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If there’s one thing we all crave, its simplicity. How many times have you looked at your calendar and wondered how you were going to fit all of your commitments, dates, and meetings into one day? Or week?

The modern woman is always on the go. From the boardroom, to the office, to happy hour with the girls, there is no space in her schedule for breaks or wardrobe changes. So when a busy day is on the horizon, how does the contemporary, professional stylista go about making sure that her look is fun, flawless, professional, and most importantly, professional? Transition clothing is the name of the game.

The key is not to try too hard; you must appear effortless and composed. You’ve got enough to worry about besides figuring out what to wear. Scroll down for a list of some our favorites.

Cutout Tops/Dresses with a Modern Blazer

Rachel Roy Cutout Blazer


Cutouts are all the rage right now. You might be thinking that a cutout is too revealing for the workplace. Not so. Depending on how you wear the cutout, no one but you need know that you’re wearing it. It’s the perfect combination!

Fitted Knit Skirt with Blouson Top

Ponte Knit Skirt and Fitted Top


Don’t call it a comeback. Knits epitomize comfort and simplicity. There are plenty of knit options to choose from— a simple black knit blazer, paired with a fitted tee and a leather skirt will keep you looking fashionable and professional, all day long.

Printed Wrap Dress and Leather Jacket/Blazer



The wrap dress never goes out of style. Paired with a blazer, jacket, or dressy cardigan, the wrap dress can and will take you everywhere you need to be.

Tuxedo pants with lacy shirt/blouse

Tuxedo Lace Shirt


Call it feminine menswear- yes, there is such a thing. Tuxedo pants are not just for men anymore. Comfortable, professional, and powerful, the tuxedo pant goes well with a feminine, lacy blouse and a fitted, leather moto jacket.

Written By: Lindsey Bynum

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