Mistresses Returns for Second Season


After watching the Mistresses season finale last summer, we were all left wondering what will happen next. Last season, the character development was so intense, leaving audiences frustrated with the numerous cliffhangers. Elizabeth was trying to kill Karen, but Sam, Elizabeth’s son, attempts to save her. A shot was fired and we were left wondering, who took the bullet? Also, Savi was involved in a life threatening car accident, landing her in the hospital. Dominic turns out to be the father of her unborn child. At the end of the finale, Savi loses consciousness and fans have waited months for the next episode.

Here is a look at the characters, all leading up to the season two premiere.


Savi Davis

Savi (Alyssa Milano) wanted to have a baby with her husband Harry, (Brett Tucker) but after trying for a long time, they gave up. Savi then had an affair with Dominic, (Jason George) her colleague, found out she was pregnant and had know idea who the father was. Savi had a paternity test done and gave the results to her sister, Joss, to hold onto until she was ready to open them. After driving to a Palm Springs resort, Savi’s car was struck by another car, and the baby’s health was in compromised. Dominic was the father of her unborn child, and the finale ended as Savi lost consciousness.

After the season two premiere, Savi survives the accident. Eight months later, she completed her physical therapy, but she lost the baby. Savi is still dating Dominic, while Harry has a girlfriend. They seem to be moving on with their lives. Savi decides to go back to work part-time as a lawyer, and she meets her new “roommate,” the woman who she will be sharing an office with. Now the question is will Dominic become interested in another woman?


Karen Kim

Karen (Yunjin Kim) was in love with Thomas Grey. He was married to another woman, but he got to know Karen through her job, as a psychiatrist. Thomas fell ill and died, and his wife, Elizabeth, found out about the affair. Karen then meets Thomas’s son, Sam Grey, (Erik Stocklin) and they too become romantically involved.

The season two premiere reveals that Sam was shot and killed, and Karen is dealing with her grief by seeing a therapist. Karen now works in the ER and helps a woman who has self-harming tendencies. Karen wants to start a private practice so she can be a doctor and help the woman cope with her personal problems. Karen finds out that the woman is an escort, and becomes fascinated with the idea. Will Karen become an escort just to meet someone?


Joss Carver

Joss (Jes Macallan), a real estate agent, became friends with a lesbian couple after helping them find a house. When Joss learned that Alex broke up with her girlfriend, Joss wantes to help her out. They became quick friends and ended up hooking up. Joss then slept with her boss, and like any high school cliche Alex sees her hickey. Furious and Joss was left wondering what she should do to fix her problems.

Joss leaves the real estate business and becomes a party planner. She is still living in Savi’s old house, trying to decide what path to take in life. As a party planner, Joss wants to have a team behind her, and Harry, having hit hard times with his restaurant is now interested in being the catering Joss’s parties. Will Joss and Harry be able to put their family drama behind them to create a successful business?


April Malloy

April (Rochelle Aytes) had been receiving prank phone calls; she thought they were from her dead husband Paul. April found out that her husband had been involved with another woman, Miranda, who turns out to be the prank caller. Miranda also has a son with Paul. April was angry when she found out about Miranda, and she was even more confused when Paul showed up at her door. Before finding out that Paul was alive, April was just beginning to date Richard, who was a parent at her daughter’s school. Paul wanted to pick up where he left off many years ago, but April wasn’t sure if she should let him into her life.

Months later, April begins seeing other people. Her shop is booming and she is ready to step up her “mojo.” April has always had a passion for art, and when her friends go to an art show, she meets Daniel. Daniel invites her to see his artwork and they immediately hit it off. Will April continue to see Daniel?

What will happen next? Make sure to tune in TONIGHT, Monday, June 9th, 10/9c on ABC to watch the drama unfold.

Written by Marie Cash: As a recent college graduate, Marie has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Northern Colorado. She enjoys reading, writing and baking new recipes for her food blog. She is an entertainment fanatic, in which she watches various television shows and loves to discover new music. Marie has a Spanish minor and enjoys learning about Spanish culture. She has a twin sister and wants to own a corgi someday.