What do Your Cravings Say About You?

When many people think about cravings, they automatically think of a negative thought. Unhealthy foods, giving in to that sweet tooth and horrible health outcomes often come to mind, when really the craving is just an SOS from the body.

Think of cravings as the body’s way of telling the brain exactly what the body is lacking and needing at that time. Turn a negative into a positive, and be able to show your body what it’s really craving instead of those foods that it’s daring us to indulge in.

With a few simple tips and knowing a little bit about what each craving means, the body can get what it needs while not completely indulging in something that could leave the body feeling bloated, heavy or slow moving. The brain and the body really do make the best pair.


The first craving that comes up a lot is salt. This craving probably means that you’ve been busting some butt at the gym, but have failed to hydrate enough afterwards. When you sweat, you lose salt from the body. This makes the craving for salt even more prevalent. Try grabbing a cold cup of water instead of a salty food and see if that helps rid the craving instead.


Carbohydrates are another big issue when it comes to cravings. Instead of instantly grabbing that bowl of pasta or a bagel, try taking a look at your recent sleep patterns. Carbs are the body’s main source of energy, so many times instead of carbs the body just needs a nap instead. If the craving still doesn’t go away after a nap, try healthy carbs like beans and whole grains to boost energy levels.


If sweets have been on the mind lately, it probably means that you’ve been under a lot of stress. The craving for sweets can mean the body has a blood sugar imbalance, so it’s important to make sure to drink a lot of water during times of stress to limit the cravings. This can be among the most dangerous craving because indulging in the craving can lead to even more cravings. Try grabbing a piece of fruit instead to get those healthy sugars into the body and stop the craving once and for all


A craving that’s often overlooked is the creamy comfort foods. If you find yourself looking to foods like mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, then it’s probable that you’ve been worried and in need of comfort. The foods craved are often high in fats and carbs, so instead of indulging try lighting a candle and getting under some comfy blankets for a while.

Often times the foods that our body craves just means something else about what our body is lacking. Try taking a step back before grabbing the foods and think about what’s been going on in your life and how you can handle the situation rather than indulging.

Written by: Kali Borovic As a student journalist, this fashionista, stargazing enthusiast and fitness aficionado loves to write about anything from health to fashion. With a passion for DIY projects and cooking, this Ohio born writer spends most of her time looking up new crafts or coming up with at-home beauty recipes for her blog, Naturally Beautiful. Kali loves to read about any topic under the sun and knows that life is best spent in lipstick, leggings and an oversized sweater.

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