Going Out In Style: Perfect Graduation Looks


Graduation marks a huge milestone in our lives. We’re growing up, moving on and discovering ourselves, and our makeup choices should resemble how amazing we feel.

From graduation ceremony to post-grad festivities to a celebratory night out with the girls, the perfect makeup has the ability to reflect how amazing we feel. These stunning makeup trends have a perfect mix of personality and class. Graduation ceremony is often long, hot and boring, but the right makeup can liven up the day. With hundreds of photos being taken form start to finish, it’s important to focus on your natural beaut. A timeless look makes for not only great photographs but for people to focus on you and not just your makeup.


Naya Rivera shows us the perfect look for graduation ceremony. With a simple eye and simple lip, these girls are able to turn heads with their natural beauty. But going simple doesn’t mean ditching the color.

To achieve this look, make sure to have a great base and good mascara. From there, choose a light pink or tan eye shadow that complements your skin. To make your natural beauty really stand out, make sure to add a hint of blush to liven up the cheeks and a slightly pink nude lipstick. Try NAR’s nude pink lipstick for the perfect shade to add just enough color to your ceremony look.


Post-graduation ceremony is always filled with family and close friends. The people that know you the best already know how truly amazing you are, so don’t be afraid to add some color. Focusing on your natural beauty with a twist, an addition of color will lead to showcasing your true personality.

Rihanna has a knack for staying true to herself while looking chic at the same time. Her bold use of color is perfect for a post-graduation party. As usual, make sure to have a great base, but this time try Urban Decay’s baked bronzer for a subtle shine. Feel free to go for a slightly winged liner and heavy mascara to make the look your own. Then finish off with some show-stopping lip color such as Smashbox’s electric coral for the perfect finish to a standout look.


A celebratory night out with the girls can be anything from grabbing a few drinks to a full-blown party. This is your night to celebrate and your makeup should reflect that, so don’t be afraid to go bold and add some darker colors.

Megan Fox has some of the perfect night-on-the-town makeup looks to replicate for a memorable night. To achieve this look, focus on the deep plum and smoke grey color palette. The easiest way to stick to a great color palette is to invest in an eye set with the colors already matched. Bobbi Brown’s soho chic eye palette makes for the perfect recipe for stunning makeup on your night out. Pair that with the line’s dark red wine lipstick and you’ll have the perfect makeup for a memorable night.

No matter what the graduation occasion it’s important to reflect your true personality and let your natural beauty shine. The right makeup has the ability to make you look and feel your best while your doing your much-deserved celebrating.

Written by: Kali Borovic As a student journalist, this fashionista, stargazing enthusiast and fitness aficionado loves to write about anything from health to fashion. With a passion for DIY projects and cooking, this Ohio born writer spends most of her time looking up new crafts or coming up with at-home beauty recipes for her blog, Naturally Beautiful. Kali loves to read about any topic under the sun and knows that life is best spent in lipstick, leggings and an oversized sweater.

The U Blush Red Lip!

Everyone remembers the Classic “THEY SAY MY LIP GLOSS IS POPPING, my lip gloss is cool, All the boys keep jocking, They chase me after school!” Lil Mama’s hit single reminds us how good, wearing lipgloss or lipstick for that matter, can make us feel. A great lip color can bring just the right amount of attention from, hopefully, the right person.

So, here is one of our favorite Lipstick Combos!

Our go to lip color on many occasions is the “Red Lip!” It’s sexy, it’s chic and most importantly haute!

How to do “The U BLush Red Lip”:


Step 1: Apply a light coat of  “Moisturizer SPF 15” Chapstick, it is really inexpensive and works like a charm. Make sure you apply a light coat, you don’t want to over do it.


Step 2: Take your “BRICK” MAC Lip Pencil and apply a medium to thin layer around the edge of your lips. Remember your lipliner should be a shade darker then your lipstick, this makes for wonderful dimensions in color.


Step 3: Now for the fun part! M.A.C. RED satin lipstick, is highly pigmented and goes on with a smooth sheen. Since we prefer not reapply our lipstick throughout the day, we apply three to five layers.

