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The holiday season might be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done making a list and checking it twice. As we enter the new year, the naughty or nice list is replaced by the New Year’s resolution list, creating the incentive that gets half the population off the couch and to one place; the gym.

Every year Americans make fitness goals, hoping to turn over a new leaf and finally commit to the healthier lifestyle we strive for. The most popular health and fitness resolutions are to lose weight, get back in shape, and go to the gym 2 to 3 times weekly.

While these resolutions are set with the best intentions in mind, by March, motivation begins to vanish as the number of gym goers drastically dwindle down. There are many reasons why consistency can become a challenge when pursuing a new fitness lifestyle. Unsure of Where to Start- Any permanent change requires planning and sometimes, that’s the hardest part.


For those who are very new to the gym, the overall environment can appear intimidating without knowledge of what steps to take to achieve the results you’re looking for. Luckily, most gyms offer one free session with a personal trainer that can outline and demonstrate workout routines, equipment and classes to start with.

The best aerobic classes to help you trim down include cycling and kickboxing, known to burn over 700 calories per hour. If you’re looking for sculpting and toning, Pilates and bootcamp classes target your core along with strengthening the entire body.


Lack of Time – It can become a hassle trying to fit gym time into a busy weekly schedule.

When setting any fitness goal, the time frame set to accomplish goals should be long enough that it works with your schedule, enabling consistency but not so much time that it might cause you to lose interest. Before signing up, research gym hours and class times, ensuring they coincide with your own hectic schedule. For most people, mornings are usually the best time to get in a workout before other daily responsibilities get in the way.


Reduced Motivation- The desire to see quick results quickly leads to disappointment and discouragement.

People are easily influenced by trends like 6 minute abs and celebrity diets causing them to create unrealistic goals, eager to see drastic changes. However, lack of success can be attributed to the types of goals set. “Get back in shape” is too general; Goals should be specific enough to enable measurement of progress. When reasonable progress is seen, it aids motivation.

Examples of success-achieving goals are:

To lose “X” pounds of fat

To gain “X” pounds of muscle

To fit into that new dress

Make your New Year’s resolutions into a permanent lifestyle change through hard work and consistency. Commit to a dedicated fitness plan and by March, while others have abandoned their goals, you’ll be reaping the rewards in time for spring.

Written By:  Janurie Ulett: Hailing from quaint suburbia, Long Island meets the fabulousness of NYC. With a Bachelors degree in journalism from Brooklyn College, Janurie’s passion for writing comes naturally, fueling her career as a health and fitness freelance journalist. Her signature flair can be described as 19th-century English meets modern day Dear Abby as she faithfully satisfies her readers’ appetites, one word at a time.




Have Sunshine During The Winter Gloom


Tis the season to be Gloomy?  Unfortunately, for some people this is the case.  When the sun no longer shines as bright, and friends and family disappear into the holiday cheer of their families, there are some who are left alone to deal with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

“A lot of my clients, they are struggling when the holidays come around,” said Complete Game Plan, Therapist, Todd Deutsch, MFT.  “…They’re feeling overwhelmed because of the lack of family involvement, (or perhaps they lost their loved ones) it could be a very troubling time.”  Deutsch is a licensed therapist, counselor, life consultant, educator, and mentor who works with both adults and children struggling with a diversity of issues.

WebMD describes Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), as a mood disorder that happens every year at the same time. The most common time of the year that this occurs is the during winter months.  SAD happens more often in women than in men, and can start as a teenager or as an adult.  This happiness stealing disorder is triggered by: Insufficient vitamin D caused by the lack of sunlight exposure, due to the longer winter nights.

In spite of the lowered amount of access to the feel good rays of the sun, or the bright smiles of family, there are still ways to maintain your inner sunshine during the winter gloom.  Listed are some tips from Mr. Deutsch.

