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The holiday season might be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done making a list and checking it twice. As we enter the new year, the naughty or nice list is replaced by the New Year’s resolution list, creating the incentive that gets half the population off the couch and to one place; the gym.

Every year Americans make fitness goals, hoping to turn over a new leaf and finally commit to the healthier lifestyle we strive for. The most popular health and fitness resolutions are to lose weight, get back in shape, and go to the gym 2 to 3 times weekly.

While these resolutions are set with the best intentions in mind, by March, motivation begins to vanish as the number of gym goers drastically dwindle down. There are many reasons why consistency can become a challenge when pursuing a new fitness lifestyle. Unsure of Where to Start- Any permanent change requires planning and sometimes, that’s the hardest part.


For those who are very new to the gym, the overall environment can appear intimidating without knowledge of what steps to take to achieve the results you’re looking for. Luckily, most gyms offer one free session with a personal trainer that can outline and demonstrate workout routines, equipment and classes to start with.

The best aerobic classes to help you trim down include cycling and kickboxing, known to burn over 700 calories per hour. If you’re looking for sculpting and toning, Pilates and bootcamp classes target your core along with strengthening the entire body.


Lack of Time – It can become a hassle trying to fit gym time into a busy weekly schedule.

When setting any fitness goal, the time frame set to accomplish goals should be long enough that it works with your schedule, enabling consistency but not so much time that it might cause you to lose interest. Before signing up, research gym hours and class times, ensuring they coincide with your own hectic schedule. For most people, mornings are usually the best time to get in a workout before other daily responsibilities get in the way.


Reduced Motivation- The desire to see quick results quickly leads to disappointment and discouragement.

People are easily influenced by trends like 6 minute abs and celebrity diets causing them to create unrealistic goals, eager to see drastic changes. However, lack of success can be attributed to the types of goals set. “Get back in shape” is too general; Goals should be specific enough to enable measurement of progress. When reasonable progress is seen, it aids motivation.

Examples of success-achieving goals are:

To lose “X” pounds of fat

To gain “X” pounds of muscle

To fit into that new dress

Make your New Year’s resolutions into a permanent lifestyle change through hard work and consistency. Commit to a dedicated fitness plan and by March, while others have abandoned their goals, you’ll be reaping the rewards in time for spring.

Written By:  Janurie Ulett: Hailing from quaint suburbia, Long Island meets the fabulousness of NYC. With a Bachelors degree in journalism from Brooklyn College, Janurie’s passion for writing comes naturally, fueling her career as a health and fitness freelance journalist. Her signature flair can be described as 19th-century English meets modern day Dear Abby as she faithfully satisfies her readers’ appetites, one word at a time.




New Year Resolutions!


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, “HAPPY NEW YEAR”, most of us shout at the top of our lungs as the clock strikes 12 AM. Couples smooch as confetti stick to their noses; single ladies embrace each other with glee; and fellas cheer to the New Year and new beginnings. Following a night of what most would consider hilarious mayhem, we pick up our heels or slap on our watches only to ride home with two things on the brain. 1.”Man, that was an awesome night” and 2. “What on earth are my resolutions going to be this year?”

In sparing our brains a headache worse than what already persists, after a night of one too many shots, we decide to embrace the words of Scarlett O’Hara, “I will think about that tomorrow.” image

Year after year we spend hours on end trying to figure out what ventures of change we will pursue and almost every year at least of our “so called” resolutions face defeat. Whether it be that piece of cheesecake you ate on a “non-cheat day”, a night spent at happy hour instead of on the treadmill, or my personal favorite, the unavoidable road rage that persist while driving in LA traffic. Almost every year it never fails, rather, WE fail.

So what is the point, right? Why spend day after day passing up the candy bowl only for an afternoon of constant dial tones to push you over the edge, to the point of no return – leading you to resemble the thievery character Swiper, as you reach through your co-workers door way to snatch a precious piece of gold— chocolate! Why not be realistic about our revolutionary endeavors as opposed to wallowing in neglect?


As we are now three days into the new years, let us take a moment to reflect of what resolutions we have set to ensure their achievability. Don’t get me wrong, I am always up for a challenge but telling yourself you’re going but telling yourself you’re going to stick to something so unrealistic is a setup for failure. So set realistic goals, ones that allow you to enjoy the things that make life great, just remember everything in moderation. Good Luck!