Jenn Camp, Fashion Blogger at Le Fashion


Sometimes the best things in life come unplanned. This lovely Colombian born, Texas-Massachusetts-raised, rise to New York fashion blogger extraordinaire is a testament to trusting one’s passion to fuel a purpose. Jenn Camp is a trailblazer in the blogging industry. With dedication and steadfastness, she turned her childhood hobby into real world success. Starting her first blog in 2008, this endeavor was her creative outlet – she never imagined that five years later her pastime would lead to self-employment. Owner of five blogs, Olsens Anonymous and Le Fashion two of Jenn’s most read – propelled her to the forefront of the industry.  One might sum her rise to the top as luck. If luck is when opportunity meets preparation then Miss Camp is just that!

As an elementary school student, Jenn vividly remembers her date with destiny. In the grocery store with her mother, Jenn’s young eyes were drawn to Christy Turlington on the cover of Elle magazine. She knew she couldn’t leave the store without it. When her mother obliged, Jenn walked away with her first fashion magazine and from that day forward she was an avid reader, cutting out photos of her favorite looks, and keeping them in a book for safe keeping. Thanks to her parents who supported her creativity, Jenn was always able to express her personal style through her wardrobe. Drawing inspiration from fashion magazines and like many 90’s babies, the colorful attire of Clueless, Jenn transformed what she saw into her own personal style – the very thing that would later launch her fashion blog success.


As a college student in Massachusetts, Jenn was determined to get her foot in the door at a fashion magazine. An interview with Harper’s Bazaar lead to her moving to the fashion capital of the United States, New York City, for a semester long internship. Jenn enjoyed her time in publishing and garnered valuable editorial experience. But, she soon realized that her dreams of becoming a fashion magazine editor were limited. With so many people who also wanted this coveted job, and only a few positions available, she knew the climb to the top of an established magazine would be a long and tedious challenge. It was then that she made the decision to make her own ladder instead.

Valuing independence, Jenn grew up inspired by her mother who was a successful attorney and businesswoman. From a young age, Jenn saw the value of education and autonomy. She always had an interest in Psychology, so after her decision to discontinue her pursuit in magazine editing, she decided to enter a graduate program to become a licensed therapist. In between her studies, Jenn indulged in blogging as a creative outlet and means of self-expression. Little did Jenn know that blogging would turn into the job of her dreams? Her dedication to her blogs grew her audience, building a strong internet presence. Coming of age, during the late 2000’s at the dawn of the fashion industry’s recognition of the power of bloggers, companies began to approach her for partnerships and advertising. She also began to collaborate with other bloggers. It was then that she started to understand the strength of her brand. After finishing her graduate program, Jenn decided to focus on blogging full time – a dream she had never even imagined.


As a self-employed blogger Jenn is well versed in multi-tasking. She spends her days scouring fashion magazines, posting on each of her sites, answering dozens of e-mails, meeting with brands and potential partners, and attending industry events, such as coveted fashion shows at NYC fashion week. Her dream is to attend Paris Fashion Week!

Perhaps most famous for one of her first blogs, Olsens Anonymous, Camp pays homage to the two fashion forward trendsetters she most admires – Mary-Kate and Ashley. Jenn credits them as “independent women who dress the way they want to dress.” She is impressed that garb they wore back in 2006 to 2008 are the trend today! The Olsen’s confidence in their own style and ability to be “ahead of the curve” if not set it, is the inspiration behind the blog.

Le Fashion is another audience favorite. Jenn began the blog by posting clothing and accessories she liked. She has now refined the posts to include more street style, suchas celebrity inspired looks and what’s haute from fashion magazines and online stores. Jenn keeps her pulse to the fashion world to ensure that she provides readers with fresh daily content and style for the likes of any contemporary professional stylista!


Jenn’s advice to bloggers is to be genuine, consistent, motivated by passion, and have fun! These are the same tips that led her to a successful career as a blogger with a steady growing audience. She has also grown her readership by connecting with other bloggers in addition to being a writer with an established fashion site, Who What Wear – providing her guidance and a platform to share her fashion visions. Taking inspiration from famous muses such as Vogue Paris team Emmanuelle Alt, Capucine Safyurtlu, and Géraldine Saglio, Jenn learns from the best – even if vicariously!

Jenn has undoubtedly seen herself evolve through her fashion. From a shy young girl who used her clothes as a means to introduce herself to others – Jenn now focuses on wearing what feels good to her – an authenticity that likely drives readers to her site. She describes her personal style as “classic minimalist” – a Parisian feel meshed with down town New York swag. You may find her wearing a blazer and classic tee, with her favorite ripped boyfriend jeans and leopard Louboutin loafers – she just loves animal print! When night sets Jenn may throw on heels and a leather jacket – but her style is simple.


If you’re a lover of Black like Jenn and her favorite fashionista, Ashley Olsen, Jenn suggests wearing a statement piece that adds color, such as an interesting necklace or bracelet. Metallic accents and studs always offer a nice touch! Jenn’s most important fashion tip is “less is more!” In the words of Coco Chanel, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This speaks to Jenn’s personal style, and belief that sometimes it’s better to make a “small statement.”

To all the lovelies who have big dreams Jenn suggests the best characteristic to embody is patience. “Ambitious people tend to want immediate success but what they are trying to accomplish takes time, hard work, and dedication.” Jenn believes that patience will help you get there. And when big dreams seem overwhelming, she advises to take it step by step until you reach your goal. Jenn’s confidence and love for what she does makes her a U Blush Woman. She feels empowered by her independence and the intrinsic happiness from waking up each day and sharing her fashion likes with the world. The perks of Jenn’s job is that she gets to do what she loves – so even though it’s challenging, it doesn’t much feel like work. Jenn states, “it has really allowed for my dreams to come true. I always dreamed of wearing designer clothes and attending cool events with the forerunners of the fashion industry. Because of blogging, I no longer have to dream about it anymore.”