Sit up straight, Girls!

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Sit up straight, Girls! Your posture is more important than you think! Not only does it help you convey the confidence and strength that every girl should have (think Beyoncé) but it can actually affect your health. Having poor posture, according to posture specialist and chiropractor, Dr. Marr, “causes fatigue, poor digestion, back pain, neck pain and a slew of other health problems. It also makes you look 10lbs heavier and 10 years older.”

Do these posture-improving exercises and stretches in the comfort of your home and workspace to improve your posture, strengthen the spine and core, improve your health, all while channeling your inner Beyonce, get it girl!

Peel Up


This movement stretches out the back and strengthens the spine, working to keep the spine and your posture healthy and strong. As the starting position, come up from the plank position, peel your body upright from the floor through lengthening your arms first, then extending your head and spine. From this position you slowly position yourself on your hands and knees, rounding your back up like a cat. Keeping both hands on the floor, slowly put one foot out after the other, lifting the lower back without straightening the legs, slowly stack your vertebra one at a time, rolling yourself up keeping the chin tucked in. Once you have rolled all the way up, gently unroll your neck, standing up straight put your arms out to the side and deeply inhale.



This exercise strengthens your core muscles, which become weak with poor posture. To get into the plank position, lay on a yoga mat, flat on your stomach with your feet against a wall. Slowly get up onto your elbows, keeping your legs and neck completely straight, lift your entire body up, only stabilized by your straightened forearms and toes. Keep the stomach pulled upward, navel into the spine, don’t forget to inhale and exhale. Hold this pose for 60 seconds, keeping your head, neck, back and legs in total alignment.

Power Extension


Please note that you need a fitness ball for this stretch. This movement stretches the front of the body and back muscles to improve the posture. Kneeling behind the fitness ball, place your feet flat against a wall and drape your body over the ball. Slowly begin to straighten the legs, simultaneously squeezing the glutes and lifting the upper body off the ball using the core muscles. Hold this pose for 5 seconds, slowly move back into beginning pose where the body is draped over the ball and repeat five times.

To best understand how important working on your posture is, Dr. Marr compares how poor posture affects the body versus how good posture affects the body.


Bad Posture: Hunching Raised DiaphragmShallow Breathing Not Enough Oxygen in the Muscles and Brain Weak muscles, fatigue

Good Posture: Standing up straight Relaxed Diaphragm Full Breaths→ Oxygenation Strong muscles, Increased Energy!


To get optimum results try these above exercises along with many other posture-improving exercises, always remembering to be mindful of the core, sucking the navel into the spine. Consistently practice posture-improving exercises in order to keep the spine strong and healthy for life.

Written By Chelsea Clishem: From San Diego, California to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this bicoastal girl loves all things travel, beauty, nutrition, fitness, fashion and entertainment. Chelsea graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she began her journey to be an entertainment journalist. Chelsea drops the word ‘fabulous’ on the regular and believes it’s ‘okay’ to freak out with good music and fashion!

5 Things Men Notice When They Meet a Woman


A contemporary, professional stylista in the “dating phase” might wonder, “what do men think of me when we meet?” In the world of dating presentation is everything, especially when you first meet a potential love interest. You are a brand and when you go out in the world everything you do is a representation of such. Think of all the corporations who have branded themselves so that upon seeing their logo or hearing a slogan – for better or worse – an image of what it represents comes to mind.

Take vehicles for instance, when you hear Mercedes Benz you might think luxury or class. When you hear Honda you might think reliable and long lasting. And of course we know vehicles that may not have such positive images. This is exactly how “love interests” think of you. When someone sees you and says your name what comes to mind – perhaps intelligent, beautiful, or supportive? It all depends on your brand and the image that you convey. This isn’t to scare you but to empower you and remind you that you dictate how a man or woman treats you based on how you treat yourself.

Here are 5 things a man notices when he meets a woman:


Appearance – Your attire, hair, and makeup says a lot about you. A guy will often judge you based on what he sees – particularly when you first meet. In the first minutes of any interaction a guy may use your appearance to categorize you so be aware of how you craft your look!


Conversation – Can you speak well? What do you talk about? Do you go for his sexual bait, or steer clear – perhaps you are witty and put him in his place. The content of your conversation often cues a man to how serious he might take you. What do you talk about?


Body Language– Your nonverbal cues speak for themselves. Are you confident in your posture, do you make eye contact? Do you allow a man to touch you upon meeting and if so where? These things matter. Men take notice which often determines future interactions.


Location: Where you meet a man may contribute to how he views you and your potential relationship. It may not be the end all, but context matters. Did you meet at the club, the grocery store, at work, or at school? Sometimes this can shine light on his frame of mind when he met you.


Your Friends: Birds of a feather flock together, right? Why wouldn’t a man pay attention to the women you hang out with? If you’re friends are put together and represent themselves well, then chances are so do you. However, if you surround yourself with women who do not have a good reputation people may mistake you for one of these women. Surround yourself with women who carry themselves the way that you would like people to see you.

pretty girl

Your “brand” is everything Lovelies. When a man meets you, in those first moments of interaction he may be categorizing you – for better or worse. First impressions are lasting and your reputation proceeds you. Dating can be difficult at times, and you may have experienced men who have treated you poorly, however take pride and encouragement from knowing that you have a say in your dating experience. What is your brand Lovelies?

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