Best of London Fashion Week Fall 2014

With everything from colorful feminine looks to bold military style, London Fashion Week had the world watching as over fifty top designers showcased their talents.

First Looks

This year was no exception to the amazing trends seen on the runway.  From head to toe, each look had us “oo-ing” and “ahh-ing.” and we’ve got some of the best and most unique styles to share with you.

Felder Felder took a chic, earthy approach to London Fashion Week. Including earthy greens, berry reds and their signature black leather, it was hard to blink an eye while the fabulous twin sisters’, Annette and Danielia Felder, collection walked the runway.

J. JS Lee 0

J. JS Lee had heads turning at her impeccable looks during this week’s London Fashion Week. Known for her embossed details on solid fabric, she did not let us down this season. Not shying away from color this year, her looks had us swooning.

Haizhen Wang

Haizhen Wang kept his normal masculine femininity! His chic, show-stopping designs took an architectural reference while combing classical tailoring and classic colors.

Christopher Raeburn

Christopher Raeburn combination of detail, functionality and fun is perfect for the funk fashionista. Taking great fabrics and a fabulous color palette, Raeburn’s styles owned the runway.

Jasper Conran

Starting at the age of nineteen, Jasper Conran has been known for his timeless, contemporary British style and this year was just as impressive as the last. With a soft color palette and gorgeous shapes, Conran landed high on our list of amazing designs to hit the catwalk.

Holly Fulton

One of the most fabulous in prints this year, Holly Fulton let her creativity shine. Her graphic prints and luxurious materials were perfectly paired with unique accessories.

John Rocha

John Rocha’s use of fabric and texture was simply stunning – elegant and stylish with a modern twist!

Lucas Nascimento

Lucas Nascimento brought knitwear to life this year with his amazing silhouettes and captivating textures. The delicate detail found in his garments gave a classic and timeless feel.

Alice Temperley of Temperley London

Another master of the print was Alice Temperley of Temperley London. Designing for the sexy, strong, well-travelled woman, her impeccable use of colors and shapes landed her among our favorite of this year.

Emma Farrow of Topshop Unique

Designer Emma Farrow of Topshop Unique had models showing some serious leg this year. Fabulous boots along with hobo-chic layering had all the right embellishments, creating the perfect look for any contemporary professional stylista.

Antonio Berardi

Antonio Berardi’s creates a sophisticated feel pairing his uniquely structured bodices with a sleek, modern shoe!

Burberry Prorsum

To no surprise, Burberry Prorsum blew everyone away with their stunning use of pattern and amazing styling!

Tom Ford

Tom Ford, designs for the uber fashionista, for the woman who knows what they like and is not afraid to show it!

Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha took her strong yet romantic style and created yet another beautiful collection. Her modern use of unique construction and embellishments were pure genius!

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou’s collection was the perfect combination of bold graphics and industrial jewelry. With a gorgeous color palette of light blues, stunning greens and deep reds paired with its unique footwear, this collection was flawless!

Written by: Kali Borovic As a student journalist, this fashionista, stargazing enthusiast and fitness aficionado loves to write about anything from health to fashion. With a passion for DIY projects and cooking, this Ohio born writer spends most of her time looking up new crafts or coming up with at-home beauty recipes for her blog, Naturally Beautiful. Kali loves to read about any topic under the sun and knows that life is best spent in lipstick, leggings and an oversized sweater.

Brightening Your Look with White Eyeliner

When most people think of dramatic makeup, they think dark colors: big, bold smoky eyes, black winged liner, and stunningly thick eyelashes. But as many celebrities and designers are discovering, you can use white eyeliner to achieve all kinds of different looks. Whether you’re going for innocent and sweet or chic and edgy, using white eyeliner can help you look effortlessly fashionable. Here are a few uses for white eyeliner you might not have known:

As an Eye Shadow or Base

white pencil

NYX makes some spectacular jumbo eye pencils, the most famous of which is the white Milk. This eyeliner is remarkable because of its size and texture, allowing it to double as both eyeliner and eye shadow. This works great as a base and can be used in place of primer to make sure your colorful eye shadows stay on. Just take the eyeliner pencil and color over your lids, and then use your fingers or a brush to blend it out.

white swatch

Above is a swatch of how eye shadow looks on normal skin, and then on NYX’s Milk. The whiteness under the colors really allow the eye shadows to shine through, so the colors look as clear and bold as they’re presented in the pan.

A Dab in the Corner

white corner

A great way to make eyes look brighter and larger is to take a sharpened white eyeliner pencil and outline the very inner corners of the eyes. Unlike black eyeliner, which often swallow up the eyes and can make them seem smaller, white eyeliner acts as a highlighter to brighten your look and make your eyes larger. This look is great for when you want to downplay your eyes and show off a statement red lipstick, like the model on the left without having any sort of conflict from the rest of your makeup.

In Place of Regular Eyeliner

white eyeliner

Instead of limiting the white liner to just the corners of your eyes, you can also sweet them across your eyelids in place of regular dark eyeliner for a modern, chic look. This is a fashionable look that immediately draws attention to your eyes, and can work with all different kinds of makeup styles. The model on the left wears it with a subtle, nude palette while the model in the center uses her white eyeliner to do a simple wing, accented by beautiful contouring and long eyelashes. No matter what you choose to wear on the rest of your face, white eyeliner immediately grabs and commands attention.

To Emphasize Bright Colors

white bright

While black eyeliner can often make even the brightest of neon colors seem dark and a bit overwhelming, white eyeliner has the opposite effect. When you pair crisp white liner with bright pinks, purples, and blues, it creates a beautiful contrast that really brings out the colors instead of overpowering them. Since most people use black or dark brown mascara, having the splash of white can be a greatly needed balance to the darker colors. This is a great way to really emphasize the eyes in any look, so pair it with a quieter, softer nude lip as not to overwhelm this effect.

Milan Fashion Week…Best of the Best!

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 4.42.25 AM

Prada and Gucci and Fendi, oh my! Milan Fashion Week is here and we have the “Best of the Best,” just for you! From the runway to the page, check out all things Fall and lovely, soon to be in your closet or a closet near you!











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