Opposites Attract: Jackie O Meets Sci-Fi


It is a universal truth that opposites attract, and this is especially true when it comes to fashion. Sticking with one look or style can make for a simple, clean look, but it can also be incredibly boring. Mixing two opposite styles together can make for a look that is both interesting and unique. For this look we’re going to mix together two styles that most people think would probably never go together: Jackie O and Sci-Fi.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is probably the person that automatically comes to mind when the words ‘classic style’ are mentioned, she was known for her love of clean lines and impeccable fit when it came to style. Luckily, classic looks are a great foundation for the building blocks of style, and adding a bit of irony to an otherwise classic look can make for an original and conversation-starting ensemble. The irony in this particular look comes from the fantastical world of sci-fi. Sci-fi clothing is known for its ‘anything goes’ aesthetic, where it’s not abnormal to see sky-high hairdos, outrageous shoulder pads, and cage-wrapped dresses; sometimes all at once!

To achieve this look without it going too costume-y, try to keep the underlying layers clean and simple, with futuristic accents thrown in throughout. Start with a simple black sheath dress and pair it with a cool shrunken blazer, very Jackie! The blazer brings in a hint of sci-fi with its unusual proportions and strong shoulders. Nothing says Jackie O more than a pair of classic pumps, but for a twist try pumps with interesting details, such as this pair with its clear panels and silver capped toes.  Finally, throw in some cool accessories for that ultimate sci-fi look; this chain necklace and diamond studs are classic enough to channel Jackie O, but the unusual shapes and materials keeps them looking futuristic. Lastly, throw on a pair of Jackie’s signature oversized sunglasses and you’re ready to go.  Aren’t you a futuristic fashionista!

Written by: Audrey Bonfig who received her B.A. in English and French from The Ohio State University in 2012 and is currently pursuing her M.S. in journalism at Ohio University. Her dream job is to be a writer for a fashion magazine, eventually working her way up to editor. When not keeping up-do-date on the latest trends, she enjoys Victorian novels, Tudor history, and Asian horror films.  She describes her personal style as “classic,” but always with a little bit of irony thrown in to keep things interesting! You can follow Audrey’s blog, “The Renaissance Chick,” at renaissancechic89.blogspot.com.