Dunnie B. Onasanya, Miss Dunnie O.

White Dress Miss Dunnie O

Ms. Dunnie B. Onasanya has blossomed into what Maya Angelo has deemed a “Phenomenal Woman.” Born to Nigerian immigrants, Dunnie’s parents had high expectations for her future, a college degree being one of them. After a spending a summer in high school exploring the luxuries and unanimity of historically black colleges, Tuskegee University seemed to be the perfect fit.


Exploring every opportunity available, Dunnie was an active student on campus. In 2008 she joined Delta Sigma Theta, a not-for profit Greek-letter sorority of college-educated women dedicated to public service. During her senior year she was elected President of the Student Government Association, a position that exposed her natural affinity for event planning.


Following graduation, Dunnie relocated to the Golden State of California where she began her career in Corporate America. The looming dissatisfaction of working from a cubicle drove her to search for new inspiring opportunities. Volunteering on various productions with event planning extraordinaire, Diane Valentine and William P. Miller proved to be her life changing experience. Seeking advice from her mentors, Dunnie found that the only way to the next level was to “get up, do your own thing and figure it out,” step-by-step. The learning was in the doing.

Miss Dunnie O.

By fate Dunnie met the love of her life while standing in line at a local Trader Joe’s. Soon after the two found their dreams of entrepreneurship a commonality, leading them to relinquish their fears, and dive in head first. As a result, Dunnie launched her very own special event production company, Miss Dunnie O.!

Dunnie and Fiance

As Dunnie is an amazing woman, she pays tribute to her fiance, Ibrahim Hasan, for his support. Last year, Dunnie and her beau, put on their first ever Facet Fashion Show: Swimwear and Lingerie and the Facet Fashion Show: Fall edition, events that gave rising fashion designers and models a platform to showcase their talents.

Patise Girl Launch Miss Dunnie O

From prior trail and error Dunnie discovered that event planning is a hands on gig, requiring vast organizational skills, patience, and persuasiveness. “Events are all about consistency and not getting caught up in your last project. Consistency is a determining factor in your success.” With teamwork and communication as the cornerstone of her methodology, working with a small yet strong team has become Dunnie’s winning combination. Utilizing a tool as simple as “group-chat” adds an accountability factor, which has positively influenced team dynamics. Bonding with her team outside of the work environment is an additional factor. Her tight knit team has become more than a company but a sisterhood, whereby four of her six assistants will be in her bridal party.


The embodiment of a U Blush Woman, Dunnie believes you can do anything you set your mind to and in the spirit of such gave us quick breakdown of “Event Planning 101”:

a. Creating timelines and a schedule with attainable goals are important for business to run smoothly.

b. Having a clear and organized communication system is necessary for a team to be on the same page.

c. Budget – have one!

d. Location is of the utmost importance, your event depends on it.

e. And lastly, flexibility. There are so many things you do not have control over, to thrive you must be able to adapt.

Curly Cartel Holiday

“When you are a visionary you are robbing society when you stay in a role that you are not passionate about.”  After experiening success with her own company, Miss Dunnie O decided to partner with Ms. JGray of Image Is Everything PR, to launch The Curly Cartel movement! The Curly Cartel was a simple concept turned movement for the everyday woman to empower and support her along this journey we call life.

FFS Opening Miss Dunnie O

Described by friends as a passionate, driven visionary, while Dunnie enjoys watching a good romantic comedy and listening to neosoul funk, she maintains a focus on her future by continuing to do what she loves  while being open to exciting new opportunity!

Curly Cartel Makeup Mania!


The Curly Cartel has conquered the natural hair game, showing women the beauty in going all natural and embracing the ascetics of their culture. The founders Miss Dunnie O and Ms. JGray, of Image is Everything PR, challenge women to let go of the norms of society and to embrace their uniqueness. In doing so, they have unknowingly created a movement – to be natural, beautiful, and empowering in your own skin.