Complete Red Lipstick Look4

Step 4: And for the final touch, dabb a bit of MAC’s “Venetian” Lustreglass on your top and bottom lip. Rub your lips together for a few seconds and you are DONE!


If you prefer a less glossy look, eliminate step 4, and if you prefer a matte finish instead try Rihanna’s limited edition, M.A.C.’s RiRi Woo!

For a transitional look, perform steps 1 thru 3 in the morning and after work, on your way to Happy Hour, step 4 comes in handy to spice things up a bit.


Make Your Eyes POP!

Black used to be my go to color when it came to basic eye makeup. After taking a few close up head shots, I realized that my eye color was actually light brown. When you have brown eyes most people over look the fact that they can be light, so I wanted to find away to make them stand out. As much as I love my MAC “Feline” Kohl Power Eye Pencil and Benefit “They’re Real!” Mascara, the jet black look only flattened my eye color. Then I started to wonder, “What color eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras (if you like a little funk in your look) would make my eye color Pop!


There are a two key ways to enure that the colors you have chosen will illuminate your eye color:

1. Using a color that contrast with your natural eye color. Now, I know you are wondering “how would I know which colors to choose,” but the answer is in the color wheel! All you have to do is locate your eye color on the wheel, the color directly across is the perfect color for you!

2. You can also use a bit of your natural eye color, or a slightly darker version, to bring out the color!

Fear not people of the Middle East … Kim Kardashian earlier this month

Brown Eyes:

Eyeshadow: navy and other blues and olive greens, plums and warm browns,
sparkling caramels and taupes, mahogany and charcoal

Eyeliner: dark brown, navy and other blues, charcoal gray or soft black

Mascara: brown/black and soft black

Leighton Meester Cute Smiling Face Closeup

Dark Brown/Black Eyes:

Eyeshadow: navy blue, plums, and charcoals browns

Eyeliner: navy blue, deep plum, charcoal gray, deep black

Mascara: soft and deep black


Hazel Eyes:

Depending on whether you want to highlight the green or blue
of hazel eyes, follow the above rules accordingly.


Green Eyes:

Eyeshadows: red/bronze and soft or deep purples and peaches, warm golden browns and taupes

Eyeliner: taupe, soft red-brown and some purples.

Mascara: brown or brownish black.


Blue Eyes:    

Eyeshadow: gold and golden browns, greys and slivers, warm browns and taupes and soft peaches and pinks.

Eyeliner: soft browns and taupes, navy blue and royal blue

Mascara: blue, brown and brow/black

There you have it #Lovelies, a few new colors to add to your makeup collection, just in time for the weekend! It is all about the eyes anyway so why not make them POP!

Let’s Talk About Sex


Mixed Messages

Sex. Yes, I said it. It can be such a taboo topic yet it’s all around us. We have vicious debates about whether we should include sex education in schools, some parents are mum on the topic, and when it comes to educated and sophisticated ladies, well that’s something that’s kept in private. On the other hand passionate love scenes are the norm in television and film, celebrities have made careers out of home movies, and sex sells. It is ironic how sex can be a faux pas?

U Blush Magazine has too been caught in this irony. We cater to the contemporary, professional, stylista, yet there has been no discussion of sex. Well, there have been private discussions but it has yet to venture into editorial content. Like many professional women we struggle with defining ourselves as sophisticated and empowered women while maintaining our rights to express our sexuality.


Recently, Beyonce and Rihanna posed in a sexy spread for GQ magazine. I love Queen Bey but I must admit my hesitation with placing the image on the magazine. This created quite the stir among the U Blush team. Was the photo too sexy? Was Beyonce’s spread classier than Rihanna’s? Perhaps image and reputation had more to do with that thought? A myriad of questions and opinions filled the conversation, which leads to an important discussion about women and sexuality. In a time where sex is everywhere, yet taboo, where’s the line between hyper-sexuality and a healthy sexuality?