  1. Imitation to sunlight. Since the winter wants to take away our sunshine, bring the sunlight back with a lamp that replicates the suns natural light.  There are many types to choose from, some lamps even mimic the suns natural twelve-hour cycle, so you feel like everyday is a beautiful sun-shinny-day.
  2. Work it out. It may be cold and dreary out, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a couch potato.  Get up and put some pep in your step by joining a workout class or working out in the comfort of your own home.   In an article called Power Surge: The Hidden Benefits of Exercise, it says that research has shown that as little as 30 minutes of cardio three to five days a week will add six years to your life.  A longer healthier life can boost anyone’s mood!
  3. Call on your inner yogi. Stretch, breathe and let go of all your worries and tension, with the relaxing movements of Yoga.  When you release the tension of your muscles, you also release clusters of stress built up in your body and brain.
  4. Surround yourself with love.  When you’re busy laughing and enjoying an outing with friends, or any supportive group of people, there’s no way you will have time to focus on sadness.  Elementary school faculty worker, Gloria VanVactor, says she enjoys being around her sisters during the holiday season, especially when they sing holiday songs together.  Mrs. VanVactor has dealt with SAD since the passing of her Mother and Husband and finds comfort in the presence of family and friends.
  5. Depression-fighting Vita-D.  Give your body the mood-stabilizing boost of vitamin D.  There are many ways to get vitamin D: You can take supplements, cod liver oil or you can get it from certain foods and beverages (e.g., fatty fish, milk or orange juice.)
  6. Positives subtract negatives.  “You is kind, you is smart, you is important,” as said so eloquently by Aibileen Clark (Viola Davis), in the hit film The Help. “Typically, (with) depression and anxiety, it’s all about reducing the negative thoughts we have about ourselves,” said Deutsch.  “(It’s) positive emotion…instead of negative.”
  7. The eye of the tiger.  There is happiness and strength in your naturally born talents. “Finding things that you do well and like to do…reinforce a positive side (of you,)” said Deutsch.  So if you are a writer write, if you are a physical person get physical and so on.  Bringing out the best part of you is happiness in itself.
  8. Give The Best Gifts.   Holiday shopping can be stressful, especially during a recession, but the best gifts aren’t necessarily those that affect your pocket book.  Use your talents we mentioned above, and give a gift reflective of you.  Remember those clay handprints you made for Mom & Dad, when the concept of money was foreign to you? That title token of love was probably one of their favorites gifts.

Todd Deutsch’s Complete Game Plan counseling center is located in Los Angeles, CA. Visit his website for more information about his program. Remember, Tis the season to be Jolly.

Written By Ricki Jae. Morris: “Since of Style Need Not Make Sense,” is her motto.  This Southern Cali Girl is not opposed to standing out in the name of Fashion & Art. As a mother of a 4-year old daughter, she strives to set an example of “Success with Class,” by always being a lady and staying true to self.  In her spare time, Ricki Jae. Blogs about Fashion Designers and Events.





Rebelling Against the Status Quo


There is a new kind of woman in town and she’s a professional, yet ambitious woman, who despises mediocrity, craves creativity and is on an irresistible quest to change the world with her gifts and talents.

Who is she, might you ask?

She’s a modern woman, a contemporary professional stylista, the type of woman who cares for her family, juggles a relationship, her career and a business with stunning ease.

She infuses everything that she does with her feminine essence.

Some might call her a super achiever because she’s ultra-determined to leave her mark and create a breath-taking legacy. In actuality, this is the portrait of a woman who is rebelling against the status quo.


The status quo denies your greatness, hides your unique abilities and keeps you playing small. Small is being out of alignment with who you were called to be – mighty, magnificent and made to make a difference.

Women who make the courageous decision to rebel against the status quo, are fiercely focused on their purpose, willing to chart new courses and are seeking to RISE to greater heights in every area of their lives.

Rebellious women are gutsy, stylish and unabashed in their pursuit of their goals.

Do you know a woman like this?

A woman who embraces the Law of the Creative Dynamic- and knows that it’s necessary for her to have a grand vision and a core dream, especially since dreams fuel our lives, allowing  us to live life on a higher plane with more awareness to the beauty and significance surrounding us.

I know women like this, but the big question is, are you ready to rebel against the status quo?

  • Rebelling against the status quo enables you to access untapped creative powers that lie laden within you, and become a woman of courage that’s led by faith and directed by wisdom.
  • Rebelling against the status quo is a lifestyle and a different way of seeing the world.


