it through all the nay sayers and created an amazingly tight bond. The heck what others think, you two are in love, and it works.


Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson: Hurt so badly in the past, you had given up on love. You built up a wall so high to protect your heart from being broken again. Then you met someone patient, loving, and so into you, that you couldn’t help but fall in love again. You experienced what you never thought you would ever again, love and trust. Proof that sometimes the best mend for a broken heart is good love, you just have to trust enough to let someone in your heart again.

Falling in Love

That moment. That feeling. You can’t quite explain it but inside your heart just smiles. You feel the word bubbling up. You want to say it. You may not know exactly what it is but you know that feeling and the only way to describe it is with those four letters. 

If you’re like me, Love can be a scary thing. Letting go. Opening up. Trusting another human being with the most intimate parts of you. Your heart. Your soul. It’s a lot to give. How do you know you’re ready? What do you say? What do you do?

I’ve never said it first. The “L” word. I don’t know why. I guess I’m just scared. In actuality I’ve never said it back to my partner the first time he said it to me. What’s that about? And how would you feel to be on the receiving end? But, love is so meaningful and so important to me that when I say it I want to make sure I mean it. And everything that comes with it, trust, kindness, compassion, and honesty; all these values that complete the package come with it when I say I Love You.

Love can be an incredible feeling, like no other.  But it’s not something to play with. Not for me at least. Because when I say I Love You to that special person it’s not just a feeling. It’s a thought. It’s a commitment. It’s a decision. When I say I Love You I am committing to be there. To share the most intimate parts of me. To be trustworthy. To give myself whole-heartedly. It’s a lot more than just a word.  

There’s no recipe to falling in Love. No manual that comes with it. Just two people who feel deeply and intensely connected. We all may use this term “love” but for different people it means, is expressed, and received in different ways. One of the best things a couple can do is to learn the love language of their partner. That way if s/he is speaking Spanish while you are speaking French you can know how to interpret what your partner is saying. 

I Love LOVE. And I love seeing people in Love. So go out and spread your love. Don’t be afraid to fall. If you fall with the right person you will fall together, hand and hand. Falling in Love is one of the best feelings I’ve experienced yet. 🙂

Meet the Parents

Every relationship comes to this point, some faster than others. One thing is for sure, when the time comes to meet your beau’s parentals, you’re likely to feel a host of emotions. Here are 9 tips for meeting his/her parents. Remember first impression is a lasting one.

1. Dress appropriately: Nothing is worse than wearing a shirt that’s cut too low or a dress that’s too short. Be fashionable of course but keep it classy. 

2. Be polite and mannerable: No parent wants to welcome a new gal/guy into their family who is impolite, so behave!

3. No foul language: I know, sometimes things come up and a good curse word just spews out, but let’s try to curb this habit.

4. Be Open: Now is not the time to be overly opinionated or judgmental. Sure you can share how you feel but be open to different perspectives and ways of thinking.

5. Know how you feel: Some of us maybe a little shy or anxious when meeting a significant other’s parents and that’s okay. Just recognize these feelings and work through them. Remember, feelings are fleeting. They won’t last forever. 

6. Do your homework: Ask your partner a little about his/her family so you have a little background on them. It can be a good conversation starter or just a way know a little bit about what you’re “getting yourself into.”

7. Be Helpful: It’s nice to lend a helping hand in the kitchen or in the yard. Don’t overdue it, but if it seems appropriate offer your help. This may be prime bonding time with a parent.

8. Be YOU: His/Her parents want to meet you, not your representative. So leave the facades at home and just be the yourself. Chances are the parentals will fall in love with you faster then you imagined. 

9: Have fun!: I can’t stress this enough. Yes, keep in mind all of these things, and yes you may be shy, but let your hair down a little and just enjoy the family that you may one day call your own.

Will It Ever Be Me?

On the day that would have been my anniversary I must reckon with the question “Will it ever be me?” I know. I’m young. I have the rest of my life ahead of me. I have a lot going for myself that love can “wait.”

I was on facebook when I saw a beautiful display commemorating the love of a couple on their anniversary. Whenever I see public displays of love, I get happy because I love LOVE! But every now and then a little sad for myself. Maybe it’s just that time of year because this time my heart was heavy. Loneliness, a little despair, but mostly anxiety crept in.  I wouldn’t say it’s jealousy, but it did make me feel left out.  

