The Gift of Orgasm is Coming This Year


Chilly, winter months mean spending more time indoors, but more time indoors often leads to one of our favorite things — warm, blissful sexThis is the Season for giving, after all. Giving yourself as a holiday gift to a lover is popular, but what about the single ladies? Who’ll give you the gift of orgasms? Who better than yourself? For some, being single means abstinence, but it doesn’t have to be orgasm-less! Here are some fabulous pleasure-gifting ideas to give yourself this Holiday!  Single ladies, do not fear! The gift of orgasm is coming this year!


The Rabbit

One of the most effective toys is the dual-action vibrator, famously referred to as the “Rabbit.” Dual-actions come in many shapes and sizes – animal shapes, g-spot curved, – but they all have one thing in common: two stimulators:  the internal “shaft” that stimulates the vagina, and the clitoral arm for stimulating the clitoris – hence the name “dual-action”. A dual-action vibrator is one of the best toys for solo play as they provide the most stimulation to the most important areas, simultaneously! (My favorite dual-action, Vitality). Find the right dual-action vibrator and it could result in the best orgasm you’ve had, flying solo.


Some women require a lot of power to reach a clitoral orgasm, whereas others can achieve clitoral orgasm from something as simple as a steady stream of water, a rumbly vibrator, or a lubricated finger.

Whichever category you fall into, you’ll find at least one option that’ll do the trick for you.


For the Clit-O’-Steel:

For those who need intense power, a vibrating wand such as the Hitachi should be pleasurable. The Hitachi is said to be so powerful that it can bring the toughest of clitoris’ to their knees. For the clit on a budget, the cheaper wand versions also get great feedback.

For the Clit-O’-Honey

Those of us who can reach clitoral orgasm with little power (or no power, just a slippery finger) have more options to choose from. For starters, a well-lubed finger can be just as satisfying as a vibrator! Using lubricant (such as Spunk Lube) and a finger or two to slide and glide up, over and around the clitoris with stroking motions can be a perfectly orgasmic gift for a solo-gal.

singlesecretgardenCreams and Gels

For heightened stimulation, clitoral gels and creams are available that work by increasing blood flow to the genital area, and therefore increasing sensation. *Look for safe ingredients in lubes (paraben-free is ideal). My favorites are Secret Garden by Shunga and Horny Honey.


 Showerhead Technique!

Another option for the clit-on-a-budget include this time-tested favorite. I’d almost swear the inventor of the removable showerhead must’ve been a woman with a high sex-drive! A steady stream of water makes for one awesomely orgasmic gift. If you have a removable showerhead and you haven’t already, go jump in that bathtub, girl! Lay down and experiment with the different settings while directing the flow onto your clitoris. This technique works great for the gal too stressed to orgasm since the warm water is relaxing, making it easier to focus on the… gift at hand.

For the gal without a removable showerhead:

Head to your local Bed Bath and Beyond asap! Kidding. You can position yourself under the tub faucet; legs wrapped around it, and let the stream fall onto your hot spots. 

If these steamy tips weren’t enough be sure to check out Part 2!

Written by: Kendra Richards is a writer, pet lover, aloe vera-eater and a woman of many talents. If she isn’t passionately typing away, she’s more than likely spending time with her family, pets, boyfriend or attempting to sew something. It’s also possible that she’s buried deep in some type of activism work. Writing anything and everything from beauty, health, fashion product reviews to informational articles, she loves variety when it comes to reading and  writing. A people and animal lover, she believes cats are super heroes in disguise.

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