6 Must Have Trends This Spring!

Spring and summer collections have hit the runway, set the trends and we are excited! Is time to step outside without the countless layers and finally show that summer body you have been working for all winter! Let’s start this spring the right way shall we?

Crop Top

Crop Tops

For starters we saw flirty crop tops on every runway giving the 90’s a sweet comeback! The designers played with this tops by mixing them with high-wasted maxi-skirts, straight leg leather pants, cotton shorts and more.

Pink Trend

Pink Fiesta

Following the knit sweaters and pencil skirts were chic cropped-jackets and sexy dresses with lovely pink shades that screamed “Fabulous!” Pastel is definitely the “IT” family of colors this season.


Graphic Print

These graphics combinations of hues and colors contrasted by lines going in different variations, giving your outfit an edgy yet sophisticated look.


See Through Apparel

It was never a sin to show a bit more skin. Breaking the rules, designers play with floral embroideries, lace and chiffon prints- alluring aesthetic of the women’s femininity as a fashion weapon

Shirt Trend

Oxford Come-on

Ranging from button down jackets to dress shirts, designers took the meaning of casual to a whole new level, by incorporating embellishments and embroidery to shirtdresses and shirts.


The Winklepicker

Like it or not the pointy toe shoes have made a huge comeback! From comfortable flats to stilettos, they have added a hint of perfection to every look on the runway.

What are your favorite trends lovelies!?

Written by: Christy Baez Ghandi said that “Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, however it is very important that you do it.” I enjoy long walks in the park on a windy day and the company of a good book every now and then. My only wish is to help those who are in need, even if it’s just putting a smile on a strangers face. I’m a lover of photography and fashion. I’m an undergraduate of the Art Institute of NYC majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. I’m a dreamer roaming the streets of life in new york city but at the end of the day I’m a 20 year old girl who is trying to conquer the world one step at the time while writing her story in between the lines.