The Journey to Great Sex

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Sex is all about the connection between you and your partner. Do you trust each other? Are you open to try new things? Are you willing to be honest and learn from each other? These are all important qualities for implementation of the following tips to great sex! Grab your partner and read along!

You Can’t Go Wrong With the Clitoris

The clitoris is a reliable way to elicit arousal. Your best chances lie within that tiny little pearl. For most women, it’s easier to orgasm through clitoral stimulation than penetration. With 8,000 nerve endings packed into something the size of a pencil eraser, it’s no wonder clitoral orgasm is favored. Just remember, gentleness is key. Rough, direct contact to the clitoris, without lubricant feels like sand paper on an open wound. So exercise gentleness, please.


Take a Risk, Bare it All

Standing with the covers wrapped tightly around you as if you’re in your gynecologist’s office creates tension. Remember, he wants to see you or he wouldn’t be there. Better yet, if he didn’t want to explore and ogle your beautiful nakedness, you shouldn’t give him that luxury, anyway. Refusing your lover a glimpse of your body sends the message that you don’t want to be there and your lover might wonder if you’re even turned on by them. Don’t hesitate to let them know.

Tip: Compliments are powerful tools, and remember, it’s not a women’s-only worry. Men feel insecurities, too so let’s make a pact to complement each other and encourage each other’s nudity! Remember to complement each other throughout the day as well as during and after sex.

Bottom line: If you can muster up the nerve, try on your birthday suit, just once, you can guarantee whether or not your partner is turned on by you. If you can’t, then at least make a promise to work on your self-image. Another promise, everything’s more fun naked (as long as it’s legal).

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 Don’t Stop

Juliet Richters, Ph. D., author of “Doing it Down Under” took a survey from  19,000+ people where 52% of women said they’ve made a guy stop in the middle of foreplay — including oral stimulation — because they were afraid of taking too long. Speaking from personal experience, the worry of taking too long does hinder orgasm. Had my partner not been diligent and reassuring, I would have far fewer orgasms. On the bright side, there are ways to speed up arousal. Contrary to popular thoughts, quick tongue movements won’t speed up her arousal/orgasm. In fact, they’ll do the opposite. While every girl, but fast licks only numb the clitoris. Slow, gentle movements, on the other hand, can speed up “O” time significantly. So, guys, take your time to bring her to the good stuff and let her know. Ladies reassure your partner that he can stop you any time, although it’s unlikely that he will take you up on that offer.

Tip: Gentle massaging of the clitoris before engaging in oral foreplay gets the blood flowing quicker. So, when you swap your hand/finger/vibrator for oral, you skip the first few minutes it takes to get the sucker to respond, and therefore you’ll get your “Big-Bang” quicker.

If you can’t bring yourself to dine south of the border (I know, lack of classy words), then be upfront about it. Nobody wants someone down there who’s resentful the entire time.


Doggy-Style with a Side of Romance

During the position crudely deemed “doggy-style,” romance, isn’t a word that comes to mind, but it’s quite sensational, nonetheless. To put an intimate twist to this impersonal position, place your hand under her chin, and look into her eyes for a second – it shows you’re interested in more than just her lower half. Kiss the tip of her shoulder and then the small of her back to remind that you care.

Tip: The more bodily contact, the better, so don’t limit your hands to her hips. Run your fingers down her spine… and elsewhere!

Enjoy these tips this week and check back next week for Part 2 of Great Sex for Two!

Written by: Kendra Richards is a writer, pet lover, aloe vera-eater and a woman of many talents. If she isn’t passionately typing away, she’s more than likely spending time with her family, pets, boyfriend or attempting to sew something. It’s also possible that she’s buried deep in some type of activism work. Writing anything and everything from beauty, health, fashion product reviews to informational articles, she loves variety when it comes to reading and  writing. A people and animal lover, she believes cats are super heroes in disguise.


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