If you’re ready to life at the highest level than it’s time to abandon any habit or mindset that’s stopping you from living life to the fullest.

Three keys that will help you to identify and develop your rebellious style:

  • Increase your Feminine Influence – identify three ways in which your voice is heard and the areas in which you add significant value to others around you. Grow that area.
  • Uncover your hidden genius- and tap into your most genuine place of greatness, this place is your effortless brilliance. Work from this place. It’s super easy to flow from this place because you shine bright doing what you do.
  • Develop your Female Success Brand- use your visionary perspective to craft a stylish brand that attracts and appeals to the core audience of people you’re called to serve in your business and career. This increases your impact in the world.
  • Discover & Develop Your Core Message– Each of us has a message of truth that we are called to share with the world. Dig deep, unearth it, craft it and share it with the world. Communicate it with “evangelistic” type passion. When others feel your passion it gives them permission to do the same.
  • Create your Elegant Execution Plan – To rebel properly you’ll need a mixture of crazy ambition, killer strategy, and crystal clear vision. Let’s put your goals into action and create massive momentum so that you can get stuff done. You can do it. I’m rooting for you.

Today is your day to rebel against the status quo and embrace your personal power. It’s time to shine your light.

Remember this type of lifestyle is for women who are “obsessed with possibility and live for the rush of turning a thought into an idea, and despise being normal.” This is the ultimate course of action for a woman like you. In the words of Peter Senge, “Ready, aim, fire? Fire. Fire. Fire.”


Queenie Johnson, is a Female Success Brand Strategist & Mindset Mastery Maven. She is the founder of and works with corporate leaders and modern women that are on mission to change the world with their God-given gifts. Her VIP coaching and business consulting clients learn how to break through their glass ceiling, unlock their hidden genius and increase their influence so that they can build a career and business they absolutely love. You can contact Queenie at .

Naturally Boost Your Energy Level


Eat these foods to fight fatigue naturally and boost your energy levels, both short and long term. What you eat truly does affect how you feel and how much energy you have throughout the day. So it is important that you feeding your body the right foods which will allow for a natural long-lasting energized new you. While coffee has been shown to have positive health effect when consumed in small doses, the excessive 6 to 8 cups of joe a day can lead to dehydration. Let’s do away with unhealthy energy drinks or supplements and implement some simple, natural and healthy options!  

1. Maca Powder

maca powder 2 (1)

Maca Powder will increase your energy in no time. Notorious for its stamina-boosting benefits, maca powder is a root derived from the radish family and is most commonly consumed in powder form available at any natural foods store. The high nutrient content is what makes maca a true superfood that improves one’s energy and increases one’s stamina within days of consuming. According to the executive of Pure World Botanicals, a company that develops commercial extracts of maca, Dr. Qun Yi Zheng, stated in a study he conducted in 2005, “Traditionally, maca has been used for medicinal purposes and as a source for energy, stamina, and endurance… the plant seems to have other properties, such as reducing depression.”

Note: Please note that a small amount will go a long way. Try maca powder in smoothies, yogurt, juices and salads.

2. Acai

acai 12

According to acclaimed Dr. Perricone, Acai, which comes from a special Amazonian palm tree, is the Number 1 Superfood. Acai is notoriously known as nature’s energy fruit because it contains a rare combination and quantities of essential fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants. Many consume acai to boost their energy levels, as a diet high in antioxidants and other essential nutrients help naturally sustain our energy levels and stamina.

Note: Acai should be consumed in raw or frozen pulp form, available at natural food stores, for optimum benefits.


Starting your day off with eggs is a great way to guarantee energy all morning long. Eggs are loaded with B-vitamins, which are responsible for converting food into energy. Eggs are one of the few foods considered to be a complete protein. A complete protein contains the nine essential amino acids your body cannot produce naturally. Some incomplete protein sources may contain all essential amino acids, but a complete protein contains all essential amino acids in the correct proportions, and in essence perfect for supporting biological functions of the human body.

Note: Look for organic eggs, which guarantee the eggs are antibiotic-free. Skip labels such as ‘cage free’ or ‘free range’ as these don’t guarantee antibiotic-free chickens.