Last saturday these ladies made the crossover to makeup with their First Annual Curly Cartel Makeup Mania, hosted by Ms. Bella Graham at The Makeup Mix in Burbank, California. The event featured makeup and beauty samples, yummy cupcakes from Eb’s Delites, covered strawberries by Strawberry Kouture, and Haute Baubles debuted her exclusive handmade jewelry.


Giveaways, samplings, music, and LIVE tutorials from makeup artist and beauty gurus:  Kiahs Kinard, Beauty by Zahry, Amara Reyal, and youtube blogger UloveMegz, kept things light and fun. The beauty gurus gave demonstrations of their specialties and secret tricks to creating the perfect face from contouring, eye shadow, and of course taming those bushy brows. A huge success in encouraging woman of all colors, shapes and backgrounds to embrace both their inner and outer beauty. Be sure to look out for more from the ladies of Curly Cartel!


Facet Fashion Show


Facet Studios kicked off the BET Weekend as they presented their first ever Facet Fashion Show. Facet Studios is known for their high fashion studio photography. Hundreds of fashion seeking spectators showed up in their finest threads to see this seasons new up and coming couture swimwear and lingerie collections.

The guest list, included a mix of talented artist, writers, models, actors. To name a few: the Host of BET’s “The Mykie Report”, Miss Mykie sporting her two piece outfit designed by Kachi Designs, Stephanie Allen of “Shop NBC”, Writer of NBC “Crisis” Moronike Balogun styled in a summer gown by “ANGL”, and Mr. Sexy himself,  actor/model  Shemar Moore.  This All White affair was hosted by actor/model Rikki Dee and Terrence Terrell on the roof top of Hollywood hotspot Siren Studios.


The show starred fashion collections from: Venao, Tamasia Sade, Classy yet Sassy, Just Be You, ONNY, Jaylene Crawley, Fame Forever, The Joi of Summer, Cherry on Top, and Pretty Posh Intimate Apparel. Needless to say every piece on the runway was one of a kind – each piece designed for the versatile woman. Whether you’re strolling down the Santa Monica boardwalk, or marking your footprint on the Caribbean seas, this fashion show had it all.  The models glazed the runway with confidence as they showed off the erotic pieces, and their sexy curves. Who was responsible for glamorizing these beauties glossy lips anf perfect eyelashes you might ask – none other than Toni and Guy and Showgirls Cosmetics.


This amazing show full of entertainment, fashion, and luxury was produced by Miss Dunnie and Ms.JGray!


Be on the look out for more from Facet Studios in the near future!

The Curly Cartel


There is something to the unique spirit of one who possesses vision in an unforeseen manner. The Curly Cartel was a simple concept turned movement for the everyday woman – to empower and support her along this journey we call life.

Starting off with conventional careers, it was the adventure of entrepreneurship that brought these women together. Dunnie of Miss Dunnie O, and Ms. JGray of Image Is Everything PR, met over a friendly twitter message and decided to use their talents to foster an environment of acceptance and ingenuity, by building a community known as the Curly Cartel!

D and M

Earning their honorary team natural badges by no longer conforming to the social expectations, they found freedom in being themselves. “There are enough people in the world who will like you for who you are,” says Miss Dunnie O. And understanding and identifying who you are, states Ms. JGray, is the key to loving yourself.

The unification of any community not only creates an inveterate bound but more importantly a support system that leaves room for the unimaginable to occur. As Miss Dunnie O and Ms. JGray are members of historically rival sororities, it speaks to their personal sense of integrity that not only a partnership but a friendship was cultivated from a simple, “Hello.” While a competitive edge is a necessity to endure the stagnate moments entrepreneurship evokes, they will tell you “open lines of communication” and that little word you learned in kindergarten, “teamwork,” are tools to achieving success.

curly cartel

The cornerstone of the Curly Cartel is found in the honesty of the motto, “You define your own beauty” – a beauty that flows inside out. We women today live our lives in front of a mirror, counting our wrinkles, practicing our smile, sucking it in here and there – trying to find the perfect angle for the perfect photograph. There is a wound that needs to be healed in all of us. It is in these unfortunate similarities that we must found ourselves, recognizing that each and every one of us are more than enough.


