Celebrate Valentines Day as a Single Woman


Thought you had to skip celebrating the day of love simply because you’re single? Oh, darling we’re happy to tell you that you’re so wrong. Single is no excuse not to celebrate and give to the person you’ve loved longer than anyone else in your lifetime — yourself! We present you with 3 incredible ways to celebrate loving you (and actually enjoy yourself) this Valentine’s day, despite being alone.


1. Sexy Shopping Spree

Why bother when you have no lover to slip into new lingerie for, you ask? Because it isn’t about a significant other. When we get dressed for a typical day, we choose clothing that makes us feel good. Why should lingerie be any different? Dressing up is something many of us have enjoyed since childhood. Remember all the fun and excitement that came with it? That’s exactly the kind of fun you experience when you drop your inhibitions and take a day to dress up in something sexy that makes you feel great. Dressing up in lingerie is just the adult version of a childhood pastime.


2. Get Intimate… with yourself

Who said you needed a lover for that special V-day orgasm we all long for? Grab ol’ trusty and show yourself some love, or better yet…spend your Valentine’s day scoping out adult stores. Pick up a new, awesome-looking vibrator for a Valentine’s night thrill. Go all out and combine your new toy adventure with number one on our list (the lingerie shopping spree!) for an even bigger V-day bang.


3. Set a Goal and Begin Right Away

Lastly, end your thrill-filled night by setting a goal, and making a step towards it. Just stepping outside of your normal routine and doing something out of the ordinary — even if it is late and you have work the next day — is a whole new excitement in itself. Nothing is more fulfilling than making strides towards a goal no matter how small. Best of all, you’ll have something to look forward to at the end of the V-day night, even if it is just a painting your wall.

Written by: Kendra Richards is a writer, pet lover, aloe vera-eater and a woman of many talents. If she isn’t passionately typing away, she’s more than likely spending time with her family, pets, boyfriend or attempting to sew something. It’s also possible that she’s buried deep in some type of activism work. Writing anything and everything from beauty, health, fashion product reviews to informational articles, she loves variety when it comes to reading and  writing. A people and animal lover, she believes cats are super heroes in disguise.

Quoting Singledom


20 or 30 something and single while many of your friends are getting married and starting families? You’ve mastered your career, on track to become CEO. You’ve traveled the world or at least the States. You’ve been a good friend – given your shoulder to cry on and have cried on a shoulder or two … or ten. You’ve dated, been in relationships, broke up, and went to therapy to work on yourself. And now you’re back at square one – alone. Does this sound familiar?

Singledom can often sound like the main cord of a fateful horror movie, dun dun dun, but does it have to be? Sometimes we need a little pick me upper to remind us what being single is all about. Our top 5 quotes for all the single lovelies, and gents!


“Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can still stand.” –Anonymous.

Sometimes taking that step to be alone is even harder than being comfortable in an unhealthy relationship. You may have been crippled so much by your past that the thought of being single aches you. Taking that step can give you the confidence and courage that you need, and remind you that you can do it! You may be alone but you’re still standing.


“I don’t like to be labeled as lonely just because I am alone.” – Delta Burke.

Who ever said being single means you are alone? I’ve been in plenty relationships and have felt lonely. Really the feeling of loneliness is relational – meaning do you have the emotional connections with others, and not just romantic partners. This also means a support system of friends and family. Importantly do you have a connection to yourself? Being single can be a great time for you to reconnect with the person we so often forget – ourselves.


“Being single is getting over the illusion that there is somebody out there to complete you and taking charge of your own life.” – Omkar Phatak.

So true! Often we think, “life will be perfect once I meet that special someone.” We spend so much time trying to find love to complete us, when really no one can complete you but yourself. Who wants a half a person anyways? Your romantic partner should add to your life, no doubt, but before anyone can make you better, you have to be at your best.


My mom always complains about my lack of a boyfriend. Well, next time she asks, I’m going to tell her I’m dating two different guys : Mr. Duracell and Mr. Energizer.– Michelle Landry.

There’s not much to be said about this right? The world of technology makes it so that we can all enjoy ourselves, even without a partner, if we so feel the need.


“Save a boyfriend for a rainy day – and another, in case it doesn’t rain.” – Mae West.

Many of us contemporary professional stylista’s have a back-up plan for our back-up plan when we were deciding on our careers and other important life decisions. Why not have one for dating? I think Miss West may be on to something. Sometimes it’s nice to have that card or two in your back pocket just when you need a “friend.”  Enjoy your single life ladies, and when the weather gets a little gloomy and you need a hint of sunshine, pull out a few options if that’s your delight.

Why am I single?


One of the most common questions I get from men who court me is the infamous, “So why are you single?” It never fails, every guy I go out on a date with, text, or talk to on the phone, that question always comes up. I cringe as soon as it rolls off their lips because there’s just no one answer. Before answering, I think to myself, “Do you want the real reason, or the politically correct answer?” I almost always go with the latter, preceded by a playful, “Because I’m crazy.” You know what they say, there’s truth in every joke.

But this brings up the good question for us single ladies and gents: Why are we single? So, I’ve scoped the land, talked to some people, processed my own singledom, and came up with these few reasons. Can you find yourself in any one of these?


1. Case of the Ex: You are still in love with your ex. The two of you may have broken up last week, last month, several months, or even years ago, but time doesn’t matter. That person still holds a special place in your heart and you might even feel there’s no one who can take his or her place. You’re so smitten with your ex, you couldn’t even notice Mr. or Mrs. Right if s/he smacked you in the face.


2. Tunnel Vision: You’re career is king or queen and you don’t have time to waste on relationships. That is time you’d rather spend in the pursuit of excellence. Sure you date, but it’s nothing serious. You’re so focused on the goal ahead of you that your vision is constricted and you can’t see anything else, even if it’s the love of your life.


3. You Really are “Crazy”: I say this lightly but in reality you have difficulties maintaining relationships. Maybe they start off perfectly and you are really feeling your beau, yet each relationship turns south. Something always goes wrong and the common factor seems to be you.


4. Single, Sexy, and Free: You love being single because this is the time to enjoy life. You are embracing who you are in the moment and don’t need (or want) to be in a committed relationship just yet. Right now it’s all about self exploration and you are loving it!


5. Single Solitude: You are afraid to be in a relationship or you simply don’t know how to be. Perhaps it’s difficult for you to relate to others, maybe you are shy, or maybe you are just plain scared of comittment. Either way, singledom is your fortress to keep you from getting hurt. The only thing is, you really want to be with someone you just don’t know how to let them in.

Do any of these fit the bill? I think I may be a mixture! Now what? It depends on you. Take an honest inventory of yourself and inquire why you are single. If it’s something you like then great, continue to bask in it! But if you find yourself unsatisfied with your current position, dig deeper. Find the root and work on fixing it so you are ready to be in a healthy relationship the next time the opportunity presents itself. One thing to keep in mind is singledom is often a season. Sometimes you may be in it for a while, cycle in and out, or never come back. Whatever your situation take this time to self explore and work on becoming a better you.

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