Hummus comes from a puree of chickpeas, also known as Garbanzo beans, which are generally low fat, full of vitamins and energy-packed protein. Garbanzo beans also contain high contents of fiber. According to an article writing in The World’s Healthiest Foods, garbanzo beans provide an energy punch for those who eat it because there are “extra amounts of energy provided by short chain fatty acids (SCFA’s) from the insoluble fiber in the beans. With the extra amounts of energy provided by SCFAs from the insoluble fiber in garbanzos, our colon cells can stay optimally active and healthy.”

Note: Try eating hummus with vegetables for a double energy boost!

Written By Chelsea Clishem: From San Diego, California to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this bicoastal girl loves all things travel, beauty, nutrition, fitness, fashion and entertainment. Chelsea graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she began her journey to be an entertainment journalist. Chelsea drops the word ‘fabulous’ on the regular and believes it’s ‘okay’ to freak out with good music and fashion!

4 Superfoods You Should Eat


If you want to improve your general health while defying aging, incorporate these 4 Superfoods into your daily routine. Superfoods are nutrient powerhouses, full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols. Understanding and then incorporating the health benefits of Superfoods into your daily life will bring you vitality, longevity, improve your appearance and reduce the possibility of disease.

4 Superfoods_Kale

Kale: this leafy green goodness is the quintessential Superfood due to its high contents of vitamins A, C, B, E and K, as well as an overabundance of antioxidants, which prohibit cancer by protecting your body cells. Kale contains high contents of potassium, iron, magnesium, folate, fiber, and calcium; with minimal carbohydrates, sodium and cholesterol. The main benefits of kale are to protect the body against cancer, promote heart health, protect bones from osteoporosis and help to prevent against inflammatory diseases. To top it off, kale is an ultra beautifying food, particularly beneficial for the skin due to the ‘beauty’ vitamins A, C and E notoriously known to promote anti-aging and healthy cell growth. For a fun and tasty way to eat kale, make kale chips! Click this link for a great kale chip recipe!

4_Superfoods_Cacao Powder

Cacao Powder: a raw form of chocolate, is another Superfood, most commonly consumed in powder form.  Natural cacao contains the highest capacity of the antioxidant known as flavonoids. Such high antioxidant levels contained in cacao are beneficial for our health and longevity as they are effective in helping to prevent stroke, cancer, and heart disease.  High antioxidant levels in cacao provide extra protection for our skin from the damaging free radicals, literally slowing down the aging process. To get the benefits from cacao, add cacao powder to your morning smoothie, so in this case, it’s ok to have chocolate for breakfast! Yummy! Cacao can easily be found at any natural food store such as whole foods.


Acai: a berry native to South America, is a special Superfood with a surplus of benefits for health and beauty. It’s benefits include detoxification benefits and general health improvements. Acai contains high levels of antioxidants that protect your cells from damaging toxins and free radicals. It has major effects on weight loss and obesity, anti-inflammatory effects, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis and supporting the immune system. For optimal benefits, consume it in its natural ‘whole food’ form rather than as a supplement. Acai can be found in frozen form at most grocery stores and natural food stores. For a tasty and healthy smoothie, blend the frozen acai with apple juice and bananas or strawberries.


Yerba Mate: is an herbal tea native to South America and notorious for its surplus of health benefits. It has proven to benefit the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, to work as a stimulant, diuretic and for weight loss and obesity management. Its high antioxidant levels protect your DNA and skin from damaging free radicals and may prevent some cancers. Yerba Mate can be found at most grocery stores, either as a loose-leaf tea or in the form of tea bags.

Incorporating these top Superfoods into your daily routine will without a shadow of a doubt make you feel better, look better and work for you as a natural defense against aging and disease! So gear up and discover the natural benefits of Superfoods.

Written By Chelsea Clishem: From San Diego, California to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this bicoastal girl loves all things travel, beauty, nutrition, fitness, fashion and entertainment. Chelsea graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she began her journey to be an entertainment journalist. Chelsea drops the word ‘fabulous’ on the regular and believes it’s ‘okay’ to freak out with good music and fashion!