Hair was only the premise of the Curly Cartel – it’s about beauty, nutrition, fitness, an overall healthy lifestyle that encourages women to embrace all facets of the self, in its most natural form.

So what’s next for the mysterious and luscious Curly Cartel? Well in just 29 days the launch of their website will officially introduce the world to the Curly Cartel’s community of naturalistas. Also be on the lookout for their upcoming event where Miss Dunnie O and Ms. JGray have teamed up in organizing the sexy yet classy Facet Swimwear & Lingerie Fashion Show. Oh, and a little birdie told us that another Curly Cartel is on the horizon – this time wellness in its entirety is the focus!

“The Debut!”

The Debut border

The capacity of your imagination can bring to life many unique events. When I was a child I wrote short plays, pretending to be someone else, and now find myself an actor. As an adolescent I collected fashion magazines even though I rocked plain colored t-shirts, jeans and dunks – but now a true fashionista. And as a young woman celebrating her twenty-third birthday, I along with two of my best-friends turned business partners,  dreamed of doing something unimaginable. We created a platform that speaks to every woman, a work of art that could inspire others, visually and emotionally. A movement that supports a certain kind of woman(or person really) – who is often unrecognized and goes unnoticed – we created U Blush Magazine.

“The Debut!” took place a little over a week ago, yet its success and surrealism still resonates. One thing is for sure, the morning of May 18th was one hilariously hectic and memorable event, from hair and makeup, to the venue set up and wardrobe, things were moving and time was ticking. But once the clock struck 6pm the dust began to settle and crowds of family, friends and U Blush Lovelies started to fill the room. With a sexy-chic theme and the sultry backdrop of The Estate Room at Beso Hollywood, we were able to celebrate our 1 year Anniversary with style and class!

Party 33

Guest mingled at the bar while they sipped what tasted like strawberry heaven, our “Make U Blush” signature drink. Others snacked on fresh tortilla chips and guacamole, chicken enchiladas, and my personal favorite margarita flat bread pizza. Beso served up freshly fried churros with a delectable vanilla crème dip while our wonderfully talented sponsor, Erika of Elegant Edibles, appeased everyone’s sweet tooth with her dainty chocolate tricks –  which were crafted in the form of purses and shoes – yes it had us #blushing.

co host

Throughout the evening, attendees two-stepped and some even Turned Up to the sounds of DJ Nattu. Raffle winners were announced and given special gifts courtesy of Fast and Furious 6 and Gogo Lush Accessories. Our co-hosts, Miss Dunnie O, Blacc Spot Media, and phenomEnon were honored for their support and personal success.

Topping off the evening we had the pleasure of the being honored with Certificates of Recognition for our entrepreneurial achievements from Eric Garcetti, the newly elected Mayor of Los Angeles, making this event the pinnacle of our burgeoning publishing careers.


It is an undeniable truth that your past reflects upon your future. I find it most appropriate that we thank our mothers, the women who have inspired us the most, instilled strong morals and values values, great work ethic and a level of integrity that money cannot buy. We must also pay tribute to our fathers for their abiding support, from photography to graphic layout, party décor, and the simple statement, “I am so proud of you.” And of course we have to thank our siblings who have traveled the course with us –  partied, supported, spread the word, and always have our back. We thank you our families from the bottom of our hearts.

Last but certainly not least, we thank our U Blush Lovelies and friends, those who in fact inspire us. We are one in the same – the women who go to the grocery store and forget what we came for, cry in romantic comedies but love an action packed thriller, and sit at the table next to yours at brunch, chatting about the latest Scandal episode or Miguel’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards. We are the U Blush Woman – Bold, Luxurious, Unique, Sophisticated and Haute.

U Blush logo

In closing, we must say thank you for your support and Cheers to the U Blush Woman in U!