Sometimes I feel like, am I not good enough? Can I not be the one in that framed picture on display for all the world to see? Is there no man that will love me enough to declare it to everyone? A true love. A selfless love. A sacrificial love. Enduring. One that lasts forever. Will I Ever?

Sometimes I feel alone in this, but I know there is someone else who understands me? A person who too questions, when is it my day? When will it be my turn to be loved unconditionally?

The psychology in me can’t end this without a reflection of self. So, I say if you want to be loved unconditionally you must first love yourself. Be willing to give and receive love, when the time comes. You can’t force it if it’s not there, nor can you fight it when it is. Just accept love when it knocks at your door. Sometimes you may not even expect the person on the other side when you open it. 

Look at this public displays of love with a different mind set, one of hope, a reminder that Love is out there, if only I would just wake up and smell the roses

Going the Distance

Sources say the 5 Must Do’s of Long Distance Relationships are:

1. COMMUNICATION: Make time to laugh. Communication is the foundation of any great relationship and in a long distance relationship it’s the only way to feel as though you are actively involved in your partners life. Text messaging is for convenience only, if you’re in a staff meeting and someone makes a joke you want to share or if you’re out busy running errands and see something funny, take a pic and send a text. For times when you’re in the car taking a long drive, out for lunch alone or even cooking dinner, the phone is perfect, there is something about hearing the voice of the one you love. Best of all skype, it’s amazing, you can not only talk to the person but you can see them. After a minor argument or a long day of work in the office catching a glimpse that smile across the computer screen is contagious.

Make a Plan

2.MAKING PLANS: Having a plan in life never hurt anyone and in this case it could be quiet beneficial, especially if you’re a no drama kind of guy or gal. Start by making plans to see each other, while once a month is highly recommended, every other month can be just as good. Go on vacation together, try choosing a place you both have never been so you can explore together. Also, if the relationship is serious it could be a good idea to pay a visit to your hometown to meet the family and show your partner where you grew up. Another part of making plans is making plans for your relationship, this is when the tough questions have to be asked and eventually answered. Who can relocate? And if both, where would you prefer to live? It is important to know when can the relocation occur? These are necessary discussions so it is best not to argue about them but to discuss them when you are ready.

3. BE HONEST: It is often said that honesty is the best policy and I would have to agree. A long distance relationship is hard as it is and no good can come from unfaithfulness, physically or emotionally. Trust is the second key component of this type of relationship and without it things will end much quicker then began. The act of honesty is not only for your partner’s benefit but is also for you, no one wants to feel trapped in a situation they feel they can not get out of, so speaking up about your feelings regarding the distance or whatever concerns you is a good thing. As long as you do not nag about the situation your partner will be glad you feel comfortable enough to be honest and open. Additionally another part of honesty is being honest with where the relationship seems to be going, remember, progression is necessary to maintain interest and excitement.

4. SURPRISES: Surprises in the mail are always nice, even surprises via email are good. Surprise them with something they like, perhaps he told you a story about his favorite action figure growing up and out of the blue you happen to see it one day at a flee market, buy it and send it in the mail in a little brown box. And maybe there was a book she has been meaning to purchase that she hasn’t gotten around to, check out amazon.com and have it shipped directly to her. Sometimes I think people forget that it really is the little things that make a difference, standing in line to see Jay Leno for an hour just because he’s a fan, or going to see the nutcracker once a year because she simply loves it, these are simple acts that will become memories for a lifetime. And note: tangible expressions of love are priceless, a teddy bear that’s bigger then her head or an oversized handmade christmas card, these things are always there to remind you of that special someone and that even though you can’t always touch them, you can always feel them near.

5. INTIMACY: Let me start by saying intimacy is not just sex, sex is simply one form of such. Intimacy can be in the way you talk to each other, the sharing of personal stories or fantasies, hopes and dreams. Intimacy is private, it’s those private moments, conversations, acts of affection all bundled into one. So the next time you see each other spend sometime alone, in private, perhaps in a hotel room for the night, or even day, and just enjoy each others company.