As a child my parents never talked about sex. Approaching adulthood the conversations were to “be careful” and reframe from sex before marriage. Other then this I did not hear much else from my parents or any adult for that matter. But in popular media and conversations with friends sex was always a topic. Like many developing women I received mixed messages: “Sex is great everyone is doing it” and “Don’t have it, it’s bad.”

LTAS_The Best Dress Kate Middleton #1

A Historical Perspective

The nineteenth century cult of true womanhood valued chastity. For women of color, stereotypes and racial prejudice represented an additional burden. I recently read a review on black sexual politics addressing the middle class Black women’s attempt to counter negative stereotypes by being civil and minimizing their sexuality.  “Conservative sexual behavior is the foundation of the performance of middle-class black womanhood,” then it dawned on me, these standards are still prevalent today.

Women have a long history of being expected to subdue their sexuality in the name of respectability. It is no wonder that even in the 21st century professional women must still negotiate where to draw the line of sexual appropriateness. Compared to the Victorian era, sex has made its way into the public domain with a preponderance of sexual imagery in media, fashion, and popular culture– we love our sex scandals. Within a society where women are often hyper-sexualized, in a quest to be treated as equal to men, to be treated with respect, and taken seriously, professional women may feel the need to cling to the politics of respectability.


The Contemporary Woman

As a professional woman, I too must contend with mixed messages that are sometimes hard to reconcile. My religious upbringing has a strong stance against sex before marriage. Additionally I value the perception others have of me as a respectable professional and it often seems public expressions of sexuality are antithetical to this image. However,  I am human. I enjoy talking about sex with my girlfriends. I have sexual urges, desires, and interest. What is a woman to do when she has all of this to negotiate?

I am not here to change your moral compass. What I am calling for is a healthy discussion about sex because it is a part of human nature. I grew up with little to no discourse beyond “don’t do it,” because of this I must admit I have been ill informed, unprepared, and uncomfortable when I have had to make decisions about sex. It is a disservice to raise a generation of women who have minimal knowledge of sex and their bodies. This is particularly important in regards to HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Women account for one in four new HIV diagnoses and deaths caused by AIDS.
  • African Americans and Hispanics represent 26 percent of all women in the U.S. but they account for 82 percent of AIDS cases among women.

Sex is real and has real life implications. Silence and our decision to ignore reality is not only emotionally and psychologically costly– it can be deadly.


 “A Healthy Appreciation for Sex”

U Blush magazine is the premiere platform for the contemporary, professional woman. We cannot be a voice of the women of our generation if we ignore a central part of what women negotiate. We all make decisions about the clothes we wear, who we date, whether or not we will have sex, with whom, and if we will use protection. Our choice to have sex and how we express our sexuality is a personal decision that each of us must make. Our morals, values, and comfort levels may differ but we all must traverse similar terrain. How can we embrace our femininity, sexuality, and womanhood without falling into the tramp of being either hyper-sexualized and exploited, or being rigid and desexualized? Where does the line lay? How do we move away from monolithic images of women and sexuality to images that are multidimensional and multifaceted? These conversations belong in this publication.

U Blush Magazine is joining the movement to empower women to take control of their bodies, their images, and their lives. Sexual agency and exploration is central to the lives of today’s women. Integral to our womanhood is being the creators and authority of our own realities. U Blush pledge’s to embrace our sexuality in a healthy manner and respect each woman’s ability and right to define and express herself as best suits her.

2013 Grammy Awards Red Carpet Reveals

After the announcement was made, asking the stars and all Grammy Award attendees to “please” be mindful of how much skin they plan to show on the red carpet and during show, it seems as though quite a few refused to sacrifice style for the sake of dress-code approval…

Christine Teigen3

Christine Teigen in Joy Ciocci

Rihanna 2

Rihanna in Azzedine Alaia

Taylor Smith

Taylor Swift in J Mendel

Keltie Colleen2

Keltie Colleen in Sheeri Hill

Kelly Rowland2


Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra Couture

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